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1023130898_Equine%20influenza_5338_3741x2719 1023130898_Equine%20influenza_5338_3741x2719 Research

Horses Get the Flu, Too

  • Apr. 30, 2018
Flu vaccines for horses haven’t been updated in more than 25 years, but Rochester researchers have developed a new live equine influenza vaccine that is safe and more protective than existing ...
0854583806_ThinkstockPhotos-87617533_5177_461x335 0854583806_ThinkstockPhotos-87617533_5177_461x335 Research

In Pursuit of a Universal Flu Shot

  • Nov. 2, 2017
Developing a universal flu vaccine that would protect against all seasonal and pandemic strains of the flu virus is no easy task, and new research suggests that one of the most promising strategies ...
1441201171_ThinkstockPhotos-497213633_5137_1944x1413 1441201171_ThinkstockPhotos-497213633_5137_1944x1413 Research

Afib? There’s an App for That

  • Sep. 18, 2017
While many of us reach for our tablets to scan Facebook, watch the newest series on Netflix, or make a quick purchase on Amazon, researchers want to test their potential for a more serious task: ...
1415501690_ThinkstockPhotos-177542860_4538_1405x1805 1415501690_ThinkstockPhotos-177542860_4538_1405x1805 Research

Study: The Science behind Bodily Secretions

  • Apr. 5, 2016
The secretion of fluids like saliva and digestive juices are important in countless activities that keep our bodies running day and night. A new study uncovers a previously mysterious process that ...
1653413439_clostridium%20%20difficile%20003_4265_473x473 1653413439_clostridium%20%20difficile%20003_4265_473x473 Research

New Study Details Burden of C. Diff in U.S.

  • Mar. 1, 2015
Clostridium difficile or C. diff caused almost half a million infections in the United States in 2011, largely due to the overuse of antibiotics, according to a new study led by scientists at the ...
1349581528_Salmon_4239_403x293 1349581528_Salmon_4239_403x293 Research

Can Omega-3 Fatty Acids Combat COPD?

  • Jan. 27, 2015
The National Institutes of Health awarded $1.6 million to Rochester researchers to study a group of compounds derived from omega-3 fatty acids and their ability to combat inflammation caused by ...
1639449048_hiv-vaccine_4232_175x225 1639449048_hiv-vaccine_4232_175x225 Research

UR Tests HIV Vaccine Pill

  • Jan. 13, 2015
Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center are testing a new oral vaccine to prevent infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The vaccine is unique because it is given as a ...
0926134769_Tattoo%20infection_3606_820x820 0926134769_Tattoo%20infection_3606_820x820 Research

In Rochester, a Tale of Tainted Tattoos

  • Sep. 6, 2012
If you end up with a rash on a new tattoo, you should probably think twice before brushing it off as an allergic reaction or a normal part of the healing process. A recent study in the New England ...
beck%20fig_3537_209x209 beck%20fig_3537_209x209 Research

Scouring the Skin for Clues to Better Health

  • Jun. 15, 2012
The skin is much more than the part of our body that gets sunburned in the summer and pasty in the winter: It is our largest organ and the barrier that separates us from the outside world. Persistent ...
Hulin%20New%20Center_3449_2306x2964 Hulin%20New%20Center_3449_2306x2964 Research

Hulin Wu to Lead New Bioinformatics Center

  • Mar. 22, 2012
Hulin Wu, Ph.D., Dean’s Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, will serve as founding director of the newly-established Center for Integrative Bioinformatics and Experimental ...
Newborn%202_3371_582x423 Newborn%202_3371_582x423 Research

Myths and Truths of Obesity and Pregnancy

  • Dec. 21, 2011
Ironically, despite excessive caloric intake, many obese women are deficient in vitamins vital to a healthy pregnancy. This and other startling statistics abound when obesity and pregnancy collide. ...
bambara_3144_175x225 bambara_3144_175x225 Research

Scientists Find a Key to Maintaining Our DNA

  • Mar. 18, 2011
DNA contains all of the genetic instructions that make us who we are, and maintaining the integrity of our DNA over the course of a lifetime is a critical, yet complex part of the aging process. In ...