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Timothy M. Baran, Ph.D.


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Onukwufor JO, Trewin AJ, Baran TM, Almast A, Foster TH, Wojtovich AP. "Quantification of reactive oxygen species production by the red fluorescent proteins KillerRed, SuperNova and mCherry." Free radical biology & medicine.. 2019 Dec 10; 147:1-7. Epub 2019 Dec 10.

Anderson AJ, Ren P, Baran TM, Zhang Z, Lin F. "Insula and putamen centered functional connectivity networks reflect healthy agers' subjective experience of cognitive fatigue in multiple tasks." Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior.. 2019 Oct 0; 119:428-440. Epub 2019 Aug 14.

Baran TM, Zhang Z, Anderson AJ, McDermott K, Lin F. "Brain structural connectomes indicate shared neural circuitry involved in subjective experience of cognitive and physical fatigue in older adults." Brain imaging and behavior.. 2019 Sep 6; Epub 2019 Sep 06.

Baran TM, Choi HW, Flakus MJ, Sharma AK. "Photodynamic therapy of deep tissue abscess cavities: Retrospective image-based feasibility study using Monte Carlo simulation." Medical physics.. 2019 Jul 0; 46(7):3259-3267. Epub 2019 May 21.

Ren P, Anderson AJ, McDermott K, Baran TM, Lin F. "Cognitive fatigue and cortical-striatal network in old age." Aging.. 2019 Apr 17; 11(8):2312-2326.

Hu N, Antoury L, Baran TM, Mitra S, Bennett CF, Rigo F, Foster TH, Wheeler TM. "Non-invasive monitoring of alternative splicing outcomes to identify candidate therapies for myotonic dystrophy type 1." Nature communications.. 2018 Dec 7; 9(1):5227. Epub 2018 Dec 07.

Gupta A, Pandya V, Baran T, Dogra VS. "Risk of Pulmonary Embolism in Patients With Isolated Great Saphenous Vein Thrombus." Ultrasound quarterly.. 2018 Sep 0; 34(3):167-169.

Barnett ME, Baran TM, Foster TH, Wojtovich AP. "Quantification of light-induced miniSOG superoxide production using the selective marker, 2-hydroxyethidium." Free radical biology & medicine.. 2018 Feb 20; 116:134-140. Epub 2018 Jan 31.

Baran TM. "Photofrin® photodynamic therapy with intratumor photosensitizer injection provides similar tumor response while reducing systemic skin photosensitivity: Pilot murine study". Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 2018; 50(5): 476-482.

Baran TM, Lin FV, . "Amyloid and FDG PET of Successful Cognitive Aging: Global and Cingulate-Specific Differences." Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD.. 2018 66(1):307-318.

Wang X, Ren P, Baran TM, Raizada RDS, Mapstone M, Lin F, . "Longitudinal Functional Brain Mapping in Supernormals." Cerebral cortex.. 2017 Nov 23; :1-11. Epub 2017 Nov 23.

Sawas A, Baran TM, Foster TH, Reis J, Wing RE, Kashyap R, Brhel D, Sasson T. "Long-Term Patency of Arteriovenous Fistulae Salvaged by Balloon Angioplasty with and without Accessory Vein Embolization: A Retrospective Study." Journal of vascular and interventional radiology : JVIR.. 2017 May 0; 28(5):714-721. Epub 2017 Feb 09.

Lin, F; Ren, P; Mapstone, M; Meyers, SP; Porsteinsson, A; Baran, TM. "The cingulate cortex of older adults with excellent memory capacity". Cortex. 2017; 86: 83-92.

Chaturvedi, A; Thompson, JP; Kaproth-Joslin, K; Hobbs, SK; Schwarz, KQ; Krishnamoorthy, VK; Chaturvedi, A; Baran, TM. "Identification of Left Ventricle Failure on Pulmonary Artery CTA: Diagnostic Significance of Decreased Aortic & Left Ventricle Enhancement". Emergency Radiology. 2017; 24(5): 487–496.

Baran TM. "Recovery of optical properties using interstitial cylindrical diffusers as source and detector fibers." Journal of biomedical optics.. 2016 Jul 1; 21(7):77001.

Baran TM, Mironov O, Sharma AK, Foster TH. "Indwelling Stent Embedded with Light-Emitting Diodes for Photodynamic Therapy of Malignant Biliary Obstruction." Cardiovascular and interventional radiology.. 2016 Jun 0; 39(6):916-9. Epub 2015 Nov 19.

Lin, F; Ren, P; Lo, RY; Chapman, BP; Jacobs, A; Baran, TM; Porsteinsson, AP; Foxe, JJ. "Insula and Inferior Frontal Gyrus' Activities Protect Memory Performance Against Alzheimer's Disease Pathology in Old Age". Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 2016; 55(2): 669-678.

Chaturvedi, A.; Whitnah, J.; Maki, J.H.; Baran, T.M.; Mitsumori, L.M. "Horizontal long axis imaging plane for evaluation of right ventricular function on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging". Journal of Clinical Imaging Science. 2016; 6: 52.

Baran TM. "Cylindrical diffuser axial detection profile is dependent on fiber design." Journal of biomedical optics.. 2015 Apr 0; 20(4):040502.

Baran TM, Foster TH. "Comparison of flat cleaved and cylindrical diffusing fibers as treatment sources for interstitial photodynamic therapy." Medical physics.. 2014 Feb 0; 41(2):022701.

Baran TM, Foster TH. "Recovery of intrinsic fluorescence from single-point interstitial measurements for quantification of doxorubicin concentration." Lasers in surgery and medicine.. 2013 Oct 0; 45(8):542-50. Epub 2013 Aug 23.

Baran TM, Fenn MC, Foster TH. "Determination of optical properties by interstitial white light spectroscopy using a custom fiber optic probe." Journal of biomedical optics.. 2013 Oct 0; 18(10):107007.

Baran TM, Wilson JD, Mitra S, Yao JL, Messing EM, Waldman DL, Foster TH. "Optical property measurements establish the feasibility of photodynamic therapy as a minimally invasive intervention for tumors of the kidney." Journal of biomedical optics.. 2012 Sep 0; 17(9):98002-1.

Baran TM, Foster TH. "Fluence rate-dependent photobleaching of intratumorally administered Pc 4 does not predict tumor growth delay." Photochemistry and photobiology.. 2012 88(5):1273-9. Epub 2012 Jun 06.

Baran TM, Foster TH. "New Monte Carlo model of cylindrical diffusing fibers illustrates axially heterogeneous fluorescence detection: simulation and experimental validation." Journal of biomedical optics.. 2011 Aug 0; 16(8):085003.

Baran TM, Giesselman BR, Hu R, Biel MA, Foster TH. "Factors influencing tumor response to photodynamic therapy sensitized by intratumor administration of methylene blue." Lasers in surgery and medicine.. 2010 Oct 0; 42(8):728-35.