David R. Kornack, Ph.D.

David R. Kornack, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 603
Rochester, NY 14642

Appointment: (585) 276-3000

Professional Bio


Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL B.S. 1983 Biology/Chemistry
Cornell Univ. Med. College, New York, NY Ph.D. 1990 Neurobiology
Yale Univ. School of Med., New Haven, CT Postdoc 1990-1994 Neurobiology


1983 - Technical Research Asst., Neurology Dept., University of Illinois Med. School, Chicago, IL.
1990-1994 - Postdoctoral Fellow/Associate, Section of Neurobiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
1994-2000 - Associate Research Scientist, Section of Neurobiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
2000-present - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Neurobiology and Anatomy, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

Patient Care Bio

Neurogenesis in the Developing and Adult Mammalian Brain

Brain size and function depend on the generation of the appropriate number of neurons during development and their proper assembly into neural circuits. Our lab is dedicated to the study of neurogenesis (i.e., the generation of new neurons) in the mammalian forebrain. Specifically, we want to know how neurogenesis is controlled during development and why it persists in only a few particular brain regions in adulthood. To address these issues, we are applying molecular, cellular and anatomical techniques to a variety of mammalian models. Knowing the mechanisms that govern neurogenesis can further our understanding of the developmental basis of both the generation of neural diversity across species as well as the pathogenesis of abnormalities in humans. Moreover, continued neuronal production may have implications for plasticity in the adult brain – particularly for enhancing the brain's own capacity for self-repair after neuronal loss due to injury or neurodegenerative disease.

Awards & Honors (Local)

2011 Manuel D. Goldman Prize for Excellence in First Year Teaching | University of Rochester

Current Appointments

Associate Professor (Service) - Department of Neuroscience (SMD) - Primary


PhD | Neurobiology | Cornell Univ Medical College1990
BS | Biology | Northern Illinois Univ1983

Post-Doctoral Training & Residency

Postdoctoral Fellow/Postdoctoral Associate, Section of Neurobiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT. 2004