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Gary J. Myers, M.D.

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Appointment: (585) 275-2808

Fax: (585) 275-3683

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Patient Care Settings

Neurology, Pediatrics


Dr. Myers graduated from Medical School at the University of Kansas in1963 and subsequently trained in Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology at the Boston Children's Hospital. He is board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology and Neonatology. He is currently a professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, and Environmental Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York where he teaches and has an active child neurology practice.

Professional Background

Dr. Myers graduated from the U of Kansas with a BA in Biology in 1957 and from the U of Kansas School of Medicine in 1963. He completed his Pediatric residency at the Children's Hospital Medical Center in Boston. Following military service at Fort Bragg, NC, he returned to Children's or a residency in Child Neurology. He started his academic career at the U of R in 1971 and in 1978 moved to the U of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where he rose to a tenured Professorship. At UAB he practiced Pediatric Neurology, attended in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and served as director of the UAB Sparks Center training professionals in the care of children with disabilities. In 1990 he returned to the U of R as a Professor in Neurology, Pediatrics, and Environmental Medicine. In addition to practicing and teaching Child Neurology throughout his career, he has been active in research on the relationship of environmental toxicants to children's development. He has worked with the Seychelles Child Development Study for over 30 years studying the relationship of fish consumption with its nutritional benefits and exposure to methylmercury to children's development.


Dr. Myers primary research interest is environmental toxins, specifically mercury. He started studying methyl mercury exposure following the 1971-2 epidemic in Iraq and has worked with the Rochester mercury research group since then. In 1986 the Rochester mercury research group began a prospective longitudinal study of mercury exposure from fish consumption in the Seychelles Islands called the Seychelles Child Development Study (SCDS). Seychellois consume fish with 10-12 meals each week and the fish mercury content there is similar to that of oceanic fish sold in the US. This prospective, longitudinal, observational epidemiological study has been ongoing for over 25 years. Dr. Myers is also the follow up site PI for the Neonatal Research Network studying the outcomes of extremely premature infants.



MD | University of Kansas Medical Center

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

09/01/1964 - 06/30/1971
Residency in Neurology at Boston Children's Hospital

09/01/1963 - 06/30/1964
Internship in Pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital


Journal Articles

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Books & Chapters

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Dr. Gary Myers: The Importance of Eating Fish