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Paul S. Frame, M.D.


Call Center (585) 276-3000

About Me

Faculty Appointments

Clinical Professor Emeritus - Department of Family Medicine (SMD)


Post-doctoral Training & Residency

Family Practice Residency
Hunterdon Medical Center
Flemington, New Jersey 1971 - 1974


MD | Univ Pennsylvania Sch Medicine. Medicine. 1971

BA | Oberlin College. Chemistry. 1967


Teacher Recognition Award. 1988

"Max Cheplove Award" for advancement of the cause of family medicine.. 1987

"Lillie M. Erk" prize for dedication to the needs of the total patient.. 1971

Sigma Xi Science Honorary. 1967

Curtis Hames Award for research contributions to Family Medicine.


Journal Articles

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Providing more - and better - preventive care

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Housecalls (poem)

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Where is the evidence to support screening for open angle glaucoma?

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