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Dawson LA, Winter KA, Katz AW, Schell MC, Brierley J, Chen Y, Kopek N, Crane CH, Willett CG. "NRG Oncology/RTOG 0438: A Phase I Trial of Highly Conformal Radiation Therapy for Liver Metastases." Practical radiation oncology.. 2019 Feb 27; Epub 2019 Feb 27.

Abdulla A, Schell KR, Schell MC. "Comparing the Evolution of Risk Culture in Radiation Oncology, Aviation, and Nuclear Power." Journal of patient safety.. 2018 Dec 19; Epub 2018 Dec 19.

Clements JB, Baird CT, de Boer, Fairobent LA, Fisher T, Goodwin JH, Gress DA, Johnson JL, Kolsky KL, Mageras GS, Marsh RM, Martin MC, Parker B, Pavord DC, Schell MC, Anthony Seibert, Stevens DM, Tarver RB, Waite-Jones CG, Wingreen N. "AAPM medical physics practice guideline 10.a.: Scope of practice for clinical medical physics." Journal of applied clinical medical physics. 2018 Nov; 19(6):11-25. Epub 2018 Oct 19.

Cummings M, Youn P, Bergsma DP, Usuki KY, Walter K, Sharma M, Okunieff P, Schell MC, Milano MT. "Single-Fraction Radiosurgery Using Conservative Doses for Brain Metastases: Durable Responses in Select Primaries With Limited Toxicity." Neurosurgery.. 2018 Sep 1; 83(3):437-444.

Sandwell, Stephen; Montoya, Simone; Towner, James E; Markman, John D; Schell, Michael C; Bhalla, Tarun. "Anatomical Study of Percutaneous Trigeminal Compressive Balloon Positioning on Merged 3-D Rotational X-ray and Pre-Procedural Magnetic Resonance Imaging". Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery. 2018; 96(3): 182-189.

Pavord, Daniel; Birnbaum, Steven; Boccuzzi, Douglas; deBoer, Steven; Freedman, D. Jay; Schell, Michael; and Sutlief, Steven. "A report from the AAPM Subcommittee on Guidelines for Competency Evaluation for Clinical Medical Physicists in Radiation Oncology". Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. 2016; 17(4).

Singh D, Chen Y, Hare MZ, Usuki KY, Zhang H, Lundquist T, Joyce N, Schell MC, Milano MT. "Local control rates with five-fraction stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastatic cancer to the lung." Journal of thoracic disease.. 2014 Apr; 6(4):369-74.

Chawla S, Schell MC, Milano MT. "Stereotactic body radiation for the spine: a review." American journal of clinical oncology.. 2013 Dec; 36(6):630-6.

Sperduto PW, Wang M, Robins HI, Schell MC, Werner-Wasik M, Komaki R, Souhami L, Buyyounouski MK, Khuntia D, Demas W, Shah SA, Nedzi LA, Perry G, Suh JH, Mehta MP. "A phase 3 trial of whole brain radiation therapy and stereotactic radiosurgery alone versus WBRT and SRS with temozolomide or erlotinib for non-small cell lung cancer and 1 to 3 brain metastases: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 0320." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 2013 Apr 1; 85(5):1312-8. Epub 2013 Feb 04.

Milano MT, Usuki KY, Walter KA, Clark D, Schell MC. "Stereotactic radiosurgery and hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy: normal tissue dose constraints of the central nervous system." Cancer treatment reviews.. 2011 Nov; 37(7):567-78. Epub 2011 May 14.

O'Neill M; Milano MT; Schell MC. "Simulation training in healthcare - a role in radiation oncology?". Int Journal Radiation Oncolgy Bio Physics. 2011; 81 (suppl1): S697-S698.

Benedict SH. Yenice KM. Followill D. Galvin JM. Hinson W. Kavanagh B. Keall P. Lovelock M. Meeks S. Papiez L. Purdie T. Sadagopan R. Schell MC. Salter B. Schlesinger DJ. Shiu AS. Solberg T. Song DY. Stieber V. Timmerman R. Tome WA. Verellen D. Wang L. Yin FF. "Stereotactic body radiation therapy: the report of AAPM Task Group 101" . Medical Physics. 2010; 37(8): 4078-101.

Biswas, T; Okunieff, P; Schell, MC; Smudzin, T; Pilcher, WH; Bakos, RS; Vates, GE; Walter, KA; Wensel, A; Korones, DN; Milano, MT. "Stereotactic radiosurgery for glioblastoma: retrospective analysis." Radiation Oncology. 2009; 4: 11.

Milano MT, Chen Y, Katz AW, Philip A, Schell MC & Okunieff P. "Central thoracic lesions treated with hypofractionated stereotactic body radiotherapy" . Radiotherapy & Oncology. 2009; 91(3): 301-6.

Milano MT, Katz AW, Muhs AG, Philip A, Buchholz DJ, Schell MC, Okunieff P. "A prospective pilot study of curative-intent stereotactic body radiation therapy in patients with five or fewer oligometastic lesions". Cancer. 2008; 112(3): 650-8.

Milano MT, Katz AW, Schell MC, Philip A, Okunieff P. "Descriptive analysis of oligometastic lesions treated with curative intent stereotactic body radiation therapy." International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 2008; 72(2): 1516-22.

Katz AW, Carey-Sampson M, Muhs AG, Milano MT, Schell MC, Okunieff P. "Hypofractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for limited hepatic metastases." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 2007 Mar 1; 67(3):793-8. Epub 2006 Dec 29.

Okunieff P, Petersen AL, Philip A, Milano MT, Katz AW, Boros L, Schell MC. "Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for lung metastases." Acta oncologica.. 2006 45(7):808-17.

Fu L, Ng WS, Liu H, O'Dell W, Rubens D, Strang J, Schell MC, Brasacchio R, Liao L, Messing E, Yu Y. "Bouquet brachytherapy: feasibility and optimization of conically spaced implants." Brachytherapy.. 2005 4(1):59-63.

Okunieff P, Schell MC, Ruo R, Hale ER, O'Dell WG, Pilcher W. "Long-term management of patients with multiple brain metastases after shaped beam radiosurgery. Case report and review of the literature." Journal of neurosurgery.. 2004 Nov; 101 Suppl 3:406-12.

Andrews DW, Scott CB, Sperduto PW, Flanders AE, Gaspar LE, Schell MC, Werner-Wasik M, Demas W, Ryu J, Bahary JP, Souhami L, Rotman M, Mehta MP, Curran WJ. "Whole brain radiation therapy with or without stereotactic radiosurgery boost for patients with one to three brain metastases: phase III results of the RTOG 9508 randomised trial." Lancet.. 2004 May 22; 363(9422):1665-72.

Biswas T, Sandhu AP, Singh DP, Schell MC, Maciunas RJ, Bakos RS, Muhs AG, Okunieff P. "Low-dose radiosurgery for benign intracranial lesions." American journal of clinical oncology.. 2003 Aug; 26(4):325-31.

Liu H, Yu Y, Schell MC, O'Dell WG, Ruo R, Okunieff P. "Optimal marker placement in photogrammetry patient positioning system." Medical physics.. 2003 Feb; 30(2):103-10.

O'Dell WG, Schell MC, Reynolds D, Okunieff R. "Dose broadening due to target position variability during fractionated breath-held radiation therapy." Medical physics.. 2002 Jul; 29(7):1430-7.

Illig KA, Williams JP, Lyden SP, Hernady E, Soni A, Davies MG, Schell M, Okunieff P, Rubin P, Green RM. "External beam irradiation for inhibition of intimal hyperplasia following prosthetic bypass: preliminary results." Annals of vascular surgery.. 2001 Sep; 15(5):533-8.

Michalski J, Purdy JA, Gaspar L, Souhami L, Ballow M, Bradley J, Chao CK, Crane C, Eisbruch A, Fallowil D, Forster K, Fowler J, Gillin MT, Graham ML, Harms WB, Huq MS, Kline RW, Mackie TR, Mukherji S, Podogorsak EB, Roach M, Ryu J, Sandler H, Schultz CJ, Schell M, Verhey LJ, Vicini F, Winter KA, . "Radiation Therapy Oncology Group. Research Plan 2002-2006. Image-Guided Radiation Therapy Committee." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 2001 51(3 Suppl 2):60-5.

Yu Y, Zhang JB, Cheng G, Schell MC, Okunieff P. "Multi-objective optimization in radiotherapy: applications to stereotactic radiosurgery and prostate brachytherapy." Artificial intelligence in medicine.. 2000 May; 19(1):39-51.

Rosenzweig DP, Schell MC, Yu Y. "Toward a statistically relevant calibration end point for prostate seed implants." Medical physics.. 2000 Jan; 27(1):144-50.

Illig, KA; Soni, AB; Williams, J; Shortell, CK; Okunieff, P; Schell, MC; Rubin, P; Green, RM. "Irradiation for intimal hyperplasia: implications for peripheral arterial bypass". J Amer Coll Surg. 2000; 190(3): 364-370.

Yu, Y; Schell, MC. "Guidelines for prostate brachytherapy physics." Radiother Oncol. 2000; 56(Suppl 1).

Duggan DM, Coffey CW, Lobdell JL, Schell MC. "Radiochromic film dosimetry of a high dose rate beta source for intravascular brachytherapy." Medical physics.. 1999 Nov; 26(11):2461-4.

Yu Y, Anderson LL, Li Z, Mellenberg DE, Nath R, Schell MC, Waterman FM, Wu A, Blasko JC. "Permanent prostate seed implant brachytherapy: report of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Group No. 64." Medical physics.. 1999 Oct; 26(10):2054-76.

Miyawaki L, Dowd C, Wara W, Goldsmith B, Albright N, Gutin P, Halbach V, Hieshima G, Higashida R, Lulu B, Pitts L, Schell M, Smith V, Weaver K, Wilson C, Larson D. "Five year results of LINAC radiosurgery for arteriovenous malformations: outcome for large AVMS." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 1999 Jul 15; 44(5):1089-106.

Messing EM, Zhang JB, Rubens DJ, Brasacchio RA, Strang JG, Soni A, Schell MC, Okunieff PG, Yu Y. "Intraoperative optimized inverse planning for prostate brachytherapy: early experience." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 1999 Jul 1; 44(4):801-8.

Nath R, Amols H, Coffey C, Duggan D, Jani S, Li Z, Schell M, Soares C, Whiting J, Cole PE, Crocker I, Schwartz R. "Intravascular brachytherapy physics: report of the AAPM Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group no. 60. American Association of Physicists in Medicine." Medical physics.. 1999 Feb; 26(2):119-52.

Williams, JP; Rubin, P; Soni, A; Hernady, E; Schell, MC; Green, R; Illig, K; Pomerantz, R; Okunieff, P. "Comparability of the external versus internal location of radiation in inhibiting neointimal hyperplasia." J Cardiovasc Radiat Med. 1999; 1(1): 55-63.

Schell MC & Yu Y. "Innovations and challenges to intravascular brachytherapy dosimetry." Cardiovascular Radiation Medicine. 1999; 1(3): 311-2.

Yu Y, Schell MC & Rubin P. "Circumventing the learning curve of dose and volume in intravascular brachytherapy." Cardiovascular Radiation Medicine. 1999; 1(2): 170-1.

Rubin P, Williams JP, Schell MC, Okunieff P. "Radiation inhibition of arterial restenosis -- a new frontier." Acta oncologica.. 1999 38(4):407-24.

Schell MC, Rosenzweig DP, Weaver KA, Fenton BM, Rubin P. "Characterization of the dose perturbation by stents as a function of X-ray beam energy." Cardiovascular radiation medicine. 1999 1(2):154-9.

Williams JP, Eagleton M, Hernady E, Schell M, Illig K, Green R, Rubin P. "Effectiveness of fractionated external beam radiation in the inhibition of vascular restenosis." Cardiovascular radiation medicine. 1999 1(3):257-64.

Rubin P, Williams JP, Riggs PN, Bartos S, Sarac T, Pomerantz R, Castano J, Schell M, Green RM. "Cellular and molecular mechanisms of radiation inhibition of restenosis. Part I: role of the macrophage and platelet-derived growth factor." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 1998 Mar 1; 40(4):929-41.

Yin FF, Gao Q, Xie H, Nelson DF, Yu Y, Kwok WE, Totterman S, Schell MC, Rubin P. "MR image-guided portal verification for brain treatment field." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 1998 Feb 1; 40(3):703-11.

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Yu Y, Schell MC. "A genetic algorithm for the optimization of prostate implants." Medical physics.. 1996 Dec; 23(12):2085-91.

Yin FF, Rubin P, Schell MC, Wynn R, Raubertas RF, Uschold G, Sandhu A, Nelson DF. "An observer study for direct comparison of clinical efficacy of electronic to film portal images." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 1996 Jul 15; 35(5):985-91.

DeMagri, CE; Sohn, JW; Smith, V; Perec, A; Larson, DA; Schell, MC. "A method of developing an interlock system for linac-based stereotactic radiosurgery." Radiat Oncol Invest. 1996; 4: 287-291.

Wu A, Kalnick S & Schell MC. "MRI: an important factor for decreasing the morbidities of treating vestibular schwannoma with radiosurgery." International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. 1996; 36(5): 1283-4.

Sohn JW, Dalzell JG, Suh JH, Tefft M, Schell MC. "Dose-volume histogram analysis of techniques for irradiating pituitary adenomas." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 1995 Jun 15; 32(3):831-7.

Higgins PD, Sohn JW, Fine RM, Schell MC. "Three-dimensional conformal pancreas treatment: comparison of four- to six-field techniques." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 1995 Feb 1; 31(3):605-9.

Schell, MC; Bova, FJ; Larson, DA; Leavitt, DD; Lutz, WR; Podgorsak, EB; Wu, A. "TG-42 Report on stereotactic external beam irradiation. AAPM Report No. 54." Stereotactic Radiosurgery. 1995; .

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Books & Chapters

Book Title: Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy
Author List: Schell M, Meiler R J
Edited By: Todd Pawlicki, Peter B Dunscombe, Arno J Mundt, and Pierre Scalliet
Published By: CRC Press2010 in New York

Chapter Title: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Physicians and Students.
Book Title: Radiation Physics as Applied to Radiation Oncology, Clinical Oncology
Author List: Schell, MC; Seibert, A; Maurer, CM; and Yin, FF
Edited By: Rubin, P; Willimas, J
Published By: WB Saunders2001

Chapter Title: Stereotactic Radiosurgery of Arteriovenous Malformations.
Book Title: Advances in Interventional Neuroradiology and Intravascular Neurosurgery.
Author List: Konno, S; Numaguchi, Y; Shrier, DA; Patel, U; Tanaka, H; Schell, MC; Nelson, D; Mauer, PK; and Nichols, J
Edited By: Taki, W; Picard, L; Kikuchi, H
Published By: Elsevier1996

Chapter Title: Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Book Title: Radiation Therapy Physics
Author List: Schell, MC Wu, A
Edited By: Attschuler, MD; Smith, AR
Published By: Springer-Verlag1994

Chapter Title: Linac Based Radiosurgery
Book Title: Proceedings of Radiosurgery Workshop, University of Pittsburgh
Author List: Schell, MC
Published By: Elsevier1991