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Pisani AR, Gould MS, Gallo C, Ertefaie A, Kelberman C, Harrington D, Weller D, Green S. "Individuals who text crisis text line: Key characteristics and opportunities for suicide prevention." Suicide & life-threatening behavior.. 2022 May 26; Epub 2022 May 26.

Wyman PA, Pickering TA, Pisani AR, Cero I, Yates B, Schmeelk-Cone K, Hendricks Brown C, Gibbons RD, Simonson J, Pflanz SE. "Wingman-Connect Program increases social integration for Air Force personnel at elevated suicide risk: Social network analysis of a cluster RCT." Social science & medicine.. 2022 Jan 22; 296:114737. Epub 2022 Jan 22.

Stapelberg NJC, Bowman C, Woerwag-Mehta S, Walker S, Davies A, Hughes I, Michel K, Pisani AR, Van Engelen H, Delos M, Hageman T, Fullerton-Smith K, Krishnaiah R, McDowell S, Cameron A, Scales TL, Dillon C, Gigante T, Heddle C, Mudge N, Zappa A, Edwards M, Gutjahr S, Joshi H, Turner K. "A lived experience co-designed study protocol for a randomised control trial: the Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program (ASSIP) or Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as additional interventions after a suicide attempt compared to a standard Suicide Prevention Pathway (SPP)." Trials.. 2021 Oct 21; 22(1):723. Epub 2021 Oct 21.

Turner K, Stapelberg NJ, Sveticic J, Pisani AR. "Suicide risk classifications do not identify those at risk: where to from here?" Australasian psychiatry : bulletin of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. 2021 Aug 2; :10398562211032233. Epub 2021 Aug 02.

Pisani AR, Cross WF, West JC, Crean HF, Caine ED. "Brief Video-Based Suicide Prevention Training for Primary Care." Family medicine.. 2021 Feb 0; 53(2):104-110.

Lavelli V, Ferrari C, Santo G, Altini C, Ballini A, Sardaro A, Fanelli M, Pisani AR, Nappi AG, Giudice G, Rubini G. "The Lymphoscintigraphic Study of Unpredictable Head and Neck Cutaneous Melanoma Lymphatic Drainage." Biomedicines.. 2020 Mar 27; 8(4)Epub 2020 Mar 27.

Wyman PA, Pickering TA, Pisani AR, Rulison K, Schmeelk-Cone K, Hartley C, Gould M, Caine ED, LoMurray M, Brown CH, Valente TW. "Peer-adult network structure and suicide attempts in 38 high schools: implications for network-informed suicide prevention." Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines.. 2019 Oct 0; 60(10):1065-1075. Epub 2019 Aug 08.

Pisani AR, Wyman PA, Petrova M, Judd E, Schmeelk-Cone K, Thiha P, Gurditta K. "Framework for Supporting Adolescent Peer Leaders: A Pilot Using Text Messaging in a School-Based Substance Use Prevention Program." The journal of primary prevention.. 2019 Mar 2; Epub 2019 Mar 02.

Cross WF, West JC, Pisani AR, Crean HF, Nielsen JL, Kay AH, Caine ED. "A randomized controlled trial of suicide prevention training for primary care providers: a study protocol." BMC medical education.. 2019 Feb 14; 19(1):58. Epub 2019 Feb 14.

Ranney ML, Yen S, Turner S, Rousseau D, Pascal B, Marcotte JE, Levine R, Lehmann LS, Gould M, Gallo C, Filbin B, Kanuri N, Pisani AR. "Protecting User Privacy and Rights in Academic Data-Sharing Partnerships: Principles From a Pilot Program at Crisis Text Line." Journal of medical Internet research.. 2019 Jan 17; 21(1):e11507. Epub 2019 Jan 17.

Pisani AR, Wyman PA, Gurditta K, Schmeelk-Cone K, Anderson CL, Judd E. "Mobile Phone Intervention to Reduce Youth Suicide in Rural Communities: Field Test." JMIR mental health.. 2018 May 31; 5(2):e10425. Epub 2018 May 31.

Pickering TA, Wyman PA, Schmeelk-Cone K, Hartley C, Valente TW, Pisani AR, Rulison KL, Brown CH, LoMurray M. "Diffusion of a Peer-Led Suicide Preventive Intervention Through School-Based Student Peer and Adult Networks." Frontiers in psychiatry.. 2018 9:598. Epub 2018 Nov 15.

Thiha P, Pisani AR, Gurditta K, Cherry E, Peterson DR, Kautz H, Wyman PA. "Efficacy of Web-Based Collection of Strength-Based Testimonials for Text Message Extension of Youth Suicide Prevention Program: Randomized Controlled Experiment." JMIR public health and surveillance.. 2016 Nov 9; 2(2):e164. Epub 2016 Nov 09.

Pisani AR, Murrie DC, Silverman MM. "Reformulating Suicide Risk Formulation: From Prediction to Prevention." Academic psychiatry : the journal of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training and the Association for Academic Psychiatry.. 2016 Aug 0; 40(4):623-9. Epub 2015 Dec 14.

Pisani AR, Wyman PA, Mohr DC, Perrino T, Gallo C, Villamar J, Kendziora K, Howe GW, Sloboda Z, Brown CH. "Human Subjects Protection and Technology in Prevention Science: Selected Opportunities and Challenges." Prevention science : the official journal of the Society for Prevention Research.. 2016 Aug 0; 17(6):765-78.

Thiha, P; Pisani, AR; Gurditta, K; Cherry, E; Peterson, D; Kautz, H; Wyman, PA. "Efficacy of Web-Based Collection of Strength-Based Testimonials for Text Message Extension of Youth Suicide Prevention Program: Randomized Controlled Experiment". JMIR: Public Health and Surveillance. 2016; .

Petrova M, Wyman PA, Schmeelk-Cone K, Pisani AR. "Positive-Themed Suicide Prevention Messages Delivered by Adolescent Peer Leaders: Proximal Impact on Classmates' Coping Attitudes and Perceptions of Adult Support." Suicide & life-threatening behavior.. 2015 Dec 0; 45(6):651-63. Epub 2015 Feb 18.

Cross WF, Pisani AR, Schmeelk-Cone K, Xia Y, Tu X, McMahon M, Munfakh JL, Gould MS. "Measuring trainer fidelity in the transfer of suicide prevention training." Crisis.. 2014 35(3):202-12.

Gould MS, Cross W, Pisani AR, Munfakh JL, Kleinman M. "Impact of Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline." Suicide & life-threatening behavior.. 2013 Dec 0; 43(6):676-91. Epub 2013 Jul 25.

Pisani AR, Wyman PA, Petrova M, Schmeelk-Cone K, Goldston DB, Xia Y, Gould MS. "Emotion regulation difficulties, youth-adult relationships, and suicide attempts among high school students in underserved communities." Journal of youth and adolescence.. 2013 Jun 0; 42(6):807-20. Epub 2012 Dec 18.

Conner KR, Wood J, Pisani AR, Kemp J. "Evaluation of a suicide prevention training curriculum for substance abuse treatment providers based on Treatment Improvement Protocol Number 50." Journal of substance abuse treatment.. 2013 Jan 0; 44(1):13-6. Epub 2012 Mar 13.

Pisani AR, Schmeelk-Cone K, Gunzler D, Petrova M, Goldston DB, Tu X, Wyman PA. "Associations between suicidal high school students' help-seeking and their attitudes and perceptions of social environment." Journal of youth and adolescence.. 2012 Oct 0; 41(10):1312-24. Epub 2012 May 06.

Schmeelk-Cone K, Pisani AR, Petrova M, Wyman PA. "Three scales assessing high school students' attitudes and perceived norms about seeking adult help for distress and suicide concerns." Suicide & life-threatening behavior.. 2012 Apr 0; 42(2):157-72. Epub 2012 Feb 10.

Pisani AR, Cross WF, Watts A, Conner K. "Evaluation of the Commitment to Living (CTL) curriculum: a 3-hour training for mental health professionals to address suicide risk." Crisis.. 2012 Jan 1; 33(1):30-8.

Pisani AR, Cross WF, Gould MS. "The assessment and management of suicide risk: state of workshop education." Suicide & life-threatening behavior.. 2011 Jun 0; 41(3):255-76. Epub 2011 Apr 07.

Heisel MJ, Conwell Y, Pisani AR, Duberstein PR. "Concordance of self- and proxy-reported suicide ideation in depressed adults 50 years of age or older." Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie.. 2011 Apr 0; 56(4):219-26.

Garfunkel LC, Pisani AR, leRoux P, Siegel DM. "Educating residents in behavioral health care and collaboration: comparison of conventional and integrated training models." Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.. 2011 Feb 0; 86(2):174-9.

Pisani AR, leRoux P, Siegel DM. "Educating residents in behavioral health care and collaboration: integrated clinical training of pediatric residents and psychology fellows." Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.. 2011 Feb 0; 86(2):166-73.

Pisani, A. R.; Berry, S. L.; Goldfarb, M. "A predoctoral field placement in primary care: Keeping it simple." Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 2005; 36(2): 151-157.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Family dynamics and caregiving for an individual with disabilities
Book Title: Caregiving for individuals with disabilities
Author List: McDaniel, S.H.; Pisani, A.R.
Edited By: R. Talley; R. McCorkle; B. Walter
Published By: Oxford University Press2010

Chapter Title: Family systems approaches to adolescent health and illness
Book Title: Textbook of Adolescent Healthcare
Author List: Spagnola, M Pisani, A.R. McDaniel, S.H.
Edited By: L. Alderman, R. Kreipe, & W. Rosenfeld
Published By: American Academy of Pediatrics2010 in Elk Grove, IL

Chapter Title: An integrative approach to health and illness in family therapy
Book Title: Handbook of Clinical Family Therapy
Author List: Pisani, A.R.; McDaniel, S.H.
Edited By: J. Lebow
Published By: Wiley & Company2005 in New York