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2006 Jul
Reddy SY, Warner H, Guttuso T, Messing S, DiGrazio W, Thornburg L, Guzick DS. "Gabapentin, estrogen, and placebo for treating hot flushes: a randomized controlled trial." Obstetrics and gynecology. 2006 Jul; 108(1):41-8.
2005 Oct 15
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2004 Nov
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2004 Nov
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2004 Mar
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2004 Jan
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2003 Mar
DuBeshter B, Deuel C, Gillis S, Glantz C, Angel C, Guzick D. "Endometrial cancer: the potential role of cervical cytology in current surgical staging." Obstetrics and gynecology. 2003 Mar; 101(3):445-50.
2003 Feb
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2002 Aug 29
Guzick DS. "Should insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization be mandated?" The New England journal of medicine. 2002 Aug 29; 347(9):686-8.
2002 Aug
Buchsbaum GM, Chin M, Glantz C, Guzick D. "Prevalence of urinary incontinence and associated risk factors in a cohort of nuns." Obstetrics and gynecology. 2002 Aug; 100(2):226-9.
2001 Mar
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2000 Nov
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2000 Oct
Zborowski JV, Cauley JA, Talbott EO, Guzick DS, Winters SJ. "Clinical Review 116: Bone mineral density, androgens, and the polycystic ovary: the complex and controversial issue of androgenic influence in female bone." The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. 2000 Oct; 85(10):3496-506.
2000 Sep 7
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2000 Sep
Loucks TL, Talbott EO, McHugh KP, Keelan M, Berga SL, Guzick DS. "Do polycystic-appearing ovaries affect the risk of cardiovascular disease among women with polycystic ovary syndrome?" Fertility and sterility. 2000 Sep; 74(3):547-52.
2000 Apr
Winters SJ, Talbott E, Guzick DS, Zborowski J, McHugh KP. "Serum testosterone levels decrease in middle age in women with the polycystic ovary syndrome." Fertility and sterility. 2000 Apr; 73(4):724-9.
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1999 Jul
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1998 Aug
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1998 May
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1997 Jul
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1997 Jul
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1997 Jul
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1997 May
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1997 May
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1996 May
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1996 Apr
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1996 Apr
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1996 Mar
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1996 Feb
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1995 Sep
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1995 Aug
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1994 Oct
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1994 Sep
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1994 Mar
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1993 Oct
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1992 Aug
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1992 Mar
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1992 Feb
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1992 Jan
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1992 Jan
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1990 Nov
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1990 Nov
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1990 Oct
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1990 Aug
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1990 Jun
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1990 Apr 15
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1990 Feb
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1989 Nov
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1989 Sep
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1989 Jul
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1989 Jun
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1989 Apr
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1989 Mar
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1988 Sep
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1988 Jan
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1987 Nov
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1987 Jul
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1987 Apr
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1986 Oct
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1986 Jun 7
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1986 Jan
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1985 Sep
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1985 Mar 15
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1985 Jan
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1984 May
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1983 Nov
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1982 Aug
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1982 Aug
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