URMC Launches Health and Wellness Blog for Men

Oct. 11, 2011
Growing response to annual health event prompts year-round information site

Inspired by the increasing success of Men’s Health Day, the University of Rochester Medical Center’s annual health and wellness expo, URMC has responded to the demand for year-around information by recently launching a blog.

URMC Men’s Health is designed to provide older men with the tools they need to become more proactive about their health. As a group, men often ignore or deny health issues until it is too late, and many engage in risky behaviors, like smoking, not wearing a seat belt or having unsafe sex. Mortality statistics reflect this. On average, men in the U.S. live five fewer years than women. Men are beginning to get smart –  rising health care costs and other societal influences are causing men to wise up to the importance of preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles.

Blog creator and Men’s Health Day organizer Jean Joseph, M.D., M.B.A., says, “At our last Men’s Health Day this September, there was a record turnout of 450 engaged and interested men – proof that the timing is right for a health and wellness vehicle just for them.”

URMC Men’s Health will feature topics by URMC physicians and health care experts in an interactive format that is entertaining and easy to read. Topics will range from lifestyle and fitness information, to typical men's issues like prostate health, cardiac issues and joint replacement, and will include stories and videos on topics drawn from daily headlines and new medical developments. The blog will also serve as a forum where men can ask questions – anonymously if they wish – and receive solid information and participate in discussions.

The information found on URMC Men’s Health is current and comes directly from physicians and health care providers at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Highland Hospital and affiliates, but is not a substitute for consulting a physician. To contact a physician or specialist affiliated with URMC, please visit the website at

For more information about URMC Men’s Health, visit URMC Men’s Health or call (585) 275-0258.