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Mechelle R. Sanders, Ph.D.

Mechelle R. Sanders, Ph.D.

About Me

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Family Medicine (SMD)



PhD | University of Rochester. Health Services Research. 2019

BA | Pennsylvania State University. Psychology. 2002


Grant Generating Project Fellow. 2020 - 2021

Health Disparities Research Institute, Scholar. 2020

Research in Implementation Science for Equity (RISE) Scholar. 2019 - 2020

AcademyHealth Quality and Value, Best Student Research Abstract. 2016

Teaching as Research Fellowship. 2015 - 2016


Journal Articles

Team-based home blood pressure monitoring for blood pressure equity a protocol for a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial.

Fiscella KA, Sass E, Sridhar SB, Maguire JA, Lashway K, Wong G, Thien A, Thomas M, Bisognano JD, Rosenberg T, Sanders MR, Johnson BA, Polgreen LA

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Addressing Sexual Harassment and Gender Bias: Mandatory Modules Are Not Enough.

Russell HA, Sanders M, Nofziger A, Fogarty CT, McDaniel SH, Rosenberg T, Fiscella K, Naumburg E

Family medicine.. 2023 April 55 (4):253-258. Epub 02/13/2023.

Accessibility of State and Territory Public Health Department Website Information on COVID-19 Outpatient Treatments in the US.

Eckert C, Sanders M, Bharadwaj R, Fiscella KA

JAMA network open.. 2023 February 16 (2):e230186. Epub 02/01/2023.

Editorial: Implementation science to address health disparities and improve the equitable implementation of proven interventions.

Galaviz KI, Sanders M, Gil O

Frontiers in public health.. 2023 11 :1356063. Epub 01/11/2024.

Training Family Medicine Residents to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Survey of Program Directors.

Sanders M, Fogarty CT, Morley CP, Schultz S, Devine M, Sridhar SB, Fiscella K

Family medicine.. 2022 May 54 (5):343-349. Epub 1900 01 01.

Strategies to Promote Equity in COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment.

Fiscella K, Sanders M, Yaeger J

JAMA health forum.. 2022 March 13 (3):e220050. Epub 03/01/2022.

Sexual Harassment and Gender Bias in Family Medicine: Divergent Experiences of Men and Women.

Sanders M, Fogarty CT, Russell HA, Fiscella K, Nofziger A, Naumburg EH, Rosenberg T, McDaniel SH

Family medicine.. 2022 March 54 (3):176-183. Epub 1900 01 01.

Evaluating the Uptake of Antiracism Training, Policies, and Practices in Departments of Family Medicine.

Sanders M, Cronholm PF, Edgoose J, Fiscella K, Piggott C, McDaniel SH, Parker-Featherstone E, Fogarty CT

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine : JABFM.. 2022 35 (4):803-808. Epub 1900 01 01.

Effect of an Intensive Mindful Practice Workshop on Patient-Centered Compassionate Care, Clinician Well-Being, Work Engagement, and Teamwork.

Epstein RM, Marshall F, Sanders M, Krasner MS

The Journal of continuing education in the health professions.. 2021 August 27 Epub 08/27/2021.

Blood Pressure Visit Intensification in Treatment (BP-Visit) Findings: a Pragmatic Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial.

Fiscella K, He H, Sanders M, Cassells A, Carroll JK, Williams SK, Cornell J, Holder T, Khalida C, Tobin JN

Journal of general internal medicine.. 2021 August 11 Epub 08/11/2021.

Motivation to move fast, motivation to wait and see: The association of prevention and promotion focus with clinicians' implementation of the JNC-7 hypertension treatment guidelines.

Sanders M, Fiscella K, Hill E, Ogedegbe O, Cassells A, Tobin JN, Williams S, Veazie P

The journal of clinical hypertension.. 2021 August 10 Epub 08/10/2021.

Transforming Health Care to Address Value and Equity: National Vital Signs to Guide Vital Reforms.

Fiscella K, Sanders MR, Carroll JK

JAMA.. 2021 June 24 Epub 06/24/2021.

Attending a Biopsychosocially Focused Buprenorphine Training Improves Clinician Attitudes.

Russell HA, Smith B, Sanders M, Loomis E

Frontiers in psychiatry.. 2021 12 :639826. Epub 08/02/2021.

Anti-racism Training Using the Biopsychosocial Model: Frederick Douglas' Earthquake, Whirlwind, Storm and Fire.

Sanders M, Fiscella K

Frontiers in psychiatry.. 2021 12 :711966. Epub 10/05/2021.

Increasing Access to Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care: Removing the Training Requirement May Not Be Enough.

Russell HA, Sanders M, Meyer JKV, Loomis E, Mullaney T, Fiscella K

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine : JABFM.. 2021 34 (6):1212-1215. Epub 1900 01 01.

Interprofessional collaboration and smartphone use as promising strategies to improve prenatal oral health care utilization among US underserved women: results from a qualitative study.

Wang L, Ren J, Fiscella KA, Bullock S, Sanders MR, Loomis EL, Eliav E, Mendoza M, Cacciato R, Thomas M, Kopycka-Kedzierawski DT, Billings RJ, Xiao J

BMC oral health.. 2020 November 2320 (1):333. Epub 11/23/2020.

Can a brief peer-led group training intervention improve health literacy in persons living with HIV? Results from a randomized controlled trial.

Sanders M, Tobin JN, Cassells A, Carroll J, Holder T, Thomas M, Luque A, Fiscella K

Patient education and counseling.. 2020 October 31 Epub 10/31/2020.

COVID-19 impact on multi-site recruitment and enrollment.

Strujo E, Sanders M, Fiscella K, Thomas M, Johnson B, Deets A, Sanchez Lucas C, Holder T, Johal N, Luque A, Cassells A, Williams S, Tobin JN

Clinical trials : journal of the Society for Clinical Trials.. 2020 August 20 :1740774520946270. Epub 08/20/2020.

Drug- and Alcohol-Associated Deaths in U.S. Jails.

Fiscella K, Noonan M, Leonard SH, Farah S, Sanders M, Wakeman SE, Savolainen J

Journal of correctional health care : the official journal of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.. 2020 April 21 :1078345820917356. Epub 04/21/2020.

Using a group medical visit model to promote healthy behaviour change with an underserved population.

Russell HA, Sanders M, Moll L, Murphy M, Lanigan AM, Carroll JK

Family practice.. 2020 March 29 Epub 03/29/2020.

The role of data and safety monitoring boards in implementation trials: When are they justified?

Fiscella K, Sanders M, Holder T, Carroll JK, Luque A, Cassells A, Johnson BA, Williams SK, Tobin JN

Journal of clinical and translational science.. 2020 March 54 (3):229-232. Epub 03/05/2020.

Protocol paper: Stepped wedge cluster randomized trial translating the ABCS into optimizing cardiovascular care for people living with HIV.

Williams SK, Johnson BA, Tobin JN, Luque AE, Sanders M, Carroll JK, Cassells A, Holder T, Fiscella K

Progress in cardiovascular diseases.. 2020 February 5 Epub 02/05/2020.

A woman's worth: an access framework for integrating emergency medicine with maternal health to reduce the burden of maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa.

Anto-Ocrah M, Cushman J, Sanders M, De Ver Dye T

BMC emergency medicine. 2020 January 1320 (1):3. Epub 01/13/2020.

Implementation Science to Address Health Disparities During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Galaviz KI, Breland JY, Sanders M, Breathett K, Cerezo A, Gil O, Hollier JM, Marshall C, Wilson JD, Essien UR

Health equity.. 2020 4 (1):463-467. Epub 10/20/2020.

"Get Ready and Empowered About Treatment" (GREAT) Study: a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of Activation in Persons Living with HIV.

Carroll JK, Tobin JN, Luque A, Farah S, Sanders M, Cassells A, Fine SM, Cross W, Boyd M, Holder T, Thomas M, Overa CC, Fiscella K

Journal of general internal medicine.. 2019 September 34 (9):1782-1789. Epub 06/25/2019.

Addressing Medication Costs During Primary Care Visits: A Before-After Study of Team-Based Training.

Carroll JK, Farah S, Fortuna RJ, Lanigan AM, Sanders M, Venci JV, Fiscella K

Annals of internal medicine.. 2019 May 7170 (9_Supplement):S46-S53. Epub 1900 01 01.

A Practical Approach to Reducing Patients' Prescription Costs.

Fiscella K, Venci J, Sanders M, Lanigan A, Fortuna R

Family practice management.. 2019 26 (3):5-9. Epub 1900 01 01.

Promoting MedlinePlus utilization in a federally qualified health center using a multimodal approach.

Sanders M, Bringley K, Thomas M, Boyd M, Farah S, Fiscella K

Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA.. 2018 July 106 (3):361-369. Epub 07/01/2018.

Theoretical and Pragmatic Adaptation of the 5As Model to Patient-Centered Hypertension Counselling.

Carroll JK, Fiscella K, Cassells A, Sanders MR, Williams SK, D'Orazio B, Holder T, Farah S, Khalida C, Tobin JN

Journal of health care for the poor and underserved.. 2018 29 (3):975-983. Epub 1900 01 01.

Effectiveness of a clinician intervention to improve physical activity discussions in underserved adults.

Carroll JK, Flocke SA, Sanders MR, Lowenstein L, Fiscella K, Epstein RM

Family practice.. 2016 October 33 (5):488-91. Epub 05/27/2016.

Does patient time spent viewing computer-tailored colorectal cancer screening materials predict patient-reported discussion of screening with providers?

Sanders M, Fiscella K, Veazie P, Dolan JG, Jerant A

Health education research.. 2016 August 31 (4):555-62. Epub 06/24/2016.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Quality of Health Care.

Fiscella K, Sanders MR

Annual review of public health.. 2016 37 :375-94. Epub 01/18/2016.

Blood Pressure Visit Intensification Study in Treatment: Trial design.

Fiscella K, Ogedegbe G, He H, Carroll J, Cassells A, Sanders M, Khalida C, D'Orazio B, Tobin JN

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Impact of patient navigation in eliminating economic disparities in cancer care.

Rodday AM, Parsons SK, Snyder F, Simon MA, Llanos AA, Warren-Mears V, Dudley D, Lee JH, Patierno SR, Markossian TW, Sanders M, Whitley EM, Freund KM

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Barriers to health care contribute to delays in follow-up among women with abnormal cancer screening: Data from the Patient Navigation Research Program.

Ramachandran A, Snyder FR, Katz ML, Darnell JS, Dudley DJ, Patierno SR, Sanders MR, Valverde PA, Simon MA, Warren-Mears V, Battaglia TA,

Cancer.. 2015 November 15121 (22):4016-24. Epub 08/19/2015.

Goal Communication in Palliative Care Decision-Making Consultations.

Gramling R, Sanders M, Ladwig S, Norton SA, Epstein R, Alexander SC

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Activation of persons living with HIV for treatment, the great study.

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Preliminary validation of a scale to measure patient perceived similarity to their navigator.

Sanders M, Winters P, Fiscella K

BMC research notes.. 2015 August 298 :388. Epub 08/29/2015.

Design of, and enrollment in, the palliative care communication research initiative: a direct-observation cohort study.

Gramling R, Gajary-Coots E, Stanek S, Dougoud N, Pyke H, Thomas M, Cimino J, Sanders M, Alexander SC, Epstein R, Fiscella K, Gramling D, Ladwig S, Anderson W, Pantilat S, Norton SA

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Do Lung Cancer Eligibility Criteria Align with Risk among Blacks and Hispanics?

Fiscella K, Winters P, Farah S, Sanders M, Mohile SG

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Clinician-targeted intervention and patient-reported counseling on physical activity.

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Barriers reported among patients with breast and cervical abnormalities in the patient navigation research program: impact on timely care.

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Physical activity counseling intervention at a federally qualified health center: improves autonomy-supportiveness, but not patients' perceived competence.

Carroll JK, Fiscella K, Epstein RM, Sanders MR, Winters PC, Moorhead SA, van Osch L, Williams GC

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Barriers and Facilitators of Online Patient Portals to Personal Health Records Among Persons Living With HIV: Formative Research.

Luque AE, van Keken A, Winters P, Keefer MC, Sanders M, Fiscella K

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Internet access and patient portal readiness among patients in a group of inner-city safety-net practices.

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A 5A's communication intervention to promote physical activity in underserved populations.

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Randomized controlled trial of patient navigation for newly diagnosed cancer patients: effects on quality of life.

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Understanding the processes of patient navigation to reduce disparities in cancer care: perspectives of trained navigators from the field.

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Patient navigation from the paired perspectives of cancer patients and navigators: a qualitative analysis.

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