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Douglas P. Rosenzweig, Ph.D.

Douglas P. Rosenzweig, Ph.D.



About Me

Faculty Appointments

Associate Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology (Part-Time) - Department of Radiation Oncology (SMD)


Residency & Fellowship


Obtained Radiation Oncology medical physics clinical training in parallel with main research assignment. Clinical experiences included participating in stereotactic radiosurgery procedures and QA, conventional radiation therapy treatment planning and procedures, periodic Linac checks and calibrations, and acceptance testing of 2-D and beta testing of 3-D treatment planning systems.
The research project involved development of a miniature computer-controlled conformal collimator apparatus for treatment of intracranial lesions. Responsibility for all aspects of the device development including; hardware design, generation of control software, physical implementation, and dosimetry.

-- Additional activities included:

Consultations with experimental radiobiologists;

Examination of the realistic effective volume of killed cells in radiosurgery procedures;

Investigation of the utility of an in-house film scanner for purposes of radiosurgery beam QA and general dosimetry tasks;

Studies of the correlation of CT and MR images as encountered in stereotactic radiosurgery. 1993 - 1995


Doctor of Philosophy | University of Washington. 1993

Master of Science | University of Washington. 1986

Bachelor of Science | University of Wisconsin. 1984


Journal Articles

Spinal drop metastasis in myxopapillary ependymoma: a case report and a review of treatment options.

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Toward a statistically relevant calibration end point for prostate seed implants.

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Characterization of the dose perturbation by stents as a function of X-ray beam energy.

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Quality assurance in linac-based stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy.

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Inclusive positive pion photoproduction.

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Multinucleon effects in muon capture on 3He at high energy transfer.

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Comparison of inclusive inelastic scattering of pi + and pi - from nuclei at 100 MeV.

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Use of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors is Associated with Reduced Risk of Late Bladder Toxicity Following Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Sarah Kerns; Ashley Amidon Morlang; Sharon M. Lee; Derick R. Peterson; Brian Marples; Hong Zhang; Kevin Bylund; Doug Rosenzweig; William Hall; Kim De Ruyck; Barry S. Rosenstein; Richard G. Stock; Antonio Gómez-Caamaño; Ana Vega; Paloma Sosa-Fajardo; Begoña Taboada-Valladares; Miguel E. Aguado-Barrera; Chris Parker; Liv Veldeman; Valérie Fonteyne; Renée Bultijnck; Christopher J. Talbot; R. Paul Symonds; Kerstie Johnson; Tim Rattay; Adam Webb; Maarten Lambr.

Radiotherapy and Oncology. .