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Thompson Fe, Midthune D, Williams GC, Yaroch AL, Hurley TG, Resnicow K, Hebert JR, Toobert DJ, Greene GW, et al. "Evaluation of a short dietary assessment instrument for percentage energy from fat in an intervention study". J Nutrition. 2008; 138(1): 193S-199S.

Williams GC, Hurley TG Thompson FE, Midthune D, Yaroch AL, Resnicow K, Toobert DJ, Greene GW, Peterson KE, et al. "Performance of a short percentage energy from fat tool in measuring change in dietary intervention studies". J Nutrition. 2008; 138(1): 212S-217S.

Greene GW, Resnicow K, Thompson FE, Peterson KE, Hurley TG, Hebert JR, Toobert DJ, Williams GC, Elliot DL, Goldman Sher T, Domas A, Midthune D, Stacewicz-Sapuntzakis M, Yaroch AL, Nebeling L. "Correspondence of the NCI Fruit and Vegetable Screener to repeat 24-H recalls and serum carotenoids in behavioral intervention trials." The Journal of nutrition.. 2008 Jan 0; 138(1):200S-204S.

Davis RE, Resnicow K, Atienza AA, Peterson KE, Domas A, Hunt A, Hurley TG, Yaroch AL, Greene GW, Goldman Sher T, Williams GC, Hebert JR, Nebeling L, Thompson FE, Toobert DJ, Elliot DL, DeFrancesco C, Costello RB. "Use of signal detection methodology to identify subgroups of dietary supplement use in diverse populations." The Journal of nutrition.. 2008 Jan 0; 138(1):205S-211S.

Peterson KE, Hebert JR, Hurley TG, Resnicow K, Thompson FE, Greene GW, Shaikh AR, Yaroch AL, Williams GC, Salkeld J, Toobert DJ, Domas A, Elliot DL, Hardin J, Nebeling L. "Accuracy and precision of two short screeners to assess change in fruit and vegetable consumption among diverse populations participating in health promotion intervention trials." The Journal of nutrition.. 2008 Jan 0; 138(1):218S-225S.

Britton PC, Williams GC, Conner KR. "Self-determination theory, motivational interviewing, and the treatment of clients with acute suicidal ideation." Journal of clinical psychology.. 2008 Jan 0; 64(1):52-66.

Yaroch AL, Nebeling L, Thompson FE, Hurley TG, Hebert JR, Toobert DJ, Resnicow K, Greene GW, Williams GC, Elliot DL, Goldman Sher T, Stacewicz-Sapuntzakis M, Salkeld J, rossi S, domas A, Mcgregor H, Defrancesco C, Mccarty F, Costello RB, Peterson KE. "Baseline design elements and sample characteristics for seven sites participating in the Nutrition Working Group of the Behavioral Change Consortium". J Nutrition. 2008; 138(1): 185S-192S.

Hebert JR, Hurley TG, Peterson KE, Resnicow K, Thompson FE, Yaroch AL, Ehlers M, Midthune D, Williams GC, Greene GW, Nebeling L. "Social desirability trait influences on self-reported dietary measures among diverse participants in a multicenter multiple risk factor trial". J Nutrition. 2008; 138(1): 226S-234S.

Carroll JK; Fiscella K; Meldrum SC; Williams GC; Jean-Pierre P; Morrow GM; Epstein RM. "Clinician-patient communication about physical activity in an underserved population". Journal of American Board of Family Medicine. 2008; 21(2): 118-27.

Patrick, H., Williams, G.C. "Self-Determination in Medical Education: Encouraging Medical Educators and Physicians to be more like Blues Artists and Poets." Unpublished manuscript University of Rochester. 2008; .

Williams GC, Lynch M, Glasgow RE. "Computer-assisted intervention improves patient-centered diabetes care by increasing autonomy support." Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association.. 2007 Nov 0; 26(6):728-734.

Levesque CS, Williams GC, Elliot D, Pickering MA, Bodenhamer B, Finley PJ. "Validating the theoretical structure of the Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire (TSRQ) across three different health behaviors." Health education research.. 2007 Oct 0; 22(5):691-702. Epub 2006 Nov 30.

Greene GW, Nebeling LC, Greaney ML, Lindsay AC, Hardwick CK, Toobert DJ, Resnicow K, Williams GC, Elliot DL, Goldman Sher T, McGregor HA, Domas A, DeFrancesco CA, Peterson KE. "A qualitative study of a nutrition working group." Health promotion practice.. 2007 Jul 0; 8(3):299-306. Epub 2007 May 23.

Masse LC, Allen D, Wilson M, Williams GC. "Introducing equating methodologies to compare test scores from two different self-regulation scales". Health Education Research. 2007; 21(Supp 1): i110-i120.

Mustian KM, Morrow GR, Carroll JK, Figueroa-Moseley CD, Jean-Pierre P, Williams GC. "Integrative nonpharmacologic behavioral interventions for the management of cancer-related fatigue." The oncologist.. 2007 12 Suppl 1:52-67.

Lamberti JS, Olson D, Crilly JF, Olivares T, Williams GC, Tu X, Tang W, Wiener K, Dvorin S, Dietz MB. "Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome among patients receiving clozapine." The American journal of psychiatry.. 2006 Jul 0; 163(7):1273-6.

Williams GC, McGregor HA, Sharp D, Levesque C, Kouides RW, Ryan RM, Deci EL. "Testing a self-determination theory intervention for motivating tobacco cessation: supporting autonomy and competence in a clinical trial." Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association.. 2006 Jan 0; 25(1):91-101.

Williams, G.C.; Lynch, M.; McGregor, H.; Ryan, R.M.; Sharp, D.S.; Deci, E.L. "Validation of the Important Other Climate Questionnaire". Families, Systems & Health. 2006; 24(2): 179-194.

Williams, G.C.; McGregor, H.A.; Sharp, D.S.; Kouides, R.; Levesque, C.S.; Ryan, R.M.; Deci, E.L. "A Self-determination Multiple Risk Intervention Trial to Improve Smokers Health". Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2006; 21(12): 1288-94.

Katz DA, Williams GC, Brown RL, Aufderheide TP, Bogner M, Rahko PS, Selker HP. "Emergency physicians' fear of malpractice in evaluating patients with possible acute cardiac ischemia." Annals of emergency medicine.. 2005 Dec 0; 46(6):525-33. Epub 2005 Jul 14.

Williams GC, McGregor H, Borrelli B, Jordan PJ, Strecher VJ. "Measuring tobacco dependence treatment outcomes: a perspective from the behavior change consortium." Annals of behavioral medicine : a publication of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.. 2005 Apr 0; 29 Suppl:11-9.

Nigg C, Hellsten L, Norman G, Braun L, Breger R, Burbank P, Coday M, Elliot D, Garber C, Greaney M, Keteyian S, Lees F, Matthews C, Moe E, Resnick B, Riebe D, Rossi J, Toobert D, Wang T, Welk G, Williams G. "Physical activity staging distribution: establishing a heuristic using multiple studies." Annals of behavioral medicine : a publication of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.. 2005 Apr 0; 29 Suppl:35-45.

Williams, GC; McGregor, HA; Zeldman, A; Freedman, ZR; Elder, D; and Deci, EL. "Promoting glycemic control through diabetes self-management: Evaluating a patient activation intervention". Patient Education & Counseling. 2005; 56(1): 28-34.

Williams, GC; McGregor, HA; King, D; Nelson, CC; and Glasgow, RE. "Variation in perceived competence, glycemic control, and patient satisfaction: Relationship to autonomy support from physicians". Patient Education & Counseling. 2005; 57(1): 39-45.

Williams, GC; Markakis, KM; Ossip-Klein, D; McIntosh, S; Tripler, S; Grady-Weliky, T. "Evidence-based behavior change curriculum for the Ambulatory Clerkship: The Double Helix". Health Education. 2005; 105(2): 145-153.

Williams, GC. "Its time practitioners help families clear the air of second hand smoke". Families, Systems & Health. 2005; 23(1): 25-29.

Williams, GC; Williams, SA; Korn, RJ. "Second hand smoke (SHS) deserves more than second hand attention: Modifying the 5 As to reduce exposure". Families, Systems & Health. 2005; 23(3): 266-277.

Mushlin AI, Kern LM, Paris M, Lambert DR, Williams G. "The value of diagnostic information to patients with chest pain suggestive of coronary artery disease." Medical decision making : an international journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making.. 2005 25(2):149-57.

Williams GC, McGregor HA, Zeldman A, Freedman ZR, Deci EL. "Testing a self-determination theory process model for promoting glycemic control through diabetes self-management." Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association.. 2004 Jan 0; 23(1):58-66.

Williams, GC; and Quill, TE. "Physician autonomy, paternalism, and professionalism: Finding our voice amid conflicting duties" . Virtual Mentor. 2004; .

Williams GC, Levesque C, Zeldman A, Wright S, Deci EL. "Health care practitioners' motivation for tobacco-dependence counseling." Health education research.. 2003 Oct 0; 18(5):538-53.

Minicucci DS, Schmitt MH, Dombeck MT, Williams GC. "Actualizing Gadow's moral framework for nursing through research." Nursing philosophy : an international journal for healthcare professionals. 2003 Jul 0; 4(2):92-103.

Sheldon, KM; Joiner, T; Pettit, J; and Williams, G. "Reconciling humanistic ideals and scientific clinical practice". Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice. 2003; : 302-315.

Sheldon, KM; Joiner, T; Pettit, J; and Williams, G. "The integration of self-determination principles and scientifically-informed treatments is the next tier". Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice. 2003; : 318-319.

Williams, GC. "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later" . Virtual Mentor. 2003; .

Williams GC. "Response to Connelly. First at the Gates of Fire: can there be any survivors?" Health education research.. 2002 Dec 0; 17(6):700-3; author reply 704-5.

Williams GC, Minicucci DS, Kouides RW, Levesque CS, Chirkov VI, Ryan RM, Deci EL. "Self-determination, smoking, diet and health." Health education research.. 2002 Oct 0; 17(5):512-21.

Williams GC, Zeldman A. "Patient-centered diabetes self-management education." Current diabetes reports. 2002 Apr 0; 2(2):145-52.

Williams GC, Gagné M, Ryan RM, Deci EL. "Facilitating autonomous motivation for smoking cessation." Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association.. 2002 Jan 0; 21(1):40-50.

Williams GC, Deci EL. "Activating patients for smoking cessation through physician autonomy support." Medical care.. 2001 Aug 0; 39(8):813-23.

Franks P, Williams GC, Zwanziger J, Mooney C, Sorbero M. "Why do physicians vary so widely in their referral rates?" Journal of general internal medicine.. 2000 Mar 0; 15(3):163-8.

Fiscella K, Franks P, Zwanziger J, Mooney C, Sorbero M, Williams GC. "Risk aversion and costs: a comparison of family physicians and general internists." The Journal of family practice.. 2000 Jan 0; 49(1):12-7.

Williams, GC; Frankel, RM; Campbell, TL; and Deci, EL. "Research on relationship-centered care and health-care outcomes from the Rochester Biopsychosocial Program: A self-determination theory integration". Families, Systems & Health. 2000; : 79-90.

Williams, GC; Cox, EM; Hedberg, VA,; and Deci, EL. "Extrinsic life goals and health risk behaviors in adolescents". Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 2000; : 1756-1771.

Williams GC, Cox EM, Kouides R, Deci EL. "Presenting the facts about smoking to adolescents: effects of an autonomy-supportive style." Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine.. 1999 Sep 0; 153(9):959-64.

Williams GC, Saizow RB, Ryan RM. "The importance of self-determination theory for medical education." Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.. 1999 Sep 0; 74(9):992-5.

Williams GC, Freedman ZR, Deci EL. "Supporting autonomy to motivate patients with diabetes for glucose control." Diabetes care.. 1998 Oct 0; 21(10):1644-51.

Williams GC, Deci EL. "The importance of supporting autonomy in medical education." Annals of internal medicine.. 1998 Aug 15; 129(4):303-8.

Williams, GC; Rodin, GC; Ryan, RM; Grolnick, WS; and Deci, EL. "Autonomous regulation and adherence to long-term medical regimens in adult outpatients". Health Paychology. 1998; 17(3): 269-276.

Williams, GC; Saizow, RD; Ross, L; Deci, EL. "Motivation underlying career choice for internal medicine and surgery". Social Science & Medicine. 1997; 45(11): 1705-1713.

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Fortier, M.S.; Sweet, S.; OSullivan, T.L.; Williams, G.C. "A Self-Determination Process Model of Physical Activity Adoption in the Cotnext of a Randomized Controlled Trial Psychology of Sport & Exercise". Psychology of Sport & Exercise. .

Carroll, J.; Fiscella, K.; Epstein, R.; Jean-Pierre, P.,; Figueroa-Moseley, C.; Williams, G. ; Mustian, K.; Morrow, G.R. "Physical activity interventions targeting underserved populations: A systematic review". Journal of Family Practice. .

Figueroa-Moseley, C.; Abramson, J.M.; Williams, G. "College women: History of Childhood abuse and its relationship to smoking". Violence Against Women. .

Ryan RM; Patrick H; Deci EL; Williams GC. "Facilitating Health Behavior Change and its Maintenance: Interventions Based on Self-Determination Theory". EJHP. .

Books & Chapters

Book Title: Self-Determination Theory Process Models for Health Behavior Change: Application
Author List: Fortier MS, Williams GC, Sweet SN, Patrick H
Published By: Under Review2008

Book Title: Self-Determination Theory in the Clinic: Motivating Physical and Mental Health
Author List: Sheldon, K; Williams, G; and Joiner, T
Published By: Yale University Press2003 in New Haven, CT

Book Title: The Biopsychosocial Approach: Past, Present, Future
Author List: Williams, GC
Edited By: RM Frankel; TE Quill; and SH McDaniel
Published By: University of Rochester Press2003 in Rochester, NY

Book Title: The Science of the Art of Medicine: Research on the Biopsychosocial Model of Hea
Author List: Williams, GC; Frankel, RM; Campbell, TL; and Deci, EL
Published By: unknown2003

Book Title: Clinical Practice and the Biopsychosocial Approach
Author List: Epstein, RM; Morse, DS; Williams, GC; LeRoux, P; Suchman, AL; and Quill, TE
Published By: unknown2003

Chapter Title: Improving patients health through supporting the autonomy of patients and providers
Book Title: Handbook of Self-Determination Research
Author List: Williams, GC
Edited By: EL Deci and RM Ryan
Published By: University of Rochester Press2002 in Rochester, New York

Chapter Title: Patients with alcohol problems in primary care: Understanding their resistance and motivating change
Book Title: Primary Care
Author List: Botelho, RJ; Skinner, HAS; Williams, GC; Wilson, D
Edited By: Stuart and Lieberman
Published By: WB Saunders1999 in New York, NY

Chapter Title: Building Healthcare Partnerships by Supporting Autonomy: Promoting Maintained Behavior Change and Positive Healthcare Outcomes
Book Title: Partnerships in Healthcare: Transforming Relational Process
Author List: Williams, GC; Deci, EL; Ryan, RM
Edited By: AL Suchman; RJ Botelho; and P Hinton-Walker
Published By: University of Rochester Press1998 in Rochester, New York

Book Title: Standards document on medical interviewing and psychosocial medicine
Author List: Levinson, W; Kaplan, C; Williams, GC; Clark, W; Lipkin, M Jr; and Williamson, P
Published By: American Academy on Physician and Patient1992 in Rochester, New York