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Patrick J. Murphy, Ph.D.

Patrick J. Murphy, Ph.D.


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Faculty Appointments

Associate Professor - Department of Biomedical Genetics (SMD)

Associate Professor - Department of Biology RC (RC) - Joint


The Murphy lab investigates the mechanisms that activate or silence genes as cells transition from one state to another. In very early embryos, stem cells begin to divide and change. Through this process, called differentiation, tissues start to form, and all the cell types of the organism begin to ...
The Murphy lab investigates the mechanisms that activate or silence genes as cells transition from one state to another. In very early embryos, stem cells begin to divide and change. Through this process, called differentiation, tissues start to form, and all the cell types of the organism begin to arise. Differentiation relies on a highly coordinated series of gene activation and silencing events. As cells divide during differentiation, changes in gene expression provide each cell type with a specific identity and function. In a similar sense, when the gene expression patterns of normal adult cells change inappropriately, the cell identity also changes, and this can lead to carcinogenesis. Presently, it is unknown what molecular machinery allows a cell to transition from one gene expression state to another.


Journal Articles

Smad4 restricts injury-provoked biliary proliferation and carcinogenesis.

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Role of the histone variant H2A.Z.1 in memory, transcription, and alternative splicing is mediated by lysine modification.

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Epigenetic erosion of H4K20me1 induced by inflammation drives aged stem cell ferroptosis.

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Research square.. 2024 February 14 Epub 02/14/2024.

Anp32e protects against accumulation of H2A.Z at Sox motif containing promoters during zebrafish gastrulation.

Halblander FN, Meng FW, Murphy PJ

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The chromatin source-sink hypothesis: a shared mode of chromatin-mediated regulations.

Murphy PJ, Berger F

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Competition for H2A.Z underlies the developmental impacts of repetitive element de-repression.

Meng FW, Murphy KE, Makowski CE, Delatte B, Murphy PJ

Development.. 2023 November 1150 (21)Epub 11/08/2023.

NURF301 contributes to gypsy chromatin insulator-mediated nuclear organization.

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Establishment of developmental gene silencing by ordered polycomb complex recruitment in early zebrafish embryos.

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Subtype-Independent ANP32E Reduction During Breast Cancer Progression in Accordance with Chromatin Relaxation.

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Identification of chromatin states during zebrafish gastrulation using CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag.

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The histone chaperone Anp32e regulates memory formation, transcription, and dendritic morphology by regulating steady-state H2A.Z binding in neurons.

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Rolling uphill: in vivo reacquisition of pluripotency during cranial neural crest differentiation.

Meng FW, Murphy PJ

Communications biology.. 2021 May 204 (1):626. Epub 05/20/2021.

Genome-wide chromatin accessibility is restricted by ANP32E.

Murphy KE, Meng FW, Makowski CE, Murphy PJ

Nature communications.. 2020 October 811 (1):5063. Epub 10/08/2020.

NRF2 loss recapitulates heritable impacts of paternal cigarette smoke exposure.

Murphy PJ, Guo J, Jenkins TG, James ER, Hoidal JR, Huecksteadt T, Broberg DS, Hotaling JM, Alonso DF, Carrell DT, Cairns BR, Aston KI

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Maintenance of spatial gene expression by Polycomb-mediated repression after formation of a vertebrate body plan.

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Placeholder Nucleosomes Underlie Germline-to-Embryo DNA Methylation Reprogramming.

Murphy PJ, Wu SF, James CR, Wike CL, Cairns BR

Cell.. 2018 February 22172 (5):993-1006.e13. Epub 02/15/2018.

Cigarette smoking significantly alters sperm DNA methylation patterns.

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Chromatin and Single-Cell RNA-Seq Profiling Reveal Dynamic Signaling and Metabolic Transitions during Human Spermatogonial Stem Cell Development.

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Single-molecule analysis of combinatorial epigenomic states in normal and tumor cells.

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Real-time analysis and selection of methylated DNA by fluorescence-activated single molecule sorting in a nanofluidic channel.

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Transgenerational Epigenetics : Evidence and Debate (2014)

Chapter: Epigenetic Changes in the Paternal Germline

Authors: Murphy KE, Murphy PJ, and Carrell DT

Publisher: Oxford: Academic Press 2014