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Anthony L. Almudevar, Ph.D.


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About Me

Faculty Appointments

Professor Emeritus - Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology (SMD)



PhD | Canada-U Toronto-Toronto. Statistics. 1994

MS | Canada-U Toronto-Toronto. Biostatistics. 1989

BS | Canada-Concordia University-Montreal. Statistics. 1988



Tracking and Analysis of the Trajectory of a Transmitting Node in a Wireless Network

Issue date: August 26, 2008

Patent #: TX 6-867-352

Country: United States

Inventors: Anthony Almudevar


Journal Articles

A Hypothesis Test for Equality of Bayesian Network Models

Almudevar, A.

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Nef gene evolution from a single transmitted strain in acute SIV infection

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Approximate Calibration-Free Trajectory Reconstruction in a Wireless Network

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Approximate Fixed Point Iteration with an Application to Infinite-Horizon Markov Decision Processes

Almudevar, A.

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Validation of a Home Monitoring System Based on Calibration-Free Wireless Tracking

Almudevar, A.

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Home Monitoring using Wearable Radio Frequency Transmitters

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Cutting-Edge: Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Inhibits Memory B Lymphocytes via Effects on Lymphoid GCs & FDC Networks

Anolik, J.L.; Ravikumar, R.; Bernard, J.; Owen, T.; Almudevar, A.; Milner, E.C.B.; Miller, C.H.; Dutcher, P.O.; Hadley, J.A.; Sanz, I.

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A Graphical Approach to Relatedness Inference

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Efficient coding of labeled graphs

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Using artificial neural networks to predict claim duration in a work injury compensation environment

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Dalhousie Dyspnea Scales: Pictorial Scales to Measure Dyspnea during Induced Bronchoconstriction

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Using Complexity for Estimation of Bayesian Networks

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