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Marjorie Shaw, J.D., Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Sims, Max; Shaw, Margie Hodges; Gilbertson, Seth; Storch, Joseph; and Halterman, Marc W. "Legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of crowdsourcing among healthcare providers" . Health Informatics Journal. 2018; .

Baker, Clayton J; Shaw, Margie Hodges; Mooney, Christopher; Daiss, Susan Dodge-Peters; Clark, Stephanie Brown. "The Medical Humanities Effect: A Pilot Study of Pre-Health Professions Students at the University of Rochester" . Journal of Medical Humanities. 2017; .

Shaw, M.H.; D'Angio, C.T.; and Dadiz, R. "Personal, Professional, and Practice: A Framework for Ethics Education" . NeoReviews. 2016; 17(2).

Chiafery, M.; Shaw M. H. "Commentaries on Good Reasons?" . Annals of Behavioral Science and Medical Education. 2013; 19(2): 28-33.

Chiafery, Marianne C.; Hopkins, Patrick; Norton, Sally A.; and Shaw, Margie Hodges. "Nursing Ethics Huddles to Decrease Distress Among Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit" . The Journal of Clinical Ethics. 29(3).

Nakazawa, Eisuke; Maeda, Shoichi; Yamamoto, Keiichiro; Akabayashi, Aru; Uetake, Yuzaburo; Shaw Margie H.; Demme Richard A., and Akabayashi, Akira. "Reuse of cardiac organs in transplantation: an ethical analysis" . BCM Medical Ethics. 19(77).

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Brain Death
Book Title: Adult Critical Care Medicine: A Casebook
Author List: Shaw, Margie Hodges and David Kaufman C.
Edited By: Jennifer A. LaRosa
Published By: Springer Nature Switzerland2019

Chapter Title: Ethical Issues in Older Adults
Book Title: Guidelines for Geriatric Rehabilitation: From Bedside to Curbside
Author List: Demme, R., Sussman, B.L., and Shaw, M.H.
Edited By: K. R. Poduri
Published By: CRC Press2017 in Rica Raton, Florida

Chapter Title: Moral, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Patient Care
Book Title: The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care
Author List: Shaw, M.H
Edited By: OJ Sahler, John E. Carr, Julia B. Frank and Joao Nunes
Published By: Hogrefe Publishing2017 in Ashland, Ohio