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Three’s a Crowd…What to Know this Flu, COVID, & RSV Season

Nov. 1, 2023
Flu, COVID, and RSV walk into a bar…

In upstate New York, the colder months usually bring a spike in viral illnesses like COVID-19, influenza, and RSV. As we barrel towards the thick of winter, there are things you can do to keep you and your family healthy.

Dr. David Dobrzynski, an infectious disease expert with UR Medicine, answers questions you may have about vaccines, symptoms, and more.

Can I get all three vaccines at the same time?

If you’re eligible for all three vaccines—COVID, flu, and RSV—you may wonder whether to get them all at once or space them out. The answer depends on you!

While it is safe to do so, some people might feel unwell after receiving more than one vaccine at once. Dr. Dobrzynski recommends speaking to your primary care doctor for a recommendation on whether to get more than one vaccine at the same time.

Common question: Does the flu shot cover RSV?

No. Each vaccine only protects against its respective virus. A flu shot will not protect COVID-19 or RSV; and so on. For the best protection, get each vaccine or booster that you're eligible for.

What's the difference between symptoms of RSV, COVID, and flu?

The symptoms of all three illnesses are quite similar, making many ask: Is it COVID, flu, or RSV? In the video below, Dr. Dobrzynski calls out a few symptoms that might differ between each illness.

While symptoms vary from person to person, some symptoms are much more common in one virus or another.

If you have symptoms, what should you do?

If you come down with symptoms of flu, COVID-19, or RSV, the most important thing to remember is to avoid close contact with others and stay away from gatherings.

Can you be sick with all three illnesses at once?

Talk about uninvited…Is it possible to have influenza, COVID-19, and RSV all at the same time? Dr. Dobrzynski digs into the answer to this.

If you have additional questions, reach out to your primary care physician.

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