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Isabel D. Fernandez, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Isabel D. Fernandez, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.


About Me

Faculty Appointments

Associate Professor - Department of Public Health Sciences (SMD)

Associate Professor - Center for Community Health and Prevention - Joint



PhD | University of Minnesota. Epidemiology. 1999

MPH | School of Public Health University of Minnesota. Epidemiology. 1994

MD | Buenos Aires National University. Medicine. 1981


Student Research Award. 1998

Indirect Recovery Funds Award. 1993

Predissertation Fieldwork Grant, MacArthur Interdisciplinary Program on Peace & International Cooperation. 1992

Alumni Association Fellowship. 1992

XIV Latin-American Pediatrics Congress Fellowship. 1984

Honors Diploma. 1981


Research: The epidemiology of growth and nutrition in children, particularly malnutrition and obesity in children and adolescents, assessment of nutritional status, and societal determinants of nutritional conditions. Dr. Fernandez is a nutritional epidemiologist interested in the two ends of the nu...
Research: The epidemiology of growth and nutrition in children, particularly malnutrition and obesity in children and adolescents, assessment of nutritional status, and societal determinants of nutritional conditions. Dr. Fernandez is a nutritional epidemiologist interested in the two ends of the nutritional status continuum. She has examined the determinants of wasting and stunting in children in developing countries using data from the World Health Organization. Dr. Fernandez is currently focusing in weight gain prevention and obesity in the United States. In particular, Dr. Fernandez is interested in the synergism between individual nutrition and physical activity behaviors and the environment. She is currently conducting a group-randomized trial testing environmental interventions for worksite weight gain prevention and qualitative research on how the everyday life of low income families with school-age children influence the ability to make healthy nutrition and physical activity choices.


Journal Articles

Spanish Version of the Susceptibility to e-Cigarettes Scale among Latino Adolescents. Letter to the Editor

Cartujano-Barrera F, Hernández-Torres R, Chávez-Iñiguez A, Fernandez ID, Rivera P, Cupertino AP.

Tobacco Prevention & Cessation. 2023; .

A Longitudinal cortisol patterns in pregnancy are associated with greater total gestational weight gain

Murphy H, Dreisbach C, Kinkade CW; Brasich P, Wu Q, Meng Y, Thurston SW, Block RC, Fernandez ID, O'Connor TG, Barrett EM, Groth SW.

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Dietary Intake of Nutrients Involved in Serotonin and Melatonin Synthesis and Prenatal Maternal Sleep Quality and Affective Symptoms

Kautz, Meng Y, Yeh K-L, Peck R, Brunner2 J, Best M, Fernandez ID, Miller RK, Barrett EM, Groth SW, O'Connor TG.

Journal of Nutrition. 2023; .

Mental Health, Behavior Change Skills, and Eating Behaviors in Postpartum Women.

Yu Y, Ma Q, Fernandez ID, Groth SW

Western journal of nursing research.. 2022 October 44 (10):932-945. Epub 06/04/2021.

Longitudinal Trends in Produce Purchasing Behavior: Analysis of Transaction Level Data from Loyalty Card Holders

Fernandez ID, Wixom N, Johnson B, Janciuras J, Luo J, Kautz A, Prevost S, Ramchandran R.

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Validation of the Weight-Related Eating Questionnaire in Pregnancy.

Yeh K-L, Meng Y, Fernandez ID, and Groth SW.

Appetite. 2022; .

Gut hormones, adipokines, and pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines/markers in loss of control eating: A scoping review

Yu Y, Fernandez I, Meng Y, Zhao W, Groth S.

Appetite. 2021; .

Biological Changes in the Pregnancy-Postpartum Period and Subsequent Cardiometabolic Risk--UPSIDE MOMS: A Research Protocol

Groth SW, Fernandez ID, Block RC, Thurston S, Wong E, Brunner J, Mayo N, Kapula N, Yu Y, Meng Y, Yeh K, Kinkade C, Thornburg L, O'Connor TG, Barrett EM.

Research in Nursing and Health. 2021; .

Participation in genetic research among Latinx populations by Latin America birth-residency concordance: A global study

Dye TDV, Quiñones Tavarez Z, Pérez Ramos JG, Fernandez ID, Vélez Vega C, Vega Ocasio D, Avendaño E, Cardona Cordero NR, DiMare Hering C, Dozier AM, Groth SW.

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The influence of appetite and self-efficacy to control cravings on excessive gestational weight gain

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Not all Sitting is Sedentary: A Narrative Review and Taxonomy of Seated Behaviors

Mayo N., Fernandez ID.

British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2021; .

Excess Body Weight and Cancer-Related Fatigue, Systemic Inflammation, and Serum Lipids in Breast Cancer Survivors.

Inglis JE, Kleckner AS, Lin PJ, Gilmore NJ, Culakova E, VanderWoude AC, Mustian KM, Fernandez ID, Dunne RF, Deutsch J, Peppone LJ

Nutrition and cancer.. 2020 August 19 :1-11. Epub 08/19/2020.

Effects of High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation on Phase Angle and Physical Function in Patients with Prostate Cancer on ADT

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When to Intervene to Prevent Weight Retention at 6 Months Postpartum: Analyses from a RCT

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Impact of Length of Residence in the United States on Risk of Diabetes and Hypertension in Resettled Refugees.

Golub N, Seplaki C, Stockman D, Thevenet-Morrison K, Fernandez D, Fisher S

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The relative costs of high vs. low energy density foods and more vs. less healthful beverages consumed by children

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Obesity candidate genes, gestational weight gain and body weight changes in pregnant women

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Online Intervention to Prevent Excessive Gestational Weight Gain: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2018; .

Maternal and Child Dietary Intake: The Role of Maternal Healthy-Eater Self-Schema

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Micronutrient intake is inadequate for a sample of pregnant African American women

Groth SW, Stewart PA, Ossip DJ, Block R, Wixom N, Fernandez ID.

Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2017; .

'I think we can be controlled:' A Mixed-Method Comparative Study of Multidimensional Health Locus of Control and (un)Healthy Days in India and the United States

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Cumulative Physiologic Dysfunction and Pregnancy: Characterization and Association with Birth Outcomes

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Using Television Viewing Time and Total Time Sitting as Interchangeable Measures of Sedentary Behavior

McGrane-Minton H, Thevenet-Morrison K. Fernandez ID.

American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2016; .

Sociocultural variation in attitudes toward use of genetic information and participation in genetic research by race in the United States: Implications for precision medicine.

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Medication Identification in Pediatric Asthma (MED ID): The Reliability and Validity of a Novel Screening Tool

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Journal of Asthma. 2016; .

Participation in Genetic Research: Amazon's Mechanical Turk Workforce in the United States and India.

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(in press). Effects of Yoga on Cancer-Related Fatigue and Global Side-Effect Burden in Older Cancer Survivors.

Sprod, LK; Fernandez, ID; Janelsins, MC; Peppone, LJ; Atkins, JN; Giguere, J; Block, R; Mustian, KM.

Journal of Geriatric Oncology. 2015; : 6(1):8–14.

Images of a Healthy Worksite: A Group-Randomized Trial of Worksite Multiple-Component Interventions for Weight Gain Prevention with Employee Participation in Intervention Design.

Fernandez, ID; Chin, NP; Devine, CM; Dozier, AM; Martina, CA; McIntosh, S; Thevenet-Morrison, K; Yang, H.

American Journal of Public Health. Published online ahead of print March 19, 2015. 2015; : e1–e8. doi:10.2105/ AJPH.2014.302397 NIHMSID: NIHMS646361.

eMOMS: Electronically-Mediated Weight Interventions for Pregnant and Postpartum Women. Study Design and Baseline Characteristics.

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Adequacy of micronutrient intake in pregnant AA women.

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Revise and resubmit to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (first submission January 2015). 2015; .

The relative costs of high vs. low energy density foods and more vs. less healthful beverages consumed by children.

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Understanding Low Rates of Bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Urban Neighborhoods: A Qualitative Study.

Rueckman, EA; Shah, MN; Adler, D; Harris, L; Fernandez, ID; Dozier, AM; Chin, N.

Submitted to Annals of Emergency Medicine (May 2015). 2015; .

Do Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Differ in Regards to Their Help-Seeking? A Qualitative Study.

Sohug Mookerjee, Cerulli C., Fernandez ID, Chin NP.

Journal of Family Violence. 2015; .

EARLY Trials: A Consortium of Studies Targeting Weight Control in Young Adults.

Lytle, L; Svetkey, LP; Patrick, K; Belle, S; Fernandez, ID; Jakicic, J; Johnson, KC; Olson, CM; Tate, DF; Wing, R; Loria, C.

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Worksite Environmental Interventions for Obesity Prevention and Control: Evidence from Group Randomized Trials

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The effect of immediate postpartum depot medroxyprogesterone on early breastfeeding cessation.

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Understanding the association between chromosomally integrated human herpesvirus 6 and HIV disease: a cross-sectional study

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Bacteremia in children with sickle hemoglobinopathies.

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Blood lead levels of refugee children resettled in Massachusetts, 2000 to 2007.

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Association of workplace chronic and acute stressors with employee weight status: data from worksites in turmoil.

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A multi-worksite analysis of the relationships among body mass index, medical utilization, and worker productivity.

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From Butter Tea to Pepsi®: A Rapid Appraisal of Food Preferences, Procurement Sources & Dietary Diversity in a Contemporary Tibetan Township

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Introduction and overview of worksite studies.

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"Pizza is cheaper than salad": assessing workers' views for an environmental food intervention.

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