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When considering surgical correction of refractive errors, no one method or technology can treat everything. Accordingly, the team at the Flaum Eye Institute is expert at determining which of several procedures or technologies are right for you. What we recommend to each patient is a customized plan that takes into account a variety of factors such as age, your level of refractive error, what kind of refractive error you have, your general health and your personal visual goals. Sometimes, the recommendation is to stay with your glasses or contacts until we feel the appropriate technology / procedure becomes available that will ensure that you safely reach your desired outcome.

To learn more about the procedures we offer and about the health of your eyes in general, please view the contents of this web site carefully. What you’ll find is honest information about a variety of options available including the risks and drawbacks of having refractive surgery. If you still have questions about the procedures, we invite you to attend our next free seminar.