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There’s an App for That: Now You Can Link MyChart and Apple Health Records

Jan. 15, 2019
Now You Can Link MyChart and Apple Health Records

These days, there’s an app for everything. You can track your schedule, nutrition, sleep, finances and more using mobile apps. The launch of the MyURMedicine app earlier this year gave patients an additional way to view their MyChart data on their smartphones. Now, that same data can be sent from the MyURMedicine app to Apple Health Records on your iPhone.

One of less than 150 institutions nationwide to allow their electronic health records to connect to Apple Health Records, this new capability allows you to view your lab results, prescriptions, vital signs and allergies all in one place. For patients who already use Apple Health to track their physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness or sleep, this connection will let you to see your MyChart data without opening up an additional app.

This connection is not automatic and data will only be shared if you give the Apple Health app permission to connect to MyURMedicine:

·         Install and sign into the MyURMedicine app.

·         Select “Health Data” at the bottom of the screen in the Apple Health app.

·         Navigate to the “Health Records” section of the app, select “Add Account” and find Strong Memorial Hospital, Wilmot Cancer Institute or Highland Hospital in the menu.

·         After accepting the Terms & Conditions, you will be able to see your health data in the app.

If you see multiple providers at different locations, all of the data will be visible in on convenient location in the Apple Health App.

To see a full list of mobile apps that can connect to MyChart, click here