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Hongying Sun, Ph.D.

Hongying Sun, Ph.D.


About Me

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Surgery, Cancer Control (SMD)


Post-doctoral Training & Residency

RNA computational scientist at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. 2021 - 2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in Biostatistics & Computational Biology at the University of Rochester Medical Center 2020 - 2021

Postdoc Research Associate, Department of Biostatistics, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 2019 - 2020


PhD | University of Rochester. Computational Biology. 2019

MS | Chinese Academy of Sciences. Genomics and Epigenetics. 2013

BS | Shandong University. Biology. 2010


Journal Articles

Nearest neighbor rules for RNA helix folding thermodynamics: improved end effects.

Zuber J, Schroeder SJ, Sun H, Turner DH, Mathews DH

Nucleic acids research.. 2022 May 7 Epub 05/07/2022.

Determining Parameters for Non-Linear Models of Multi-Loop Free Energy Change.

Ward M, Sun H, Datta A, Wise M, Mathews DH

Bioinformatics.. 2019 March 28 Epub 03/28/2019.

Identification of new high affinity targets for Roquin based on structural conservation.

Braun J, Fischer S, Xu ZZ, Sun H, Ghoneim DH, Gimbel AT, Plessmann U, Urlaub H, Mathews DH, Weigand JE

Nucleic acids research.. 2018 December 1446 (22):12109-12125. Epub 1900 01 01.

Surprising Sequence Effects on GU Closure of Symmetric 2 × 2 Nucleotide RNA Internal Loops.

Berger KD, Kennedy SD, Schroeder SJ, Znosko BM, Sun H, Mathews DH, Turner DH

Biochemistry.. 2018 April 1057 (14):2121-2131. Epub 03/23/2018.

A sensitivity analysis of RNA folding nearest neighbor parameters identifies a subset of free energy parameters with the greatest impact on RNA secondary structure prediction.

Zuber J, Sun H, Zhang X, McFadyen I, Mathews DH

Nucleic acids research.. 2017 June 245 (10):6168-6176. Epub 1900 01 01.

MiR-218 Inhibits Erythroid Differentiation and Alters Iron Metabolism by Targeting ALAS2 in K562 Cells.

Li Y, Liu S, Sun H, Yang Y, Qi H, Ding N, Zheng J, Dong X, Qu H, Zhang Z, Fang X

International journal of molecular sciences.. 2015 November 2616 (12):28156-68. Epub 11/26/2015.