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Steven J. Schanz, B.S.


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Associate - Department of Neurology, Center for Translational Neuromedicine (SMD)



BS | University of Rochester. Neuroscience. 2007


Journal Articles

Human Glial Progenitor Cells Effectively Remyelinate the Demyelinated Adult Brain.

Windrem MS, Schanz SJ, Zou L, Chandler-Militello D, Kuypers NJ, Nedergaard M, Lu Y, Mariani JN, Goldman SA

Cell reports.. 2020 May 1931 (7):107658. Epub 1900 01 01.

Human iPSC Glial Mouse Chimeras Reveal Glial Contributions to Schizophrenia.

Windrem MS, Osipovitch M, Liu Z, Bates J, Chandler-Militello D, Zou L, Munir J, Schanz S, McCoy K, Miller RH, Wang S, Nedergaard M, Findling RL, Tesar PJ, Goldman SA

Cell stem cell.. 2017 August 321 (2):195-208.e6. Epub 07/20/2017.

Human glial chimeric mice reveal astrocytic dependence of JC virus infection.

Kondo Y, Windrem MS, Zou L, Chandler-Militello D, Schanz SJ, Auvergne RM, Betstadt SJ, Harrington AR, Johnson M, Kazarov A, Gorelik L, Goldman SA

The Journal of clinical investigation.. 2014 December 124 (12):5323-36. Epub 11/17/2014.

A competitive advantage by neonatally engrafted human glial progenitors yields mice whose brains are chimeric for human glia.

Windrem MS, Schanz SJ, Morrow C, Munir J, Chandler-Militello D, Wang S, Goldman SA

The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2014 November 2634 (48):16153-61. Epub 1900 01 01.

Forebrain engraftment by human glial progenitor cells enhances synaptic plasticity and learning in adult mice.

Han X, Chen M, Wang F, Windrem M, Wang S, Shanz S, Xu Q, Oberheim NA, Bekar L, Betstadt S, Silva AJ, Takano T, Goldman SA, Nedergaard M

Cell stem cell.. 2013 March 712 (3):342-53. Epub 1900 01 01.

Human iPSC-derived oligodendrocyte progenitor cells can myelinate and rescue a mouse model of congenital hypomyelination.

Wang S, Bates J, Li X, Schanz S, Chandler-Militello D, Levine C, Maherali N, Studer L, Hochedlinger K, Windrem M, Goldman SA

Cell stem cell.. 2013 February 712 (2):252-64. Epub 1900 01 01.

CD140a identifies a population of highly myelinogenic, migration-competent and efficiently engrafting human oligodendrocyte progenitor cells.

Sim FJ, McClain CR, Schanz SJ, Protack TL, Windrem MS, Goldman SA

Nature biotechnology.. 2011 September 2529 (10):934-41. Epub 09/25/2011.

Neonatal chimerization with human glial progenitor cells can both remyelinate and rescue the otherwise lethally hypomyelinated shiverer mouse.

Windrem MS, Schanz SJ, Guo M, Tian GF, Washco V, Stanwood N, Rasband M, Roy NS, Nedergaard M, Havton LA, Wang S, Goldman SA

Cell stem cell.. 2008 June 52 (6):553-65. Epub 1900 01 01.

Stem cell-based strategies for treating pediatric disorders of myelin.

Goldman SA, Schanz S, Windrem MS

Human molecular genetics.. 2008 April 1517 (R1):R76-83. Epub 1900 01 01.

Progenitor cell-based myelination as a model for cell-based therapy of the central nervous system.

Goldman SA, Lang J, Roy N, Schanz SJ, Sim FS, Wang S, Washco V, Windrem MS

Ernst Schering Research Foundation workshop. 2006 (60):195-213. Epub 1900 01 01.

Topographically modified surfaces affect orientation and growth of hippocampal neurons.

Dowell-Mesfin NM, Abdul-Karim MA, Turner AM, Schanz S, Craighead HG, Roysam B, Turner JN, Shain W

Journal of neural engineering.. 2004 June 1 (2):78-90. Epub 06/14/2004.