EIOH Resident Feature: Dr. Connie Yoon

Jun. 21, 2022
portrait of Dr. Yoon
Dr. Connie Yoon (GenDen '22)

Dr. Connie Winegar Yoon is graduating from the 1-year AEGD program this week. During her short time at Eastman, she co-founded the Endodontic Literature Club with faculty Dr. Konstantina Tzouma.

Q. Where are you from?
A. Seoul, South Korea

Q. Why did you choose EIOH?
A. I chose EIOH for the opportunity to not only advance my clinical experience, but also pursue research in a well-rounded, academic setting with amazing faculty to guide us!

Q. Best memory?
A. The Handelman Conference - after years of delay due to COVID-19, it was refreshing to step outside of clinic to meet new people.

Q. Favorite/Least favorite thing about Rochester?
A. My favorite is the vibrant restaurant scene, but the least favorite is the cold winter!

Q. Did the EIOH experience make a better you?
A. Yes, EIOH really helped me to grow out of my shell and expand my skills from a competent to a competitive dentist.

Q. What are your next steps after graduation?
A. I am going to specialize in endodontics at my next residency at Case Western, which I am very excited about!

Q. What will you miss the most?
A. I will miss the people the most, but Ohio is close by so I plan on visiting Rochester often.

Q. Anything else you’d like to add
A. I am thankful for my experience at Eastman, and even more thankful for the wonderful people I have along the way!