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What our Patients Say

Julie from 100.5 the DRIVE shares her LASIK experience 

"My Lasik experience has been life changing! The quality of care, expertise, and support has made the entire experience fantastic. My only regret is that I wish I had the procedure done sooner. Thank you, Flaum Eye Institute, for giving me back the precious gift of sight!– Erin, Custom All-Laser LASIK

I decided to get refractive surgery for a number of reasons. I’ve grown tired with the nuisances associated with contacts and glasses—glasses fogging up while running, fiddling around with cleaning and storing my contacts. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. MacRae is one of the best surgeons in the country and his results back that up." – Frank, PRK

"I would recommend Dr. MacRae to anyone thinking about having laser vision surgery. The technology is incredible and I can only say good things about the staff at Flaum Eye Institute Refractive Surgery Center. I know the recovery I experienced from PRK was quicker than the typical experience, but if someone is serious about laser vision correction surgery, I would definitely push them to give it a chance. It’s such an amazing change to someone’s life." – Paul, PRK

"If it were not for the genuine caring of Dr. MacRae and his staff, I definitely would not have done well because I nearly hyperventilated with fear. Dr. MacRae talked to me through the entire procedure, telling me of what was coming next and what sensations to expect. I had confidence in his skills, but it was his 'bedside manner' that helped pull it off." – Karen, LASIK

"This surgery is truly a miracle! I have worn glasses since age nine and contact lenses since age 13. Now at age 56 my vision is the best it’s ever been. As a retired art teacher and truly a visual person, the newfound joy of seeing without grabbing for glasses or messing with contacts is wonderful." – Jan, LASIK

"When it comes to your eyes, don’t shop for price. Go to the best there is. They are the answer! I am so thankful that I am no longer dependent on glasses and contacts."– Andrew, LASIK

"I love the fact that I don't have the hassle of wearing contacts or glasses. I am extremely confident in the abilities of the doctors and staff at Flaum Eye Institute Refractive Surgery Center and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of having refractive eye surgery." – Shannon, PRK