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Jose G. Perez Ramos, M.P.H., Ph.D.

Jose G. Perez Ramos, M.P.H., Ph.D.


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Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Public Health Sciences (SMD)

Assistant Professor - Center for Community Health and Prevention - Joint

Assistant Professor - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SMD) - Joint

Assistant Professor - Department of Pediatrics (SMD) - Joint



PhD | University of Rochester. Translational Biomedical Science. 2019

MPH | University of Rochester. Public Health. 2015

BA | University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras. Political Science. 2005


Healthcare Business Academy Fellowship Program. 2022

Health Disparities Research Institute Scholar. 2022

Health Equity Scholar for Action. 2021

Research Centers in Minority Institutions Scholarly Exchange Award. 2019

Global Health Forum Student Travel Award. 2018

Pilot Project Research Award. 2017

Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship. 2016

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Fellowship. 2013

National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Fellowship. 2004

United States Department of State, Internship. 2002



Journal Articles

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity and Access: A Case for Healthcare Chatbots.

Perez-Ramos JG, Leon-Thomas M, Smith SL, Silverman L, Perez-Torres C, Hall WC, Iadarola SJ

JMIR formative research.. 2022 November 29 Epub 11/29/2022.

How Is Colonialism a Sociostructural Determinant of Health in Puerto Rico?

Pérez Ramos JG, Garriga-López A, Rodríguez-Díaz CE

AMA journal of ethics.. 2022 April 124 (4):E305-312. Epub 04/01/2022.

Predictors of Secondhand Smoke Exposure during pregnancy in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras.

Quiñones Z, Li D, McIntosh S, Avendaño E, Sánchez JJ, DiMare-Hering C, Flores Golfín D, Wang S, Pérez-Ramos JG, D V Dye T, Ossip DJ

Nicotine & tobacco research : official journal of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.. 2022 January 27 Epub 01/27/2022.

Science, healthcare system, and government effectiveness perception and COVID-19 vaccination acceptance and hesitancy in a global sample: an analytical cross-sectional analysis.

Dye TD, Barbosu M, Siddiqi S, Pérez Ramos JG, Murphy H, Alcántara L, Pressman E

BMJ open.. 2021 November 2311 (11):e049716. Epub 11/23/2021.

Attitudes Toward the Environment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies to Address Environmental Health Risks in Marginalized Communities: Prospective Cohort Study.

Perez-Ramos JG, McIntosh S, Barrett ES, Velez Vega CM, Dye TD

Journal of medical Internet research.. 2021 September 2323 (9):e24671. Epub 09/23/2021.

Participation in genetic research among Latinx populations by Latin America birth-residency concordance: a global study.

De Ver Dye T, Tavarez ZQ, Pérez Ramos JG, Fernandez ID, Vega CV, Vega Ocasio DM, Avendaño E, Cardona Cordero NR, Hering CD, Dozier AM, Groth SW

Journal of community genetics.. 2021 August 10 Epub 08/10/2021.

Decídetexto: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Mobile Smoking Cessation Intervention in Puerto Rico.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Peña-Vargas CI, Arana-Chicas E, Pérez-Ramos JG, Mattei J, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A, Costas-Muñiz R, Jiménez J, Cupertino AP, Castro EM

International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2021 February 318 (4)Epub 02/03/2021.

Adherence to COVID-19 prevention strategies among pregnant people and their partners

Dye TD; Levandowski BA; Perez-Ramos JG; Siddiqi S; Hall WC; Panko T; Li D; Sharma S; Wiltse S; Muir E; Royzer R; Irvine C; Pressman EK.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2021; 224(2): S666.

Worldwide COVID-19-related knowledge, impact, and worry in pregnant people and their partners

Dye TD; Levandowski BA; Siddiqi S; Perez-Ramos JG; Hall WC; Panko T; Li D; Sharma S; Irvine C; Wiltse S; Muir E; Royzer R; Pressman EK.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2021; 224(2): S659.

Relationship between perceived social support and postpartum care attendance in three Latin American countries: a cross-sectional analytic study.

Cordero NRC; Perez-Ramos JP; Tavarez ZQ; McIntosh S; Avendaño E; DiMare C; Ossip DJ; De Ver Dye T.

Global Health Research and Policy. 2021; 6(16).

Variations in Health Care Professionals' "Ending the Epidemic" Training Needs and Experiences: Findings from an NYS Needs Assessment.

David T; Holt K; McIntosh S; Barbosu M; Perez-Ramos JG; Dye T.

Journal of New York State Nurses Association. 2021; 47(2).

Influence of Perceived Social Support on Postpartum Care Attendance in Three Latin-American countries: A Cross Sectional Study

Cardona-Cordero NR; Perez-Ramos JG; Quiñones Tavarez Z; McIntosh S; Avendaño E; DiMare C; Ossip DJ; Dye TD.

Global Health: Science and Practice Journal. 2021; 6.

Non-medical COVID-19-related personal impact in medical ecological perspective: A global multileveled, mixed method study.

Dye T, Levandowski B, Siddiqi S, Pérez Ramos J, Li D, Sharma S, Muir E, Wiltse S, Royzer R, Panko T, Hall W, Barbosu M, Irvine C, Pressman E.

British Medical Journal. 2021; .

Examining the Inequities of BIPOC Students During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic: A Call to Action.

Miles IN, Freter RV, Morgan A, Pérez Ramos JG.

Health Promotion Practice Journal. 2021; .

Multilevel Analysis of Personal, Non-Medical Covid-19 Related Impact Worldwide

Dye T; Levandowski B; Li D; Wiltse S; Muir E; Perez-Ramos JG; Siddiqi S; Sharma S; Royzer R; Panko T; Hall W; Irvine C; Pressman E.

Annals of Epidemiology. 2020; 54(116).

Postpartum Sterilization Disparities in Puerto Rico Women

NR Cardona Cordero; Z Quiñones Tavarez; D Morales Vasquez; J Serrano; T Panko; S Siddiqi; J Perez-Ramos; T Dye.

Puerto Rico Health Science Journal. 2020; 39(1): 164.

Publication Link

Marriott JP, Pérez Ramos JG, Choi S, Gonsalves-Domon G, Aladin B, Barbosu M, Smith C, Dye TDV.

Assessing Training Needs of Latin American and Caribbean

Assessing Training Interests of Latin American and Caribbean Immigrant-serving HIV/AIDS, STD, and Hepatitis C Providers in New York State, United States.

Marriott JP, Pérez-Ramos JG, Choi SH, Gonsalves-Domond G, Aladin B, Barbosu M, Smith C, Dye T

International journal of MCH and AIDS.. 2020 9 (2):186-190. Epub 05/08/2020.

Qualitative Assessment of Environmental Health Risk Perceptions and Community Challenges in a Puerto Rican Community: Change and Continuity in Response to Hurricanes Irma and María.

Pérez-Ramos JG, McIntosh S, Barrett ES, Vélez-Vega CM, Dye TD

Behavioral medicine.. 2019 December 20 :1-14. Epub 12/20/2019.

Understanding stress in parents of children with autism spectrum disorder: a focus on under-represented families.

Iadarola, S., Pérez-Ramos, J., Smith, T., & Dozier, A.

International Journal of Developmental Disabilities. 2019; : 20-30.

An ecological perspective on the humanitarian role of academia after natural disasters:# p2p4PUR, a preventive and emergency preparedness approach in post-Hurricane Puerto Rico

Perez-Ramos JG; Dye TDV.

APHA's 2018 Annual Meeting & Expo (Nov. 10-Nov. 14). 2018; .

Research partnership, community commitment, and the people-to-people for Puerto Rico (# p2p4PUR) Movement: Researchers and citizens in solidarity (PDF)

Perez-Ramos JG; Zayas HT; Cardona Cordero NR; Del Rio Pineda DM; Murphy C; Velez Vega CM; De Ver Dye T.

Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2018; 2(S1): 74.

Use of an online provider learning community to assess clinical HIV/HCV/STDs-related training needs (PDF)

Barbosu CM; Perez-Ramos JG; Demment M; Fogg T; Chang J; Aladin B; Smith C; De Ver Dye T; Doll T.

Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2017; Volume 1(S1): 51.

mZAP (Zonas, Accion y Proteccion): Empowering communities with mobile strategies for mosquito-borne disease control in tropical environments (PDF)

Perez-Ramos JG; McIntosh S; Velez Vega CM; Barrett ES; De Ver Dye T.

Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2017; 1(S1): 41.

Leveraging CTSA informatics capacity to expand global health engagement and research capacity in Latin America and the Pacific

Dye TD; Fogg T; Demment, M; Perez-Ramos JG; McIntosh S; Ossip D; Sy A; Velez Vega C; Peters K; Nawaz H.

Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2017; 1(S1): 19-19.

Lessons from Central America: Technology Training for Maternal Health Project Development in Low-and Middle Income Countries

McIntosh, S; Avendaño, E; Ossip, D; Perez-Ramos, JG; David, T; Dye, TD.

Annals of Global Health. 2017; 1(83): 193.

I think we can be controlled:'A Mixed-Method Comparative Study of Multidimensional Health Locus of Control and (un) Healthy Days in India and the United States

Dye, TD; Li, D; Demment, M; Fernandez, D; Pérez-Ramos, JG; Dozier, A.

Annals of Global Health. 2017; 1(83): 78-79.

"¿Dónde está?" Percepción comunitaria del Zika y otros virus transmitidos por mosquitos en Puerto Rico

Velez-Vega, C; Murphy, C; Perez-Ramos, JG; Dye, TD.

Universidad de Alicante. Proyecto Universidad Saludable. 2017; .

A Sustainability-based Public Health Capacity Training Approach in Low and Middle-Income Countries.

McIntosh S, Pérez-Ramos J, David T, Demment MM, Avendaño E, Ossip DJ, & Dye T.

Global Health Research and Policy. 2017; 2(8).

A globally networked hybrid approach to public health capacity training for maternal health professionals in low and middle income countries.

McIntosh S, Pérez-Ramos JG, David T, Demment MM, Avendaño E, Ossip DJ, De Ver Dye T

Global health research and policy.. 2017 2 :8. Epub 03/01/2017.

Development and Implementation of Culturally Tailored Offline Mobile Health Surveys.

McIntosh S, Pérez-Ramos J, Demment MM, Vélez Vega C, Avendaño E, Ossip DJ, Dye TD

JMIR public health and surveillance.. 2016 June 22 (1):e28. Epub 06/02/2016.

MundoComm: Information communication technology for maternal health in Costa Rica and Latin America

Ossip, D; Avendaño, E; McIntosh, S; Perez-Ramos, JG; David, T; Demment, M; Miller, R.

Annals of Global Health. 2016; 82(3): 595.