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Shannon Patrick Hilchey, Ph.D.

Contact Information

University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 675
Rochester, NY 14642

Professional Bio

Research Assistant Professor with extensive research experience in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical GLP laboratory and academic environments. Major areas of research expertise are in the evaluation of immune responses to malignant tumors as well as the development of cancer vaccines and therapies. Extensive experience developing and implementing assays characterizing cellular and humoral immune responses for both preclinical and clinical studies. Additional expertise in small animal models of cancer (tumor implantation and treatment) and bacterial colonization. A team player with excellent interpersonal abilities. Significant managerial and project leader experience highlighted by exceptional oral and written communication skills.

Research Bio

" Performed research associated with the development of vaccines and immunotherapies for the treatment of lymphoma
o Performed research characterizing immunological dysfunction in the context of lymphoma.
o Developed assays and performed research to characterize regulatory T-cell infiltration and suppressive function within malignant nodal infiltrates
o Assisted in the procurement of extramural funding for research projects aimed at the development of a "universal" lymphoma vaccine
o Performed research characterizing the immunogenicity of germline immunoglobulin VH region peptides
" In Vivo [Murine]:

General handling, euthanasia, and tissue harvesting. Tumor implantation and bacterial challenge. Injections: Intravenous, subcutaneous, and intraperitoneal.
" Cell Culture: Sterile technique, biosafety levels 2 and 3 training, generation and maintenance of transfectomas and stable retroviral transductants, T-cell enrichment and maintenance, murine bone marrow isolation and generation, maintenance and manipulation of dendritic cells.
" Cellular and Humoral Assays: Chrominum release assays (CTL), lympho-proliferation, and cytokine measurements including ELISA, intracellular FLOW cytometry and ELISPOT assays. Antibody titers and subclass characterization.
" Molecular Biology: PCR, Design and viral vectors.
" Flow Cytometry: Single, Dual and Triple staining of cultured cells and isolated murine tissues.
" Fluorescent Microscopy: Staining and enumeration of bacterially infected cells.
" Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite of Programs, PC (Windows) and Mac experience, CTL Immunospot Software, JMP Statistics, ImagePro Microscopy Software.

Awards & Honors (Local)

Recipient of a 2002 Wyeth Above and Beyond Award for Research Excellence 2002
Nominated for the 2002 Wyeth Eagles Leadership Development Program 2002
Received a 2002 performance appraisal rating of significantly above target, outstanding, the highest possible rating for a Wyeth employee 2002
Received a 2001 performance appraisal rating of above target, exceeds expectations, the second highest possible rating for a Wyeth employee 2001
NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipient, 2000 2000
Co-author of a funded NIH RAID Application, 2000 2000
Author of a funded NIH RO1 Grant Supplement, 1999 1999
NYS Breast Cancer Research and Educational Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipient, 1998 1998

Recent Journal Articles

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Shah, S., Divekar A.A., Hilchey, S.P., Cho, H.M., Newman, C.L., Shin, S.U., Nechustan, H., Challita-Eid, P.M., Segal, B.M., Yi, K.H., Rosenblatt, J.D. "Increased rejection of primary tumors in mice lacking B cells: Inhibition of anti-tumor CTL and TH1 cytokine responses by B cells." International Journal of Cancer. 2005; 117: 574-586. Link
2001 Jul 15
Tolba KA, Bowers WJ, Hilchey SP, Halterman MW, Howard DF, Giuliano RE, Federoff HJ, Rosenblatt JD. "Development of herpes simplex virus-1 amplicon-based immunotherapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia." Blood. 2001 Jul 15; 98(2):287-95.
1998 Oct 1
Challita-Eid PM, Abboud CN, Morrison SL, Penichet ML, Rosell KE, Poles T, Hilchey SP, Planelles V, Rosenblatt JD. "A RANTES-antibody fusion protein retains antigen specificity and chemokine function." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 1998 Oct 1; 161(7):3729-36.
1997 Aug 8
Hilchey SP, Wu L, Koudelka GB. "Recognition of nonconserved bases in the P22 operator by P22 repressor requires specific interactions between repressor and conserved bases." The Journal of biological chemistry. 1997 Aug 8; 272(32):19898-905.
1997 Jan 17
Hilchey SP, Koudelka GB. "DNA-based loss of specificity mutations. Effects of DNA sequence on the contacted and non-contacted base preferences of bacteriophage P22 repressor." The Journal of biological chemistry. 1997 Jan 17; 272(3):1646-53.

Current Appointments

Research Associate Professor - Department of Medicine, Nephrology (SMD) - Primary


PhD | Biological Science | SUNY Coll at Buffalo1997
BS | Biological Science | SUNY Coll at Buffalo1992