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Feng Li Fiona Li, Ph.D.

Feng Li Fiona Li, Ph.D.


About Me

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Radiation Oncology (SMD)



Radiation Therapy Residency | Columbia University. Medical Physics. 2023

PhD | Canada-U Western Ontario, London. Biomedical Physics. 2020

MSc | Canada-U Western Ontario, London. Medical Physics. 2018


Journal Articles

Impact of Adapted Radiotherapy Schedules on Bowel Sparing in Node-Positive Cervical Cancer.

Garrett MD, Li F, Lemus OD, Lavrova E, Savacool M, Price MJ, Kachnic LA, Horowitz DP, Chin C

Practical radiation oncology.. 2023 13 (2):e184-e191. Epub 12/17/2022.

Dosimetric assessment of patient dose calculation on a deep learning-based synthesized computed tomography image for adaptive radiotherapy.

Lemus OMD, Wang YF, Li F, Jambawalikar S, Horowitz DP, Xu Y, Wuu CS

Journal of applied clinical medical physics. 2022 July 23 (7):e13595. Epub 03/25/2022.

Noise-Based Image Harmonization Significantly Increases Repeatability and Reproducibility of Radiomics Features in PET Images: A Phantom Study.

Keller H, Shek T, Driscoll B, Xu Y, Nghiem B, Nehmeh S, Grkovski M, Schmidtlein CR, Budzevich M, Balagurunathan Y, Sunderland JJ, Beichel RR, Uribe C, Lee TY, Li F, Jaffray DA, Yeung I

Tomography : a journal for imaging research.. 2022 April 138 (2):1113-1128. Epub 04/13/2022.

Exploring the Link Between Hepatic Perfusion and Endotoxemia in Hemodialysis.

Marants R, Qirjazi E, Lai KB, Szeto CC, Li PKT, Li F, Lee TY, McIntyre CW

Kidney international reports.. 2021 May 6 (5):1336-1345. Epub 02/09/2021.

Publication Link

Kinetic analysis of dominant intraprostatic

Plasma radio-metabolite analysis of PET tracers for dynamic PET imaging: TLC and autoradiography.

Li F, Hicks JW, Yu L, Desjardin L, Morrison L, Hadway J, Lee TY

EJNMMI research.. 2020 November 2310 (1):141. Epub 11/23/2020.

The development of a near infrared inulin optical probe for measuring glomerular filtration rate.

Hauser-Kawaguchi A, Milne M, Li F, Lee TY, Luyt LG

International journal of biological macromolecules.. 2019 February 15123 :255-260. Epub 11/10/2018.

Evaluation of 6-([18F] fluoroacetamido)-1-hexanoic-anilide (18F-FAHA) as imaging probe in tumor xenograft mice model

Fiona Li; Sung Ju Cho; Lihai Yu; Robert H. E. Hudson; Leonard G. Luyt; Christopher L. Pin; Michael S. Kovacs; James Koropatnick; Ting-Yim Lee.

Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE. 2016; 9788: 978814-978814-8.

PET scanning of ocular melanomas after proton therapy

C. Hoehr; M. Trinczek; F. Li; K. Dinelle; S. Blinder; E. Blackmore; W. Kwa; R. Lee; V. Sossi; T. Ruth; P. Schaffer; K. Paton.

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference. 2012; .


Computed Tomography (2020)

Chapter: CT Perfusion techniques and applications in stroke and cancer.

Authors: Ting-Yim Lee; Dae-Myoung Yang; Fiona Li; Raanan Marants.

Publisher: Springer 2020