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Katrina Smith Korfmacher, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Patel, D. M.; Block, R. C.; Chapman, B. P.; Korfmacher, K. S.; van Wijngaarden, E. "Green space and mental health symptoms in a cardiac rehabilitation population." Indoor and Built Environment. 2019; .

Korfmacher KS, Holt KD. "The Potential for Proactive Housing Inspections to Inform Public Health Interventions." Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP.. 2018 24(5):444-447.

Korfmacher KS, Pettibone KG, Gray KM, Newman OD. "Collaborating for Systems Change: A Social Science Framework for Academic Roles in Community Partnerships." New solutions : a journal of environmental and occupational health policy : NS.. 2016 Nov 0; 26(3):429-457. Epub 2016 Aug 20.

Payne-Sturges DC, Korfmacher KS, Cory-Slechta DA, Jimenez M, Symanski E, Carr Shmool JL, Dotson-Newman O, Clougherty JE, French R, Levy JI, Laumbach R, Rodgers K, Bongiovanni R, Scammell MK. "Engaging Communities in Research on Cumulative Risk and Social Stress-Environment Interactions: Lessons Learned from EPA's STAR Program." Environmental justice.. 2015 Dec 1; 8(6):203-212.

Wilson J, Dixon SL, Jacobs DE, Akoto J, Korfmacher KS, Breysse J. "An investigation into porch dust lead levels." Environmental research.. 2015 Feb 0; 137:129-35. Epub 2014 Dec 19.

Korfmacher KS, Aviles K, Cummings BJ, Daniell W, Erdmann J, Garrison V. "Health impact assessment of urban waterway decisions." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2014 Dec 25; 12(1):300-21. Epub 2014 Dec 25.

Korfmacher KS, Garrison V. "Partnering to Reduce Environmental Hazards Through a Community-Based "Healthy Home Museum":Education for Action." Environmental justice.. 2014 Dec 11; 7(6):158-165.

Korfmacher KS, Suter BJ, Cai X, Brownson SA, Dozier AM. "Environmental risks and children's health: what can PRAMS tell us?" Maternal and child health journal.. 2014 Jul 0; 18(5):1155-68.

Korfmacher KS, Elam S, Gray KM, Haynes E, Hughes MH. "Unconventional natural gas development and public health: toward a community-informed research agenda." Reviews on environmental health.. 2014 29(4):293-306.

Korfmacher KS, Hanley ML. "Are local laws the key to ending childhood lead poisoning?" Journal of health politics, policy and law.. 2013 Aug 0; 38(4):757-813. Epub 2013 May 03.

Korfmacher KS, Jones WA, Malone SL, Vinci LF. "Public health and high volume hydraulic fracturing." New solutions : a journal of environmental and occupational health policy : NS.. 2013 23(1):13-31.

Korfmacher KS, Ayoob M, Morley R. "Rochester's lead law: evaluation of a local environmental health policy innovation." Environmental health perspectives.. 2012 Feb 0; 120(2):309-15. Epub 2011 Oct 14.

Korfmacher KS, George V. "Educating refugees to improve their home environmental health." Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP.. 2012 18(5):469-73.

Eisenberg KW, van Wijngaarden E, Fisher SG, Korfmacher KS, Campbell JR, Fernandez ID, Cochran J, Geltman PL. "Blood lead levels of refugee children resettled in Massachusetts, 2000 to 2007." American journal of public health.. 2011 Jan 0; 101(1):48-54. Epub 2010 Nov 18.

Korfmacher KS. "Boundary networks and Rochester's "smart" lead law: the use of multidisciplinary information in a collaborative policy process." New solutions : a journal of environmental and occupational health policy : NS.. 2010 20(3):317-36.

Korfmacher KS, Kuholski K. "Rochester's Healthy Home: A community-based innovation to promote environmental health action." Environmental practice : journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals.. 2008 Sep 16; 10(3):94-106.

Korfmacher KS. "Collaborating for primary prevention: Rochester's new lead law." Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP.. 2008 14(4):400-6.

Korfmacher KS, Dixon S. "Reliability of spot test kits for detecting lead in household dust." Environmental research.. 2007 Jun 0; 104(2):241-9. Epub 2007 Apr 16.

Korfmacher KS, Kuholski K. "Do the same houses poison many children? An investigation of lead poisoning in Rochester, New York, 1993-2004." Public health reports.. 2007 122(4):482-7.

Trasande L, Boscarino J, Graber N, Falk R, Schechter C, Galvez M, Dunkel G, Geslani J, Moline J, Kaplan-Liss E, Miller RK, Korfmacher K, Carpenter D, Forman J, Balk SJ, Laraque D, Frumkin H, Landrigan P. "The environment in pediatric practice: a study of New York pediatricians' attitudes, beliefs, and practices towards children's environmental health." Journal of urban health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine.. 2006 Jul 0; 83(4):760-72.

Koontz, T.M.; Carmin, J.; Korfmacher, K.; Moseley, C.; Steelman, T.; Thomas, C. "Collaboration for Sustainability? A Framework for Analyzing Government Impacts in Collaborative Environmental Management" . Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy. 2006; .

Korfmacher, K.S. "Book Review: Street Science: Community Knowledge and Environmental Health Justice, by Jason Corburn" . Policy Sciences. 2006; .

Arvai, J.; Bridge, N.; Dolsak, N.; Franzese, R.; Koontz, T.; Luginbuhl, A.; Robbins, P.; Richards, K.; Korfmacher, K.S.; Sohngen, B.; Tansey, J.; Thompson, A. "Adaptive management of the global climate problem: Bridging the gap between climate research and climate policy." Climatic Change. 2006; 78(1): 217-225.

Korfmacher, K.S.; Koontz, T.M. "Collaboration, Information, and Preservation: Expertise and citizen farmland preservation task forces" . Policy Sciences. 2003; 36(3): 213-236.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Science and ecosystem management of the Albemarle and Pamlico Estuaries" . Ocean and Coastal Management. 2002; .

Korfmacher KS. "The politics of participation in watershed modeling." Environmental management.. 2001 Feb 0; 27(2):161-76.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Partnering for ecosystem management of the Darby Creek Watershed" . American Behavioral Scientist. 2000; 44(4): 548-564.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Farmland Preservation and Sustainable Agriculture: Grassroots and Policy Connections". American Journal of Alternative Agriculture. 2000; 15(1).

Korfmacher, K.S. "Alumni perspectives on environmental service-learning: Implications for instructors". Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning. 1999; 6.

Korfmacher, K.S. "University-community partnerships for environmental education". Environmental Education Council of Ohio Newsletter. 1999; XVII(1): 1-3.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Invisible successes, visible failures: Paradoxes of ecosystem management in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study" . Coastal Management. 1998; 26(3): 191-212.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Water quality modeling for environmental management: Lessons from the policy sciences". Policy Sciences. 1998; 31: 35-54.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Book review: Integrated Resource Planning and Management". Society and Natural Resources. 1998; 11(1): 99-101.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Solid waste collection systems in developing urban areas of South Africa: Overview and case study". Waste Research and Management. 1997; 15: 477-494.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Selection of a model for algal blooms on Lake Okeechobee: An application of the analytic hierarchy process". Lake and Reservoir Management. 1997; 12(2): 78-90.

Reckhow, K.H.; Coffey, S.C.; Henning, M.H.; Smith, K.L.; Banting, R.L. "Decision analysis to guide Lake Okeechobee research planning". Lake Reservoir and Management. 1997; 13(1): 49-56.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Book Review: Compass and Gyroscope." Society and Natural Resources. 1996; 9(3): 328-333.

Smith, K.L. "Fairness in Water Quality: A Descriptive Approach". Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum. 1994; IV: 85-113.

Smith, K.L. "Solid waste management in developing urban areas of southern Africa: A case study from the Winterveld , Boputhatswana." ReSource Supplement, Municipal Engineer. 1994; 25(2): 18-20.

Korfmacher, K.S. "A model healthy home" . The NADD Bulletin. 12(1): 13.

Korfmacher, K.S. "Book Review. Street Science: Community Knowledge and Environmental Health Justice, by Jason Corburn." Policy Sciences. 39: 305-307.

Books & Chapters

Book Title: Connecting Ecojustice Research and Teaching: Narratives from the Field
Author List: Austin, R. N., A. McDermott, K.S. Korfmacher, L. Arbelaez, J. Bousleiman, A. Downey-Mavromatis, R. Elsiesy, S. Ki, M. Rao, S. Willi.
Edited By: Maria S. Rivera Maulucci, Hilary Callahan, Stephanie Pfirman
Published By: Springer2020

Book Title: Bridging Silos: Collaborating for Environment, Health and Justice
Author List: Korfmacher, K.S.
Published By: MIT Press2019

Book Title: Collaborative environmental management: What roles for government?
Author List: Koontz, T.M., T.A. Steelman, J. Carmin, K.S. Korfmacher, C. Moseley, and C.W. Thomas
Published By: Resources for the Future2004 in Washington DC

Chapter Title: A view from the bottom of the heap: A junior faculty member confronts the risks of service-learning.
Book Title: Acting Locally: Concepts and Methods for Service-Learning in Env. Studies
Author List: Harold Ward, Ed.
Published By: American Association for Higher Education1999 in Washington DC