URMC Cardiologist Receives High Honor from American Heart Association

Nov. 12, 2017
Arthur Moss Presented James B. Herrick Award
Arthur J. Moss, M.D.
Arthur J. Moss, M.D.

University of Rochester Medical Center cardiologist Arthur J. Moss, M.D., whose research on cardiac arrhythmias has saved countless lives and changed the treatment of heart disease worldwide, was honored with the 2017 James B. Herrick Award at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions. The award is given annually to a physician whose scientific achievements have contributed profoundly to the advancement and practice of clinical cardiology.

Moss, the Bradford C. Berk, M.D., Ph.D. Distinguished Professor in the Department of Medicine, spearheaded the research that led to the widespread use of the implantable cardioverter defibrillator, a device that shocks the heart back into proper rhythm when a dangerous arrhythmia is detected.

By following generations of patients with Long QT syndrome, he also changed the trajectory of this potentially fatal heart rhythm disorder. His work has led to knowledge of risk factors that enable early diagnosis; the discovery of multiple treatment options that decrease the risk of sudden cardiac death; the creation of the International LQTS Registry, one of the first gene registries for any disease in the world; and the identification of sixteen genes (and counting) associated with the disorder.

“Arthur’s research is unsurpassed in terms of helping patients around the world live longer, healthier lives,” said Charles J. Lowenstein, M.D., chief of Cardiology at UR Medicine’s Strong Memorial Hospital. “His dedication to his work is unwavering, and I can’t think of a better individual to receive this award.”

Over a career spanning six decades, Dr. Moss has published more than 600 scientific papers. He’s the recipient of several other prestigious awards, including the Heart Rhythm Society’s Distinguished Scientist Award (2011) and Pioneer in Cardiac Pacing and EP Award (2017), the International Workshop on Cardiac Arrhythmias Distinguished Scientist Golden Lionel Award (2009), and the New York Academy of Medicine’s Glorney-Raisbeck Award in Cardiology (2008).  

The James B. Herrick Award is presented by the American Heart Association's Council on Clinical Cardiology in honor of Dr. Herrick (1861-1954), a pioneering cardiologist who was the first to define the symptoms and features of coronary thrombosis, a blockage of blood flow to the heart caused by a clot in a coronary artery.

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