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Matthew Cochran, M.S.

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Office: (585) 273-4020

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My interests involve pushing the boundaries of flow cytometry both in terms of instrumentation as well as reagents and applications. Improving my capabilities as well as those of the entire Flow Cytometry Shared Resource will allow the FCR to better serve the University of Rochester research community. I'm also very interested in the development of relationships between the other existing Shared Resources to improve workflows and communications. Again this will allow better coordination of services for investigators that are utilizing multiple technologies in their research programs. Specific developments of pathways between flow cytometry and genomics as well as proteomics are the immediate goals


Journal Articles

Hilchey SP, Rosenberg AF, Hyrien O, Secor-Socha S, Cochran MR, Brady MT, Wang JC, Sanz I, Burack WR, Quataert SA, Bernstein SH. "Follicular lymphoma tumor-infiltrating T-helper (T(H)) cells have the same polyfunctional potential as normal nodal T(H) cells despite skewed differentiation." Blood.. 2011 Sep 29; 118(13):3591-602. Epub 2011 Aug 05.

Hilchey SP, Kobie JJ, Cochran MR, Secor-Socha S, Wang JC, Hyrien O, Burack WR, Mosmann TR, Quataert SA, Bernstein SH. "Human follicular lymphoma CD39+-infiltrating T cells contribute to adenosine-mediated T cell hyporesponsiveness." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists.. 2009 Nov 15; 183(10):6157-66. Epub 2009 Oct 28.