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Erlick, MR; Pulhamus, M; Schriefer, J; Buholtz, K; DiRaddo, M; Foito, T; Hill-Sober, C; Levatino, E; Neumeister, SK; Pizzo, A; Sosa, TK; Ruffolo, LI; Verna, S; Wakeman, DS; Martin, HA. "An Interdisciplinary Intervention to Reduce G-Tube Related Pediatric Emergency Department Visits." Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing. 2023; .

Kanaley, RL; Gillette, C; Schriefer, J; Gottfried, JA; Bramley, J. "Evaluation of the Difficult Intravenous Access (DIVA) Scoring in Hospitalized Pediatric Patient" . British Journal of Nursing. 2023; 32(2): S18-S26.

Keller, AR; Kanaley, RL; Starr, T; Strollo, B; Scharf, M; Massachi' S; Angell, L; Clough, CD; Schriefer J. "Mitigating Pediatric Inpatient Aggression: A Quality Improvement Initiative" . Hospital Pediatrics. 2022; 12(5): 499-506.

Bracken, AE; Schriefer, J; Whalen, H; Fable, J; Solan, LE; Philip, S; Davis, C; Shipley, LJ; Barker, E; Roberts, A; Angell, L; Flannery ,M; Muoio, E; Frey, S. "A QI approach to decreasing acute care reutilization among children with asthma" . Hospital Pediatrics. 2021; 11(5): 478-484.

Erlick, M; Dutko-Fiorvanti, I; Studwell, S; Yaeger, J; Schriefer, J. "An inter-professional, multimodal, family-centered quality improvement project for sleep safety of hospitalized infants" . Journal of Patient Experience. 2021; 8(1): 1-10.

Ramazani, S; Gottfried, J; Leonard, M; Lynn, J; Kaissi, M; Schriefer; J; Bayer, N. "Improving the timing of laboratory studies in hospitalized children: A quality improvement study" . Hospital Pediatrics. 2021; 11(7): 670-678.

Ruffolo LI , Palhamus M, Fioto T, Levatino T, Martin H, Michels J, Schriefer J, Wolcott K, Wakeman D. "Implementation of a gastrostomy care bundle reduces dislodgements and length of stay" . Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; .

Ramazani S; Bayer ND; Gottfried JA; Wagner J; Leonard MS; Lynn J; Schriefer J. "The Value of Family Advisors as Co-Leaders in Pediatric Quality Improvement Efforts: A Qualitative Theme Analysis" . Journal of Patient Experience. 2020; : 1-7.

Stevenson K, Brophy P, Kaczorowski J, Schriefer J. "A proposed technique to enhance strategic plan implementation using continuous quality improvement methodologies" . Journal of Pediatrics. 2020; 224: 6-9.

Wolcott, K; Schriefer, J; Michels, J; Meyers, J; Hilt, S; Gitzelmann, C; Pegoli, W; Caserta, M; McGuire, A; Thirukumaran, C; Pulhamus, M; Foito, T; Sanders. "The Business Case for Surgical Quality--Using a Multidisciplinary Team to Drive Pediatric Surgery Quality Improvement". Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing. 2019; 8(1): 15-20.

Robinson R; Schriefer J; Gloff M; Michels J; Webber A; Hilt S; Sanders J; Herman E. "Building a Pediatric Perioperative Surgical Home: One Patient, One Team" . Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing. 2018; 7 (2): 49-59.

Schriefer, J; Sanders, J; Michels, J, Wolcott, K; Ruddy, C.; Hanson, J. "Implementation of a pediatric orthopedic surgery bundle to reduce surgical site infections." Orthopedic Nursing. 2017; 36 (1): 49-59.

Biondi EA, Gottfried JA, Dutko Fioravanti I, Schriefer JA, Aligne CA, Leonard MS. "Interobserver reliability of attending physicians and bedside nurses when using an inpatient paediatric respiratory score." Journal of clinical nursing.. 2015 May; 24(9-10):1320-6. Epub 2014 Nov 25.

Schriefer, J; Christiansen, J; Atkinson, SA. (2015). "A great idea: Staff Satisfaction Survey. Strides – Journal for the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (Path Inc.). Summer: 46-48.". 2015; .

Houliares, D; Taylor-Brown, S; Werth, K;, Benotti, L; Schriefer, J; Friedlander, J. (2105). "Using Quality Improvement Methods to Enhance Volunteer Experiences at EquiCenter. Strides – Journal for the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (Path Inc.). Winter: 41-4.5". 2015; .

Jee, S; Szilagyi, M; Schriefer, J; Conn, A; Weld, J; Scribano, P; Sigor, L; Foreky, H; Arnold-Clark, J; Carmach, A; Chrtraus, C; LaRene, A; Harmon, D; Hodges, K; Scahill, M; Tonniges, T; Shropshire, D; Meister, S. "Quality improvement learning collaborative to examine foster care guideline. Children and Youth Services Review." 2015; 59: 84-89.

Lowenstein, LM; Brown, J; Barrows, J; Foti, T; Scholer, L; LeVant, C; Schriefer, J. "Continuous Quality Improvement in a Level IIIB NICU to Increase Human Milk Use at Day of Life 14, Day of Life 28, and Discharge." ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition. 2014; 6(3): 137-143.

Chambers, C. RRT; Chisholm, J. RRT; and Schriefer, J. RN, DrPH. Ed. John Bethune. "Respiratory Quality Improvement in the NICU". RT Magazine. 2013; : 2-3.

Butler, TJ; Suresh, GK; Lavin, JP; Oehlert, JW; Schriefer; JA; Halamek, LP. "Development of a Multi-center Multidisciplinary Simulation -based Perinatal Team Training Program - The Vermont Oxford Network Experience". Asian Journal of Clinical Pediatrics and Neonatology. 2013; .

Dadiz, R; Weinschreider, J; Schriefer, J; Arnold, C; Greves, CD; Crosby, EC; Wang, H; Pressman, EK; Guillet, R. "Interdisciplinary simulation-based training to improve delivery room communication". Simulation Healthcare. 2013; .

Schriefer, J, Leonard, MS. "Quality Improvement- An Overview". Pediatrics in Review. 2012; 33(8): 1-8.

Suresh GK, Ferguson LA, Tomlinson M, Campbell BB, Ohlinger J, Prochnicki B, Nicholas S, Warren MB, Edwards W, Chute L, Christian L, Hagen E, Sieber D, Schriefer J. "Identification and collection of quality indicators for perinatal care." Journal of nursing care quality.. 2007 22(1):73-9.

Ohlinger J, Kantak A, Lavin JP, Fofah O, Hagen E, Suresh G, Halamek LP, Schriefer JA. "Evaluation and development of potentially better practices for perinatal and neonatal communication and collaboration." Pediatrics.. 2006 Nov; 118 Suppl 2:S147-52.

Zabari M, Suresh G, Tomlinson M, Lavin JP, Larison K, Halamek L, Schriefer JA. "Implementation and case-study results of potentially better practices for collaboration between obstetrics and neonatology to achieve improved perinatal outcomes." Pediatrics.. 2006 Nov; 118 Suppl 2:S153-8.

Lavin JP, Kantak A, Ohlinger J, Kaempf JW, Tomlinson M, Campbell B, Fofah O, Edwards W, Allbright K, Hagen E, Suresh G, Schriefer J. "Attitudes of obstetric and pediatric health care providers toward resuscitation of infants who are born at the margins of viability." Pediatrics.. 2006 Nov; 118 Suppl 2:S169-76.

Horbar, J.D.; Plsek, P.E.; Schriefer, J.A.; Leahy, K.;. "Evidence-based Quality Improvement in Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine: The Neonatal Intensive Care Quality Improvement Collaborative Experience". Pediatrics. 2006; 118(2): S57-S64.

Lavin, J.; Hendrichs, S.; Schriefer, J.A.; Meija, Y. "Perinatal simulation of emergency cesarean section in the Vermont Oxford Network." Vermont Oxford Network. 2006; .

Schriefer JA, Botter ML. "Care management." Outcomes management for nursing practice. 2001 5(1):3-5.

Schriefer JA, Botter ML. "Health outcomes skills for care management." Outcomes management for nursing practice. 2001 5(4):146-9.

Schriefer JA, Botter ML. "Nurse case management skills required for care management." Outcomes management for nursing practice. 2001 5(2):48-51.

Schriefer JA, Botter ML. "Clinical pathways and guidelines for care management." Outcomes management for nursing practice. 2001 5(3):95-8.

Schriefer, J.; Englehard, J.; Dicesare, L.; Miller, M.; Schriefer, J.H. "Merging clinical pathway programs as part of overall health system mergers: A ten-step guide". Journal on Quality Improvement. 2000; 26(1): 29-38.

Levkneckt, L.; Schriefer, J.H.; Schriefer, J.A.; Meconis, B. "Combining case management, pathways and report cards for cardiac prevention." Journal on Quality Improvement. 1997; 23(3): 162-174.

Schriefer, J.A.; Bangs, T.A. "Care Management - old tools in new tool kit." Surgical Services Management. 1997; 3(6): 12-15.

Schriefer J, Urden LD, Rogers S. "Report cards: tools for managing pathways and outcomes." Outcomes management for nursing practice. 1997 1(1):14-9.

Schriefer, J.; VanDam, J. "Increasing physician interest in QI & Pathways." IHI Eye on Improvement. 1996; 3(23): 7-8.

Schriefer, J.A.; Cali, R.; Sugiyama, G.; Ryan, D. "Linking process improvement, critical paths and outcome data to increased profitability." Surgical Services Management. 1996; 2(6): 46-50.

Blondin J, Schriefer J, Shinozaki T, Calhoun B, Leavitt B, Deane R, LaChaunce W. "The Quality Cup winner: Fletcher Allen Health Care's early extubation team." Quality management in health care.. 1996 4(2):42-54.

Behr C, Mercier C, Schriefer J. "Strategies for involving physicians in continuous quality improvement." Journal for healthcare quality : official publication of the National Association for Healthcare Quality.. 1996 18(4):21-3.

Schriefer, J.A.; Blondin, J. "Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Improvement Team." Effectiveness on Quality Improvement in Healthcare. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, contact reference number 95RF003449. 1995; .

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Leff, E.; Schriefer, J.; Hagan, J.; DeMarco, P. "Improving breast-feeding support: A community health improvement project." Journal on Quality Improvement. 1995; 21(10): 521-529.

Schriefer J. "Managing critical pathway variances." Quality management in health care.. 1995 3(2):30-42.

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Schriefer, J.A. "Critical pathways and clinical algorithms: A winning combination." Quality Management in Health Care. 1994; 3(2): 8-9.

Schriefer, J.A. "Building an infrastructure for successful critical pathways." Quality Connection. 1994; 3(3): 10-11.

Schriefer, J.A. "The synergy of critical pathways and clinical algorithms. ." Journal on Quality Improvement. 1994; 20(9): 485-499.

Schriefer, J.A. "Reducing the length of stay for open-heart surgery patients." Quality Connection. 1993; 2(3): 8-9.

Schriefer, J.A. "Heart Surgery Process Improvements." Quality Management in Health Care. 1993; 2(2): 38.

"Ramazani S, Bayer ND, Gottfried JA, Wagner J, Leonard MS, Lynn J, Schriefer J. (2020) The Value of Family Advisors as Co-Leaders in Pediatric Quality Improvement Efforts: A Qualitative Theme Analysis. Journal of Patient Experience. July 10: 1-7. Online:". .

Books & Chapters

Book Title: Changes in Health Resource Use, Quality of Life and Productivity in Patients
Author List: Schriefer JA.
Published By: UMI2004 in Ann Arbor, MI

Chapter Title: Integration of Settings and Services
Book Title: Current Leadership Issues in Health Care
Author List: Schriefer J.
Published By: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations2001 in Oakbrook, IL

Chapter Title: Report Card Criteria for Outcomes Management.
Book Title: Maintaining Quality in a Managed Care Environment
Author List: Schriefer, J.A., Kirk, R.
Published By: Aspen Publishers1997

Chapter Title: Quality, Access and Measuring System Performance
Book Title: Managed Care's Financial Impact
Author List: Schriefer, J.
Published By: VHA and University of Vermont Publishing1997

Chapter Title: Critical pathways for Butterworth Health System.
Book Title: National Directory of Healthcare Critical Pathways (2nd edition)
Author List: Schriefer, J.A.
Published By: COR Healthcare Resources1996 in Santa Barbara, CA

Chapter Title: Managing Critical Pathway Variances
Book Title: The Well-Managed Health Care Organization (3rd edition)
Author List: Schriefer, J., Griffith, J.R.
Published By: Healthcare Administration Press1996 in Ann Arbor, MI

Chapter Title: Critical pathways from the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont
Book Title: National Directory of Healthcare Critical Pathways (1st edition)
Author List: Schriefer JA.
Published By: COR Healthcare Resources1995 in Santa Barbara, CA

Chapter Title: Commentary on post-stroke rehabilitation AHCPR guideline
Book Title: Abstracts of Clinical Care Guidelines
Author List: Schriefer JA.
Published By: unknown1995

Chapter Title: Identifying leverage points in clinical processes
Book Title: In The Quality Letter for Healthcare Leaders CQI Annual
Author List: Schriefer, J., Behr, C., McEachern, E. J., Veatch, R.
Published By: unknown1995

Chapter Title: Improving care for cardiac surgery patients
Book Title: In The Juran prescription: Clinical Quality Management
Author List: Schriefer, J.A., Goonan, K.J.
Published By: Jossey-Bass1995 in San Francisco, CA

Chapter Title: Clinical Pathways to Success
Book Title: Achieving Pharmaceutical Care Through Personal Skills Development
Author List: Massaud, N., Schriefer, J.A. & Weingarten, S.
Published By: Comed Communications & Merck Publishing1995 in West Point, PA

Chapter Title: Postoperative extubation of open-heart surgery patients
Book Title: Framework for Improving Performance - From Principles to Practice
Author List: Schriefer, J.A.
Published By: Joint Commission1994

Chapter Title: Quality Connection Storyboards: Beth Israel Hospital Boston and Medical Center Hospital of Vermont
Book Title: Health Services Management
Author List: Schriefer, J.A., Juran, D., Kovner, A.R. & Neuhauser, D.
Published By: unknown1994