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Technolas 217z100 Laser

StrongVision laser suite

The Technolas 217z100 laser suite

The FDA clinical trials and most other 217 lasers in use are the earlier "a" version. Our more advanced Technolas 217z100 is equipped with an infrared video eye tracking system that adjusts the treatment beam for any small eye movements you make during surgery. The laser's tracker locks onto the position of the center of your pupil before treatment begins and looks to see where the eye is pointed 120 times per second. In about 10 milliseconds, the aiming mirrors of the laser can re-position the treatment beam to keep it on target. If your eye moves too much, the tracker will pause the treatment laser until Dr. MacRae has you re-aligned. Our laser is also upgraded with the newest 100 hertz technology. The laser places 100 treatment spots on the cornea every second making treatment times shorter which can increase its accuracy when compared to the older 50 hertz version.

The Technolas 217z100 was one of the first in the country enabled to perform Customized Ablation treatment of the eye's higher order optical aberrations using Technolas Excimer Laser Workstation. In fact, the basic concept behind Zyoptix, wavefront sensing, was developed at the University of Rochester's Center for Visual Science and developed clinically at Flaum Eye Institute Refractive Surgery Center by Dr. MacRae.

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The Technolas 217z100's accuracy in treatment is such that over 93% of the patients that Dr. MacRae has treated with the Technolas 217z100 see 20/20 or better without their glasses after their primary treatment. The Technolas Excimer Laser Workstation is also an extremely safe laser. No one that Dr. MacRae has treated using this laser has lost more than two lines of best corrected vision (BCVA). Patients treated with this laser also rarely complain of night vision symptoms such as glare, starburst and halos. We obtain these excellent results because of the large treatment zones and smooth treatment profiles created by the Technolas 217z100 when combined with Dr. MacRae’s approach of customizing treatment design for each individual.

Dr. MacRae and the Flaum Eye Institute Refractive Surgery Center team are active participants in design and development of lasers like the Technolas 217z100. By having your refractive surgery at Flaum Eye Institute Refractive Surgery Center, you are assured of access to the latest, most advanced technology available and the confidence in knowing that your doctor is working daily to make the technology safer and more precise.