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Brian M. Ward, Ph.D.


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Monticelli SR, Bryk P, Ward BM. "The Molluscum Contagiosum Gene MC021L Partially Compensates for the Loss of Its Vaccinia Virus Homolog F13L." Journal of virology.. 2020 Jul 29; Epub 2020 Jul 29.

Bryk P, Brewer MG, Ward BM. "Vaccinia Virus Phospholipase Protein F13 Promotes Rapid Entry of Extracellular Virions into Cells." Journal of virology.. 2018 Jun 1; 92(11)Epub 2018 May 14.

Baker JL, Ward BM. "Development and comparison of a quantitative TaqMan-MGB real-time PCR assay to three other methods of quantifying vaccinia virions." Journal of virological methods.. 2014 Feb 0; 196:126-32. Epub 2013 Nov 08.

Hollenbaugh JA, Gee P, Baker J, Daly MB, Amie SM, Tate J, Kasai N, Kanemura Y, Kim DH, Ward BM, Koyanagi Y, Kim B. "Host factor SAMHD1 restricts DNA viruses in non-dividing myeloid cells." PLoS pathogens.. 2013 9(6):e1003481. Epub 2013 Jun 27.

Chan WM, Ward BM. "The A33-dependent incorporation of B5 into extracellular enveloped vaccinia virions is mediated through an interaction between their lumenal domains." Journal of virology.. 2012 Aug 0; 86(15):8210-20. Epub 2012 May 23.

Chan WM, Ward BM. "Increased interaction between vaccinia virus proteins A33 and B5 is detrimental to infectious extracellular enveloped virion production." Journal of virology.. 2012 Aug 0; 86(15):8232-44. Epub 2012 May 23.

Chen G, Ward BM, Yu EK, Chinchar VG, Robert J. "Improved knockout methodology reveals that frog virus 3 mutants lacking either the 18K immediate-early gene or the truncated vIF-2alpha gene are defective for replication and growth in vivo." Journal of virology.. 2011 Nov 0; 85(21):11131-8. Epub 2011 Aug 24.

Ward BM. "The taking of the cytoskeleton one two three: how viruses utilize the cytoskeleton during egress." Virology.. 2011 Mar 15; 411(2):244-50. Epub 2011 Jan 15.

Chan WM, Kalkanoglu AE, Ward BM. "The inability of vaccinia virus A33R protein to form intermolecular disulfide-bonded homodimers does not affect the production of infectious extracellular virus." Virology.. 2010 Dec 5; 408(1):109-18. Epub 2010 Oct 13.

Chan WM, Ward BM. "There is an A33-dependent mechanism for the incorporation of B5-GFP into vaccinia virus extracellular enveloped virions." Virology.. 2010 Jun 20; 402(1):83-93. Epub 2010 Apr 07.

Lee HY, Topham DJ, Park SY, Hollenbaugh J, Treanor J, Mosmann TR, Jin X, Ward B, Miao H, Holden-Wiltse J, Perelson AS, Zand M, Wu H. "Simulation and prediction of the adaptive immune response to influenza A virus infection." Journal of virology.. 2009 Jul 0; 83(14):7151-65. Epub 2009 May 13.

Johnston SC, Ward BM. "Vaccinia virus protein F12 associates with intracellular enveloped virions through an interaction with A36." Journal of virology.. 2009 Feb 0; 83(4):1708-17. Epub 2008 Dec 03.

Ward BM. "Using fluorescent proteins to study poxvirus morphogenesis." Methods in molecular biology.. 2009 515:1-11.

Earley AK, Chan WM, Ward BM. "The vaccinia virus B5 protein requires A34 for efficient intracellular trafficking from the endoplasmic reticulum to the site of wrapping and incorporation into progeny virions." Journal of virology.. 2008 Mar 0; 82(5):2161-9. Epub 2007 Dec 19.

Ward BM. "The longest micron; transporting poxviruses out of the cell." Cellular microbiology.. 2005 Nov 0; 7(11):1531-8.

Ward BM. "Visualization and characterization of the intracellular movement of vaccinia virus intracellular mature virions." Journal of virology.. 2005 Apr 0; 79(8):4755-63.

Senkevich TG, Ward BM, Moss B. "Vaccinia virus A28L gene encodes an essential protein component of the virion membrane with intramolecular disulfide bonds formed by the viral cytoplasmic redox pathway." Journal of virology.. 2004 Mar 0; 78(5):2348-56.

Senkevich TG, Ward BM, Moss B. "Vaccinia virus entry into cells is dependent on a virion surface protein encoded by the A28L gene." Journal of virology.. 2004 Mar 0; 78(5):2357-66.

Ward BM, Moss B. "Vaccinia virus A36R membrane protein provides a direct link between intracellular enveloped virions and the microtubule motor kinesin." Journal of virology.. 2004 Mar 0; 78(5):2486-93.

Ward BM. "Pox, dyes, and videotape: making movies of GFP-labeled vaccinia virus." Methods in molecular biology.. 2004 269:205-18.

Katz E, Ward BM, Weisberg AS, Moss B. "Mutations in the vaccinia virus A33R and B5R envelope proteins that enhance release of extracellular virions and eliminate formation of actin-containing microvilli without preventing tyrosine phosphorylation of the A36R protein." Journal of virology.. 2003 Nov 0; 77(22):12266-75.

Ward BM, Weisberg AS, Moss B. "Mapping and functional analysis of interaction sites within the cytoplasmic domains of the vaccinia virus A33R and A36R envelope proteins." Journal of virology.. 2003 Apr 0; 77(7):4113-26.

Sondra G. Lazarowitz, Roisin C. McGarry, Janet E. Hill, Yoshimi D. Barron, Daniel Gold, Miguel F. Carvalho, Anton A. Sanderfoot, and Brian M. Ward. "Macromolecular trafficking within and between plant cells as revealed by virus movement proteins." In Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions vol. 3. (Sally A. Leong, Caitilyn Allen, and Eric W. Triplett, eds.). 2002; .

Ward BM, Moss B. "Vaccinia virus intracellular movement is associated with microtubules and independent of actin tails." Journal of virology.. 2001 Dec 0; 75(23):11651-63.

Moss B, Ward BM. "High-speed mass transit for poxviruses on microtubules." Nature cell biology.. 2001 Nov 0; 3(11):E245-6.

Ward BM, Moss B. "Visualization of intracellular movement of vaccinia virus virions containing a green fluorescent protein-B5R membrane protein chimera." Journal of virology.. 2001 May 0; 75(10):4802-13.

Ward BM, Moss B. "Golgi network targeting and plasma membrane internalization signals in vaccinia virus B5R envelope protein." Journal of virology.. 2000 Apr 0; 74(8):3771-80.

Brian M. Ward, and Sondra G. Lazarowitz. "Nuclear export in plants. Use of geminivirus movement proteins for a cell-based export assay." Plant Cell. 1999; .

Qin S, Ward BM, Lazarowitz SG. "The bipartite geminivirus coat protein aids BR1 function in viral movement by affecting the accumulation of viral single-stranded DNA." Journal of virology.. 1998 Nov 0; 72(11):9247-56.

Sondra G. Lazarowitz, Brian M. Ward, Anton A. Sanderfoot, and Christina M. Laukaitis. "Intercellular and intracellular trafficking: What we can learn from geminivirus movement. In Cellular Integration of Signal Pathways in Plants." NATO Advanced Study Institute Series, Vol. H 104. (F.Lo Schiavo, R.L. Last, G.Morelli, and N.V. Raikhel ed.). 1998; pp. 275-288.

Ward BM, Medville R, Lazarowitz SG, Turgeon R. "The geminivirus BL1 movement protein is associated with endoplasmic reticulum-derived tubules in developing phloem cells." Journal of virology.. 1997 May 0; 71(5):3726-33.

Pascal E, Sanderfoot AA, Ward BM, Medville R, Turgeon R, Lazarowitz SG. "The geminivirus BR1 movement protein binds single-stranded DNA and localizes to the cell nucleus." The Plant cell.. 1994 Jul 0; 6(7):995-1006.