As Coronavirus Surges, A Doctor and His Family Urge Us All to Stay Safe

Nov. 16, 2020

Paritosh Prasad, M.D., has taken care of people with COVID-19 in Strong Memorial Hospital’s intensive care unit since the start of the pandemic. He sent the following video message to his colleagues, urging them to protect themselves and stay healthy so they can care for patients during this second surge. As COVID cases continue to increase locally and nationally, the messages – and the three young messengers – are worth sharing with our entire community.  

Prasad, director of the Highly Infectious Disease Unit at Strong, is just one of many frontline health care workers depending on our community to stop the spread. Unfortunately, some people have relaxed their social distancing and are attending gatherings, but now is not the time to let our guard down. We need to double down on our efforts and make smart choices that keep us all healthy:

  • Wear a mask and ask others to wear one too. Whether you are at work or at Wegmans, masking continues to be one of the strongest weapons to prevent the spread of coronavirus (and other respiratory viruses, like the flu).
  • Stay six feet apart. Keep a safe space (six feet is about two arms’ length) between yourself and others in both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you share a meal, please stay six feet apart and limit mask removal to eating time only.  
  • Avoid gatherings, large or small at work and socially. If you attend an event, wear a mask and be mindful about social distancing.
  • Think twice before travelling outside our community, and make plans for a safe holiday season. This may require tough decisions to keep everyone safe.
  • Wash your hands. Frequent hand washing either with soap or hand sanitizer is key to decreasing the spread of viruses and bacteria.
  • Get Your Flu ShotThis is your best chance to fight and prevent the spread of another deadly respiratory illness – influenza.

The good news is that we’ve learned so much since the pandemic began. Thanks to research conducted at URMC and by scientists around the world, we’re learning more about the virus every day. We have promising treatments and vaccines in development, many of which are being tested here in Rochester. We’ve also redesigned all UR Medicine hospitalsurgent cares and doctor’s offices to keep you and your loved ones safe – you can learn more here.