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Stephanie Clark, M.D., Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Baker, C; Hodges Shaw, M; Mooney, C; Dodge-Peters Daiss, S; Brown Clark, S. "The Medical Humanities Effect: A Pilot Study of Pre-Health Professions Students at the University of Rochester". Journal of Medical Humanities: Special Issues on Pre-Health Humanities. 2017; .

Baker, C; Berry, S; Brown Clark, S. "Listen to my Tale: Frankenstein and Physician-Patient Disagreements". Engaging Hearts and Minds: The Use of Literature to Teach Professionalism. 2017; Literature and Medicine Series.

Kodjo, C; Lee, B; Morgan, A; Castle, K; Brown Clark, S; Nofziger, A; Pedraza Burgos, G; Makino, K; Blumoff-Greenberg, K; Armah, T; Chesser, A. "A Twist on Cultural Sensitivity" . MedEd PORTAL Publications. 2014; .

Brown Clark, Stephanie; Baker, Clayton. "Reading (and Writing) the Patient: A Narrative Approach to Teaching History-Taking Skills". The Clinical Teacher. 2008; 5: 154-58.

Brown Clark, Stephanie. "Publishing Humanities in Biomedical Journals: What Editors Really Want" , February 2007". American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Newsletter. 2007; .

Brown Clark, Stephanie. "Jean-Dominique Bauby's "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly". Editors' Choices from The Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database, New York University Press. 2004; .

Brown Clark, Stephanie. "Behaviour, Biology and William Blake". Canadian Medical Association Journal (Humane Medicine). 1993; .

Books & Chapters

Book Title: John Romano and George Engel: Their Lives and Work
Author List: Stephanie Brown Clark, Jules Cohen
Published By: University of Rochester Press2010

Chapter Title: "Writing the Medical Training Experience in 1978 and 2006: Body Language in the House of God "
Book Title: Return to the House of God: Medical Resident Education...
Author List: Stephanie Brown Clark, Neeta Jain and Dagan Coppock
Edited By: Martin Kohn and Carol Donley
Published By: Kent State University Press2008

Book Title: Body Language: Poems of the Medical Training Experience
Author List: Neeta Jain, Dagan Coppock and Stephanie Brown Clark
Published By: BOA Editions Ltd.2006

Chapter Title: "Frankenflicks: medicine and monstrosity in fiction film."
Book Title: Cultural Sutures: Medicine and Media
Author List: Stephanie Brown Clark
Edited By: Les Friedman
Published By: Duke University Press2004

Book Title: Paul Yu Remembered: the Life and Work of a Distinguished Cardiologist
Author List: Jules Cohen and Stephanie Brown Clark
Published By: University of Rochester Press2003