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Calvin Cole, Ph.D.

Calvin Cole, Ph.D.


About Me

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Surgery, Research (SMD)

Assistant Professor - Cancer Center - Joint

Assistant Professor - Department of Orthopaedics, Center for Musculoskeletal Research (SMD) - Joint


Research Lab


Journal Articles

Glutathione supports lipid abundance .

Asantewaa G, Tuttle ET, Ward NP, Kang YP, Kim Y, Kavanagh ME, Girnius N, Chen Y, Duncan R, Rodriguez K, Hecht F, Zocchi M, Smorodintsev-Schiller L, Scales TQ, Taylor K, Alimohammadi F, Sechrist ZR, Agostini-Vulaj D, Schafer XL, Chang H, Smith Z, O'Connor TN, Whelan S, Selfors LM, Crowdis J, Gray GK, Bronson RT, Brenner D, Rufini A, Dirksen RT, Hezel AF, Huber AR, Munger J, Cravatt BF, Vasiliou V, Cole CL, DeNicola GM, Harris IS

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology.. 2023 February 11 Epub 02/11/2023.

Implementation of automated behavior metrics to evaluate voluntary wheel running effects on inflammatory-erosive arthritis and interstitial lung disease in TNF-Tg mice.

Kenney HM, Wood RW, Ramirez G, Bell RD, Chen KL, Schnur L, Rahimi H, Korman BD, Xing L, Ritchlin CT, Schwarz EM, Cole CL

Arthritis research & therapy.. 2023 February 225 (1):17. Epub 02/02/2023.

Increased myocellular lipid and IGFBP-3 expression in a pre-clinical model of pancreatic cancer-related skeletal muscle wasting.

Cole CL, Bachman JF, Ye J, Murphy J, Gerber SA, Beck CA, Boyce BF, Muthukrishnan G, Chakkalakal JV, Schwarz EM, Linehan D

Journal of cachexia, sarcopenia and muscle.. 2021 May 7 Epub 05/07/2021.

Neurodevelopmental outcome of preterm infants enrolled in myo-inositol randomized controlled trial.

Adams-Chapman I, Watterberg KL, Nolen TL, Hirsch S, Cole CA, Cotten CM, Oh W, Poindexter BB, Zaterka-Baxter KM, Das A, Lacy CB, Scorsone AM, Duncan AF, DeMauro SB, Goldstein RF, Colaizy TT, Wilson-Costello DE, Purdy IB, Hintz SR, Heyne RJ, Myers GJ, Fuller J, Merhar S, Harmon HM, Peralta-Carcelen M, Kilbride HW, Maitre NL, Vohr BR, Natarajan G, Mintz-Hittner H, Quinn GE, Wallace DK, Olson RJ, Orge FH, Tsui I, Gaynon M, Hutchinson AK, He YG, Winter TW, Yang MB, Haider KM, Cogen MS, Hug D, Bremer DL, Donahue JP, Lucas WR, Phelps DL, Higgins RD,

Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association.. 2021 March 23 Epub 03/23/2021.

From bench to bedside: updates in basic science, translational and clinical research on muscle fatigue in cancer cachexia.

Jackson KM, Cole CL, Dunne RF

Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care.. 2021 February 5 Epub 02/05/2021.

Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) as a longitudinal outcome measure of cancer-related muscle wasting in mice.

Cole CL, Beck CA, Robinson D, Ye J, Mills B, Gerber SA, Schwarz EM, Linehan D

PloS one.. 2020 15 (6):e0230695. Epub 06/19/2020.

Use of Fitbit Data to Evaluate the Effects of an Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention Training Program on Daily Physical Levels in Underrepresented Minority Female High School Athletes: A Prospective Study.

Cole CL, Vasalos K, Nicandri G, Apt C, Osterling E, Ferrara Z, Maloney MD, Schwarz EM, Rizzone K

Orthopedics and sports medicine : open access journal.. 2020 4 (2):370-376. Epub 07/10/2020.

Effects of exercise on inflammation in patients receiving chemotherapy: a nationwide NCORP randomized clinical trial.

Kleckner IR, Kamen C, Cole C, Fung C, Heckler CE, Guido JJ, Culakova E, Onitilo AA, Conlin A, Kuebler JP, Mohile S, Janelsins M, Mustian KM

Supportive care in cancer : official journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer.. 2019 April 2 Epub 04/02/2019.

Social Support, Insomnia, and Adherence to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia After Cancer Treatment.

Kamen C, Garland SN, Heckler CE, Peoples AR, Kleckner IR, Cole CL, Perlis ML, Morrow GR, Mustian KM, Roscoe JA

Behavioral sleep medicine.. 2019 17 (1):70-80. Epub 01/27/2017.

Use of PROMIS and Functional Movement System (FMS) Testing to Evaluate the Effects of Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention Training in Female High School Athletes.

Cole CL, Vasalos K, Nicandri G, Apt C, Osterling E, Ferrara Z, Maloney MD, Schwarz EM, Rizzone K

Orthopedics and sports medicine : open access journal.. 2019 3 (2):255-258. Epub 12/18/2019.

Effects of Myo-inositol on Type 1 Retinopathy of Prematurity Among Preterm Infants <28 Weeks' Gestational Age: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Phelps DL, Watterberg KL, Nolen TL, Cole CA, Cotten CM, Oh W, Poindexter BB, Zaterka-Baxter KM, Das A, Lacy CB, Scorsone AM, Walsh MC, Bell EF, Kennedy KA, Schibler K, Sokol GM, Laughon MM, Lakshminrusimha S, Truog WE, Garg M, Carlo WA, Laptook AR, Van Meurs KP, Carlton DP, Graf A, DeMauro SB, Brion LP, Shankaran S, Orge FH, Olson RJ, Mintz-Hittner H, Yang MB, Haider KM, Wallace DK, Chung M, Hug D, Tsui I, Cogen MS, Donahue JP, Gaynon M, Hutchinson AK, Bremer DL, Quinn G, He YG, Lucas WR, Winter TW, Kicklighter SD, Kumar K, Chess PR, Colaizy TT, Hibbs AM, Ambalavanan N, Harmon HM, McGowan EC, Higgins RD,

JAMA.. 2018 October 23320 (16):1649-1658. Epub 1900 01 01.

Yoga for the Management of Cancer Treatment-Related Toxicities.

Lin PJ, Peppone LJ, Janelsins MC, Mohile SG, Kamen CS, Kleckner IR, Fung C, Asare M, Cole CL, Culakova E, Mustian KM

Current oncology reports.. 2018 February 120 (1):5. Epub 02/01/2018.

Exercise for Toxicity Management in Cancer-A Narrative Review.

Kleckner IR, Dunne RF, Asare M, Cole C, Fleming F, Fung C, Lin PJ, Mustian KM

Oncology & hematology review.. 2018 14 (1):28-37. Epub 02/15/2018.

The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Cancer-Associated Muscle Wasting and Rationale for Exercise as a Therapeutic Intervention.

Cole CL, Kleckner IR, Jatoi A, Schwarz EM, Dunne RF

JCSM clinical reports.. 2018 3 (2)Epub 1900 01 01.

Research priorities in cancer cachexia: The University of Rochester Cancer Center NCI Community Oncology Research Program Research Base Symposium on Cancer Cachexia and Sarcopenia.

Dunne RF, Mustian KM, Garcia JM, Dale W, Hayward R, Roussel B, Buschmann MM, Caan BJ, Cole CL, Fleming FJ, Chakkalakal JV, Linehan DC, Hezel AF, Mohile SG

Current opinion in supportive and palliative care.. 2017 December 11 (4):278-286. Epub 1900 01 01.

A gentamicin pharmacokinetic population model and once-daily dosing algorithm for neonates.

DiCenzo R, Forrest A, Slish JC, Cole C, Guillet R

Pharmacotherapy.. 2003 May 23 (5):585-91. Epub 1900 01 01.

Validation of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry for Longitudinal Quantification of Tumor Burden in a Murine Model of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Sechrist ZR; Lee G; Schwarz EM; Cole CL.