Carl J. Johnston, Ph.D.

Carl J. Johnston, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 850
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 275-5948

Research Bio

Dr. Carl Johnston's work seeks to understand how the postnatal lung copes with external stress. A critical biological factor that plays a role in childhood pulmonary susceptibility is that a significant portion of lung development takes place postnatally. One of the environmental factors relevant to developmental lung disease is the recent increase in complexity and distribution, if not the levels, of airborne pollutants, including allergens and endotoxins, respirable particulate matter and irritant gases, exposure to which damages various cell types. Among the most important of these are the respiratory epithelium and critical immune effector cell populations.

Furthermore; combined exposures to multiple pollutants may activate several unique signaling pathways which are age dependent and depending on the sequence of initiation may result in responses not predicted by evaluating exposures to an individual pollutant. His work depends heavily on mRNA analysis, microarray technology, immuno-histochemistry and in situ hybridization. This work is supported by participation in several NIH grants.

Recent Journal Articles

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Manning CM, Johnston CJ, Hernady E, Miller JH, Reed CK, Lawrence BP, Williams JP, Finkelstein JN. "Exacerbation of lung radiation injury by viral infection: The role of Clara cells and Clara cell secretory protein". Radiation Research. 2013; Accepted.
2011 Aug
Johnston CJ, Manning C, Hernady E, Reed C, Thurston SW, Finkelstein JN, Williams JP. "Effect of Low Total Body Irradiation on Late Lung Effects: Hidden Danger". Int J Radiat Biol. 2011; 82(8): 902-13.

Current Appointments

Research Associate Professor - Department of Pediatrics, Neonatology (SMD) - Primary


PhD | Pharmacology and Toxicology | SUNY at Buffalo2006
MS | Toxicology | University of Rochester1993
BA | Biology | Buffalo State College1987