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Thomas McInerny, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Chaudron LH, Szilagyi PG, Campbell AT, Mounts KO, McInerny TK. "Legal and ethical considerations: risks and benefits of postpartum depression screening at well-child visits." Pediatrics.. 2007 Jan 0; 119(1):123-8.

McManus MA, Berman S, McInerny T, Tang SF. "Weighing the risks of consumer-driven health plans for families." Pediatrics.. 2006 Apr 0; 117(4):1420-4.

. "Model contractual language for medical necessity for children." Pediatrics.. 2005 Jul 0; 116(1):261-2.

McInerny TK, Cull WL, Yudkowsky BK. "Physician reimbursement levels and adherence to American Academy of Pediatrics well-visit and immunization recommendations." Pediatrics.. 2005 Apr 0; 115(4):833-8.

Humiston SG, Szilagyi PG, Iwane MK, Schaffer SJ, Santoli J, Shone L, Barth R, McInerny T, Schwartz B. "The feasibility of universal influenza vaccination for infants and toddlers." Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine.. 2004 Sep 0; 158(9):867-74.

Stein MT, Marx NR, Beard J, Lerner M, Levin B, Glascoe FP, Zweiback M, Schechtman M, McInerny TK. "ADHD: the diagnostic process from different perspectives." Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP.. 2004 Feb 0; 25(1):53-7.

McInerny TK, Meurer JR, Lannon C. "Incorporating quality improvement into pediatric practice management." Pediatrics.. 2003 Nov 0; 112(5):1163-5.

Szilagyi PG, Iwane MK, Schaffer S, Humiston SG, Barth R, McInerny T, Shone L, Schwartz B. "Potential burden of universal influenza vaccination of young children on visits to primary care practices." Pediatrics.. 2003 Oct 0; 112(4):821-8.

Werner MJ, . "Principles of child health care financing. American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Child Health Financing." Pediatrics.. 2003 Oct 0; 112(4):997-9.

Szilagyi PG, Iwane MK, Humiston SE, Schaffer S, McInerny T, Shone L, Jennings J, Washington ML, Schwartz B. "Time spent by primary care practices on pediatric influenza vaccination visits: implications for universal influenza vaccination." Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine.. 2003 Feb 0; 157(2):191-5.

. "Improving substance abuse prevention, assessment, and treatment financing for children and adolescents." Pediatrics.. 2001 Oct 0; 108(4):1025-9.

. "American Academy of Pediatrics: Implementation principles and strategies for the State Children's Health Insurance Program." Pediatrics.. 2001 May 0; 107(5):1214-20.

McInerny TK, Szilagyi PG, Childs GE, Wasserman RC, Kelleher KJ. "Uninsured children with psychosocial problems: primary care management." Pediatrics.. 2000 Oct 0; 106(4 Suppl):930-6.

Kelleher KJ, McInerny TK, Gardner WP, Childs GE, Wasserman RC. "Increasing identification of psychosocial problems: 1979-1996." Pediatrics.. 2000 Jun 0; 105(6):1313-21.

Kelleher KJ, Childs GE, Wasserman RC, McInerny TK, Nutting PA, Gardner WP. "Insurance status and recognition of psychosocial problems. A report from the Pediatric Research in Office Settings and the Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Networks." Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine.. 1997 Nov 0; 151(11):1109-15.

Kelleher KJ, McInerny TK, Gardner WP, Wasserman RC, Stulp C. "Changing prevalence of clinician-identified psychosocial problems: 1979-1996". Ambulatory Child Health. 1997; 3: 156.

McInerny TK. "Children who have difficulty in school: a primary pediatrician's approach." Pediatrics in review. 1995 Sep 0; 16(9):325-32; quiz 332.

Szilagyi PG, Roghmann KJ, Foye HR, Parks C, MacWhinney J, Miller R, Nazarian L, McInerny T, Klein S. "Increased ambulatory utilization in IPA plans among children receiving hyposensitization therapy." Inquiry : a journal of medical care organization, provision and financing.. 1992 29(4):467-75.

Szilagyi PG, Roghmann KJ, Foye HR, Parks C, MacWhinney J, Miller R, Nazarian L, McInerny T, Klein S. "The effect of independent practice association plans on use of pediatric ambulatory medical care in one group practice." JAMA.. 1990 Apr 25; 263(16):2198-203.

McInerny TK. "The general pediatrician as care coordinator for children with chronic illness." Pediatrician. 1988 15(1-2):102-7.

McInerny TK. "The pediatrician as a member of the community." Pediatrics in review. 1986 Jul 0; 8(1):4.

McConnochie KM, Mark JD, McBride JT, Hall WJ, Brooks JG, Klein SJ, Miller RL, McInerny TK, Nazarian LF, MacWhinney JB. "Normal pulmonary function measurements and airway reactivity in childhood after mild bronchiolitis." The Journal of pediatrics.. 1985 Jul 0; 107(1):54-8.

Goldberg ID, Roghmann KJ, McInerny TK, Burke JD. "Mental health problems among children seen in pediatric practice: prevalence and management." Pediatrics.. 1984 Mar 0; 73(3):278-93.

Roghmann KJ, Hoekelman RA, McInerny TK. "The changing pattern of primary pediatric care: update for one community." Pediatrics.. 1984 Mar 0; 73(3):363-74.

McInerny T. "The role of the general pediatrician in coordinating the care of children with chronic illness." Pediatric clinics of North America.. 1984 Feb 0; 31(1):199-209.

Kaumann AJ, McInerny TK, Gilmour DP, Blinks JR. "Comparative assessment of beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents as simple competitive antagonists in isolated heart muscle: similarity of inotropic and chronotropic blocking potencies against isoproterenol." Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology.. 1980 Apr 0; 311(3):219-36.

Hoekelman RA, Klein SW, McInerny TK, Sutherland SA. "Collaborative research between a Department of Pediatrics and its clinical faculty." Clinical pediatrics.. 1979 Oct 0; 18(10):623-4, 626-8.

Goldberg ID, Regier DA, McInerny TK, Pless IB, Roghmann KJ. "The role of the pediatrician in the delivery of mental health services to children." Pediatrics.. 1979 Jun 0; 63(6):898-909.

Olson AL, Klein SW, Charney E, MacWhinney JB, McInerny TK, Miller RL, Nazarian LF, Cunningham D. "Prevention and therapy of serous otitis media by oral decongestant: a double-blind study in pediatric practice." Pediatrics.. 1978 May 0; 61(5):679-84.

McInerny TK, Chamberlain RW. "Is it feasible to identify infants who are at risk for later behavioral problems? The Carey Temperament Questionnaire as a prognostic tool." Clin Pediatr. 1978; 17: 233-238.

McInerny TK, Roghmann KJ, Sutherland SA. "Primary pediatric care in one community." Pediatrics.. 1978 Mar 0; 61(3):389-97.

Perrin JM, Charney E, MacWhinney JB, McInerny TK, Miller RL, Nazarian LF. "Sulfisoxazole as chemoprophylaxis for recurrent otitis media. A double-blind crossover study in pediatric practice." The New England journal of medicine.. 1974 Sep 26; 291(13):664-7.

McInerny TK, Shaw EB. "Sudden unexpected death (SUD)." American journal of diseases of children. 1970 Aug 0; 120(2):167.

McInerny TK, Schubert WK. "Prognosis of neonatal seizures." American journal of diseases of children. 1969 Mar 0; 117(3):261-4.

Books & Chapters

Book Title: AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care: Tools for Practice
Author List: Thomas K. McInerny (Editor), Henry M. Adam (Editor), Deborah E. Campbell (Editor), Deepak M. Kamat (Editor), Kelly J. Kelleher (Editor)
Published By: American Academy of Pediatrics2009 in Chicago

Book Title: The American Academy of Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatric Care
Author List: Thomas K. McInerny, MD, FAAP (Editor-in-Chief); Henry M. Adam, MD, FAAP; Deborah E. Campbell, MD, FAAP; Deepak M. Karmat, MD, FAAP; and Kelly J. Kelleher, MD, MPH, FAAP
Published By: American Academy of Pediatrics2008

Chapter Title: Primary care practice and children with special health care needs: actual and ideal
Book Title: Optimizing Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Author List: McInerny TK
Edited By: Sobo E, Kurtin PS
Published By: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc.2007 in Baltimore, MD