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Chen YC,Tsai Y, Nowak I, Wang N, Hyrien O, Wilkins R, Ferrarotto C. Sun H, Dertinger SD. "Validating high-throughput micronucleus analysis of peripheral reticulocytes for radiation biodosimetry: Benchmark against dicentric and CBMN assays in a mouse model" . Health Phys. 2010; 98(2): 218-2010.

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Abeysinghe HR, Li LQ, Guckert NL, Reeder J, Wang N. "THY-1 induction is associated with up-regulation of fibronectin and thrombospondin-1 in human ovarian cancer." Cancer genetics and cytogenetics.. 2005 Sep 0; 161(2):151-8.

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Abeysinghe HR, Pollock SJ, Guckert NL, Veyberman Y, Keng P, Halterman M, Federoff HJ, Rosenblatt JP, Wang N. "The role of the THY1 gene in human ovarian cancer suppression based on transfection studies." Cancer genetics and cytogenetics.. 2004 Feb 0; 149(1):1-10.

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Komrokji, R; Lancet, J; Felgar, R; Wang, N and Bennett, JM. "Burkitt's leukemia with precursor B-cell immunophenotype and atypical morphology (atypical Burkitt's leukemia/ lymphoma): case report and review of literature." Leukemia Res. 2003; 27: 561-566.

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