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Donald K. Harrington, M.B.A.

Contact Information

University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 630
Rochester, NY 14642

Professional Bio

The John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
M.S. Applied Statistics - 2010

Simon Graduate School of Business
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
M.B.A. - 2001

State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
M.S. Civil Engineering - 1993

State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
B.S. Cum Laude, Electrical & Computer Engineering - 1990

Research Bio

Harrington, D.K; Van Benschoten, J.E; Jenson, J.N; Lewis, D.P; Neuhauser, E.F. Combined Use of Heat and Oxidants for Controlling Adult Zebra Mussels. Water Research, November 1997

Van Benschoten, J.E; Jenson, J.N; Harrington, D; & DeGirolamo, D.J. Zebra Mussel Mortality with Chlorine. Journal American Water Works Association, May 1995

Recent Journal Articles

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Strain, J.J.; Yeates, A.; van Wijngaarden, E.; Thurston, S.W.; Mulhern, M.S.; McSorley, E.M.; Watson, G.E,; Love, T.M.; Smith, T.H.; Yost, K.; Harrington, D.; Shamlaye, C.F.; Henderson, J.; Myers, G.J.; Davidson, P.W. "Prenatal Exposure to Methyl Mercury from Fish Consumption and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Associations with Child Development at 20 mo of age in an Observational Study in the Republic of Seychelles". The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition/The American Society for Nutrition. 2015; 101(3): 530-537. Link
Orlando, M.S.; Dziorny, A.C.; Harrington, D.; Love, T.; Shamlaye, C.F.; Watson, G.E.; van Wijngaarden, E.; Davidson, P.W.; Myers, G.J. "Associations between prenatal and recent postnatal methylmercury exposure and auditory function at age 19 years in the Seychelles Child Development Study." Neurotoxicology and Teratology. 2014; 46: 68-76. Link
van Wijngaarden, E.; Harrington, D.; Kobrosly, R.; Thurston, S.W.; O'Hara, T.; McSorley, E.M.; Myers, G.J.; Watson, G.E.; Shamlaye, C.F.; Strain, J.J.; Davidson, P.W. "Prenatal Exposure to Methylmercury and LCPUFA in Relation to Birth Weight". Annals of Epidemiology. 2014; 24(4): 273-278. Link
Watson, G.E.; van Wijngaarden.; Love, T,M.; McSorley, E.M.; Bonham, M.P.; Mulhern, M.S.; Yeates, A.J.; Davidson, P.W.; Shamlaye, C.F.; Strain, J.J.; Thurston, S.W.; Harrington. D.K.; Zareba, G.; Wallace, J.M.; Myers, G.J. "Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 5 years in Children Exposed Prenatally to Maternal Dental Amalgam: The Seychelles Child Development Nutrition Study". Neurotoxicology and Teratology. 2013; 39: 57-62. Link
Strain, J.J.; Davidson, P.W.; Thurston, S.W.; Harrington, D.; Mulhern, M.S.; McAfee, A.J.; van Wijngaarden, E.; Shamlaye, C.F.; Henderson, J.; Watson, G.E.; Zareba, G.; Cory-Sclechta, D.A.; Lynch, M.; Wallace, J.M.W.; McSorley, E.M.; Bonham, M.P.; Stokes-Riner, A.; Sloane-Reeves, J.; Janciuras, J.; Wong, R.; Clarkson, T.W.; Myers, G.J. "Maternal PUFA Status but Not Prenatal Methylmercury Exposure is Associated with Children's Language Functions at Age Five Years in the Seychelles". The Journal of Nutrition. 2012; 142(11): 1943-1949. Link

Current Appointments

Assistant (Part-Time) - Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology (SMD) - Primary


M.S. | Applied Statistics | Rochester Institute of Technology2010
MBA | Business Or Commerce | University of Rochester2001
MSc | Civil Engineering | St Univ at Buffalo1993
BS | Electrical Engineering | St Univ at Buffalo1990