Big Laughs, Big Hopes and Big Hearts

Jul. 11, 2012
A Night of Too Many Hardee-Har-Hars benefits the Kirch Developmental Services Center

 Bringing together the intimate feel of a coffee house comedy night and the gumption to do good, A Night of Too Many Hardee-Har-Hars hopes to bring the Andrew J. Kirch Developmental Services Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Golisano Children’s Hospital into the spotlight. The comedy show is set for Friday, July 27, at Boulder Coffee Company, 100 Alexander St., Rochester.

“The point of comedy is that you can find something funny about everything,” said comedian Jim LeChase, “But joking about developmental disabilities is not funny. Rather than stigmatizing people for being different, you should try to help them. I figured I have a stage, I have funny friends, and I have an audience that I can guilt into donating money. That idea has evolved and now we’re doing a full-on fundraiser.”

The night will have a late-night talk show format, so comedians from the independent comedy groups Three Guys Walk into a Bar, Laugh Riot and the Comedy Rack will perform stand-up routines, followed by interviews with co-hosts LeChase and Jeremy Eli. “We’re aiming for more of a variety show,” said LeChase, “there will be interaction with the audience, interviewers and comics – it should be a great time.”

The Kirch Center is part of the Division of Neurodevelopment and Behavioral Pediatrics at Golisano Children’s Hospital, and provides care for those diagnosed with developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida and a range of intellectual disabilities. LeChase noted that a large part of the decision to donate to the Kirch Center was because of his encounters, in the workplace, with young adults who have developmental disabilities. The young adults LeChase met were given the opportunity to work as interns through Project SEARCH, a program partly based in the Division of Neurodevelopment and Behavioral Pediatrics at URMC. Project SEARCH helps young adults with developmental disabilities by giving them a chance to get work experience as interns.

“Some of my best conversations at the hospital have been with Project SEARCH interns,” said LeChase, “They’re the happiest people. It just lifts me up and makes me want to do something. If this event goes well, we intend to do a second fundraiser in a bigger venue. Hopefully, we can make this into a bi-annual event.”

A Night of Too Many Hardee-Har-Hars hopes to collect upwards of $500 for the hospital through ticket sales. Items will also be auctioned off throughout the night. Tickets are $5, or attendees can pay $10 for a ticket and a poster signed by the comics and local artist Joe Guy Allard. Doors for the show, which contains some adult content, will open at 7:30 p.m.

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