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Michel Telias, Ph.D.

Michel Telias, Ph.D.


About Me

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Ophthalmology (SMD)

Assistant Professor - Center for Visual Science A&S (RC) - Joint

Assistant Professor - Department of Neuroscience (SMD) - Joint

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Residency & Fellowship

USA - University of California, Berkeley
Inner retinal remodeling - Advisor: Prof. Richard H Kramer 2015 - 2021


PhD | Israel - Tel-Aviv University. Cell and Developmental Biology -- Co-supervision: Department of Neurobiology – the Weizmann Institute of Science. 2015

MSc | Israel - the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Medical Neurobiology. 2008

BMedSc | Israel - the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Bio-Medical Sciences. 2005


ILANIT/FISEB Conference Post-Doc Travel Award. 2019

Reviewer for Molecular Psychiatry (Nature) and eNeuro (SFN). 2018

Review Editor for Neurogenesis – Frontiers in Neuroscience & Review Editor for Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 2016

Travel Award for the International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting. 2015

Sieratzki Family Appreciation Award for a Publication in Neuroscience, awarded by the Sieratzki Family, the Adams Super Center f. 2014

2nd Prize for best study, the annual Residence Day at Lis Maternity Hospital, Tel-Aviv. 2013

TEVA National Network of Excellence Pre-Doctoral Scholarship in Neuroscience (USD 25,000). 2013

1st prize for original research on stem cells, the 4th Annual Young Investigators Meetings of the Israeli Stem Cell Society, Shi. 2012

1st prize for outstanding basic research, the annual conference of the Israel Fertility Association, Tel-Aviv. 2012

Excellence Award for Research in Developmental Biology in Memory of Prof. Boaz Moav, Switzerland Institute for Developmental Bio. 2011


Research Lab


Journal Articles

Neural differentiation protocols: how to choose the correct approach.

Telias M

Neural regeneration research.. 2023 June 18 (6):1273-1274. Epub 1900 01 01.

Retinoic acid inhibitors mitigate vision loss in a mouse model of retinal degeneration.

Telias M, Sit KK, Frozenfar D, Smith B, Misra A, Goard MJ, Kramer RH

Science advances.. 2022 March 188 (11):eabm4643. Epub 03/18/2022.

Editorial: Pathological hyperactivity and hyperexcitability in the central nervous system.

Telias M, Segal M

Frontiers in molecular neuroscience.. 2022 15 :955542. Epub 07/12/2022.

Local photoreceptor degeneration causes local pathophysiological remodeling of retinal neurons.

Denlinger B, Helft Z, Telias M, Lorach H, Palanker D, Kramer RH

JCI insight.. 2020 January 305 (2)Epub 01/30/2020.

Degeneration-Dependent Retinal Remodeling: Looking for the Molecular Trigger.

Telias M, Nawy S, Kramer RH

Frontiers in neuroscience.. 2020 14 :618019. Epub 12/18/2020.

Retinoic Acid Induces Hyperactivity, and Blocking Its Receptor Unmasks Light Responses and Augments Vision in Retinal Degeneration.

Telias M, Denlinger B, Helft Z, Thornton C, Beckwith-Cohen B, Kramer RH

Neuron.. 2019 May 8102 (3):574-586.e5. Epub 03/12/2019.

Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Dysregulation in Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Telias M

Frontiers in molecular neuroscience.. 2019 12 :51. Epub 03/07/2019.

Patch-Clamp Recordings from Human Embryonic Stem Cells-Derived Fragile X Neurons.

Telias M, Segal M

Methods in molecular biology.. 2019 1942 :131-139. Epub 1900 01 01.

Fragile X Syndrome Pre-Clinical Research: Comparing Mouse- and Human-Based Models.

Telias M

Methods in molecular biology.. 2019 1942 :155-162. Epub 1900 01 01.

Pharmacological Treatments for Fragile X Syndrome Based on Synaptic Dysfunction.

Telias M

Current pharmaceutical design.. 2019 25 (41):4394-4404. Epub 1900 01 01.

How Azobenzene Photoswitches Restore Visual Responses to the Blind Retina.

Tochitsky I, Helft Z, Meseguer V, Fletcher RB, Vessey KA, Telias M, Denlinger B, Malis J, Fletcher EL, Kramer RH

Neuron.. 2016 October 592 (1):100-113. Epub 09/22/2016.

Immature Responses to GABA in Fragile X Neurons Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Telias M, Segal M, Ben-Yosef D

Frontiers in cellular neuroscience.. 2016 10 :121. Epub 05/12/2016.

Functional Deficiencies in Fragile X Neurons Derived from Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Telias M, Kuznitsov-Yanovsky L, Segal M, Ben-Yosef D

The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2015 November 1835 (46):15295-306. Epub 1900 01 01.

Molecular mechanisms regulating impaired neurogenesis of fragile X syndrome human embryonic stem cells.

Telias M, Mayshar Y, Amit A, Ben-Yosef D

Stem cells and development.. 2015 October 1524 (20):2353-65. Epub 1900 01 01.

Human embryonic stem cells carrying an unbalanced translocation demonstrate impaired differentiation into trophoblasts: an in vitro model of human implantation failure.

Shpiz A, Kalma Y, Frumkin T, Telias M, Carmon A, Amit A, Ben-Yosef D

Molecular human reproduction.. 2015 March 21 (3):271-80. Epub 11/11/2014.

Neural stem cell replacement: a possible therapy for neurodevelopmental disorders?

Telias M, Ben-Yosef D

Neural regeneration research.. 2015 February 10 (2):180-2. Epub 1900 01 01.

Modeling neurodevelopmental disorders using human pluripotent stem cells.

Telias M, Ben-Yosef D

Stem cell reviews and reports.. 2014 August 10 (4):494-511. Epub 1900 01 01.

Electrical maturation of neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells.

Telias M, Segal M, Ben-Yosef D

F1000Research.. 2014 3 :196. Epub 08/19/2014.

Neural differentiation of Fragile X human Embryonic Stem Cells reveals abnormal patterns of development despite successful neurogenesis.

Telias M, Segal M, Ben-Yosef D

Developmental biology.. 2013 February 1374 (1):32-45. Epub 12/05/2012.

Lysophospholipids modulate voltage-gated calcium channel currents in pituitary cells; effects of lipid stress.

Ben-Zeev G, Telias M, Nussinovitch I

Cell calcium.. 2010 June 47 (6):514-24. Epub 05/26/2010.

Human embryonic stem cells carrying mutations for severe genetic disorders.

Frumkin T, Malcov M, Telias M, Gold V, Schwartz T, Azem F, Amit A, Yaron Y, Ben-Yosef D

In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Animal.. 2010 April 46 (3-4):327-36. Epub 02/26/2010.


iPSCs for Modeling Central Nervous System Disorders (2021)

Chapter: Human pluripotent stem cells in the research of Fragile X Syndrome

Authors: Telias M.

Publisher: Advances in Stem Cell Biology, Springer-Nature 2021

Fragile X Syndrome: Methods and Protocols (2019)

Chapter: Patch-clamp recordings from human embryonic stem cells-derived Fragile X neurons

Authors: Telias M, Segal M

Publisher: Methods in Molecular Biology [Springer] 2019

Fragile X Syndrome: Methods and Protocols (2019)

Chapter: Human vs mouse in Fragile X syndrome research

Authors: Telias M.

Publisher: Methods in Molecular Biology [Springer] 2019