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Seong-Hwan Jun, Ph.D.


Call Center (585) 276-3000

About Me

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology (SMD)


Journal Articles

Scuphr: A probabilistic framework for cell lineage tree reconstruction.

Koptagel H, Jun SH, Hård J, Lagergren J

PLoS computational biology.. 2024 May 920 (5):e1012094. Epub 05/09/2024.

Distinct immune responses associated with vaccination status and protection outcomes after malaria challenge.

Oyong DA, Duffy FJ, Neal ML, Du Y, Carnes J, Schwedhelm KV, Hertoghs N, Jun SH, Miller H, Aitchison JD, De Rosa SC, Newell EW, McElrath MJ, McDermott SM, Stuart KD

PLoS pathogens.. 2023 May 1719 (5):e1011051. Epub 05/17/2023.

Reconstructing clonal tree for phylo-phenotypic characterization of cancer using single-cell transcriptomics.

Jun SH, Toosi H, Mold J, Engblom C, Chen X, O'Flanagan C, Hagemann-Jensen M, Sandberg R, Aparicio S, Hartman J, Roth A, Lagergren J

Nature communications.. 2023 February 2214 (1):982. Epub 02/22/2023.

Infer- ring tumor progression in large datasets.

Mohaghegh Neyshabouri, M; Jun, S-H; Lagergren, J.

PLoS Computational Biology. 2020; 16(10): e1008183.