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The Flaum Eye Institute Refractive Surgery Team is a pioneer in developing the next generation of technology in the correction of refractive error. Accordingly we maintain the region’s most up-to-date surgical and diagnostic equipment. This includes the latest laser technology, including a blade free femtosecond flap creation laser and the most advanced intra-operative eye tracking system available. These instruments are housed in our state-of-the art surgical suite where we maintain the strictest control of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and airborne particulate matter. Manned by one of the most highly acclaimed staffs of doctors and technicians, we ensure that our patients enjoy some of the world’s best outcomes in terms of 20/20 results and in improved quality of vision, such as better night time vision.

In addition we use expertly trained biostatisticians from the University of Rochester to continually monitor our patient results. This allows us to take the best in technology and optimize it further. For patients, this translates into better performance and a greater understanding of who is a good candidate for refractive surgery and which technique to use. So no matter what technology other refractive surgery practices have, chances are we’ve already improved it and are working on the next generation.