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Journal Articles

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Books & Chapters

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Chapter Title: Palliative Care
Book Title: Behavioral Sciences and Health Care
Author List: Quill TE, Shah MJ
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Chapter Title: The Hardest Decisions: When Treatment Stops Working
Book Title: Surviving Health Care
Author List: Quill, T; Shah, M.
Edited By: Kushner
Published By: Cambridge University Press2010

Chapter Title: Palliative Care and CHF"
Book Title: Manual of Heart Failure Management
Author List: Olden, A.; Quill, T
Edited By: Bisognano, Baker, Early
Published By: Springer Publishing2009

Chapter Title: Physician Assisted Death
Book Title: Bioethics Briefing Book
Author List: Quill, T.E., Greenlaw, J
Published By: Hastings Center2008 in Garrison, NY

Chapter Title: How Much Suffering is Enough?
Book Title: Biomedical Ethics: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Moral Issues in Medicine and
Author List: How Much Suffering is Enough
Edited By: Steinberg D Lebanon, MA
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Chapter Title: Palliative Care
Book Title: The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care
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Author List: Quill TE, Shah MS.
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Book Title: Geriatric Palliative Care
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Book Title: Death is That Man Taking Names
Author List: Burt R Quill TE (Book Review)
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Book Title: Assisted Suicide: Finding Common Ground
Author List: Quill, TE, Coombs, Lee, B, Nunn, SJ
Edited By: Kaplan, A, Snyder, L
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Author List: Quill TE (Book Review)
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Book Title: Palliative End-of-Life Pearls
Author List: Quill, TE, Priddy, B
Edited By: Heffner, Byock,
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Book Title: Caring for Patients at the End of Life: Facing an Uncertain Future Together
Author List: Quill, TE
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Book Title: Physician's Guide to End-of-Life Care
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Published By: NEJM1991

Book Title: Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: A Physician's Handbook
Author List: McGlynn TJ , Metcalf HL, Quill TE. (contributing author), (Eds)
Published By: American Psychosomatic Press, Inc.1988

Chapter Title: (Book Review)
Book Title: The Consultation
Author List: Quill TE
Published By: Annals of Internal Medicine1984