Donor Tours Renovated Clinic

Nov. 8, 2018

gllimpse of newly renovated clinicA much needed update, thanks to donors Pediatrician Dennis A. Clements III, MD, PhD, MPH, and his wife Pediatric Dentist Martha Ann Keels, DDS, PhD, has brought Eastman's Pediatric Dentistry clinic to a more current state for patient care and resident education.

All 17 operatories received new cabinetry and dental chairs, in addition to a new sterilization room, capnography machines in the sedation rooms a handheld radiograph unit, new paint, wallpaper and flooring throughout and track LED lighting that provides more flexibility and visibility.

dedicated sensory roomA dedicated sensory room with a non traditional, non-invasive rocker chair and ability for low lighting and decreased overall stimuli provides exams and basic treatment in a less intimidating environment for very young patients and those with special needs.

Dr. Clements, professor of Pediatrics and Global Health at Duke University in North Carolina, was in town recently to see the newly renovated clinic.

"The renovations look fantastic," he said. "Great care went into picking all the right chairs and equipment. I love the variety of colors for the chairs and the quiet rooms were magnificent. I hope the new equipment will give them a boost in confidence that there are people out there that value their work and appreciate the work they do for the children."

Group tour of pediatric dentistry clinicAccompanying Dr. Clements on the tour was (l to r) Melissa Head, executive director for the URMC Advancement Academic team, Dr. Cynthia Wong, program director for Eastman's Pediatric Dentistry Department, Dr. Carl Qiu, and Dr. Eli Eliav, EIOH director.