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Smolock CJ. "Reply." Journal of vascular surgery.. 2023 Feb; 77(2):664.

Van Sickler AP, Smith AH, Ellis RC, Steenberge SP, Quatromoni JG, Rowse JW, Smolock CJ, Caputo FJ, Kirksey L, Lyden SP. "A Novel Technique and Outcomes for Transcaval Endoleak Embolization." Annals of vascular surgery.. 2023 Jan 11; Epub 2023 Jan 11.

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, Knavel Koepsel EM, Smolock AR, Pinchot JW, Kim CY, Ahmed O, Chamarthy MRK, Hecht EM, Hwang GL, Kaplan DE, Luh JY, Marrero JA, Monroe EJ, Poultsides GA, Scheidt MJ, Hohenwalter EJ. "ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Management of Liver Cancer: 2022 Update." Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR.. 2022 Nov; 19(11S):S390-S408.

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Rhee R, Oderich G, Han S, Long C, Muck P, Moore E, Matsumura J, . "One-year results of the GORE EXCLUDER Conformable AAA Endoprosthesis system in the United States regulatory trial." Journal of vascular surgery.. 2022 Jun 7; Epub 2022 Jun 07.

Pickney CC, Rowse J, Quatromoni J, Kirksey L, Caputo FJ, Lyden SP, Smolock CJ. "Outcomes of Gore ® Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis with Internal Iliac Component versus Gore ® Viabahn ® VBX." Journal of vascular surgery.. 2022 Mar 9; Epub 2022 Mar 09.

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Beck CJ, Germano E, Artis AS, Kirksey L, Smolock CJ, Lyden SP, Bakaeen FG, Menon V, Roselli EE, Farivar BS. "Outcomes and Role of Peripheral Revascularization in Type A Aortic Dissection (TAAD) Presenting with Acute Lower Extremity Ischemia." Journal of vascular surgery.. 2021 Sep 6; Epub 2021 Sep 06.

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