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Welcome to Friends of the Eye Institute


Thank you for taking the time to explore the many opportunities available for helping our community. Friends of the Eye Institute is a new volunteer organization composed of grateful patients and community members interested in the Flaum Eye Institute’s missions of research, education, patient care and development of new technologies. In addition to receiving our “Vision for the Future” quarterly newsletter, you will be informed of educational and outreach activities in which you may choose to participate. Let's share a common goal of making our region and the world a better place to see.

Some examples of volunteer activities include staffing of glaucoma screenings and pediatric vision testing as well as distribution of educational materials about eye health.  Please check all the areas that interest you. 

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For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact Meghan King at (585) 276-7311, Anna Booth at (585) 276-6698 or

Upcoming Events

06/21/18                Graves' Disease Support Group

Past Events

06/09/18                Glover-Crask Eye Glasses for Kids
05/19/18                Glover-Crask Eye Glasses for Kids
04/14/18                Glover-Crask Eye Glasses for Kids
03/03/18                Glover-Crask Eye Glasses for Kids
02/10/18                Glover-Crask Eye Glasses for Kids
01/29/18                AMD Event
12/09/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
12/07/17                Graves' Disease Support Group
11/04/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
10/14/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
09/30/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
​07/31/17                AMD Event
06/22/17                Graves' Disease Support Group
05/06/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
04/26/17                Dry Eye 101 Seminar
04/08/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
03/11/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
02/11/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids
01/30/17                AMD event
01/21/17                Glover-Crask Eyeglasses for Kids