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Patricia M. White, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

White, P.M. "Genetic Susceptibility to Hearing Loss from Noise." The Hearing Journal. 2019; .

Zhang J, Wang Q, Abdul-Aziz D, Mattiacio J, Edge ASB, White PM. "ERBB2 signaling drives supporting cell proliferation in vitro and apparent supernumerary hair cell formation in vivo in the neonatal mouse cochlea." The European journal of neuroscience.. 2018 Nov 0; 48(10):3299-3316. Epub 2018 Oct 24.

Paquette ST, Dawes RP, Sundar IK, Rahman I, Brown EB, White PM. "Chronic cigarette smoke exposure drives spiral ganglion neuron loss in mice." Scientific reports.. 2018 Apr 10; 8(1):5746. Epub 2018 Apr 10.

Gilels F, Paquette ST, Beaulac HJ, Bullen A, White PM. "Severe hearing loss and outer hair cell death in homozygous Foxo3 knockout mice after moderate noise exposure." Scientific reports.. 2017 Apr 21; 7(1):1054. Epub 2017 Apr 21.

Paquette ST, Gilels F, White PM. "Noise exposure modulates cochlear inner hair cell ribbon volumes, correlating with changes in auditory measures in the FVB/nJ mouse." Scientific reports.. 2016 May 10; 6:25056. Epub 2016 May 10.

Savoy-Burke G, Gilels FA, Pan W, Pratt D, Que J, Gan L, White PM, Kiernan AE. "Activated notch causes deafness by promoting a supporting cell phenotype in developing auditory hair cells." PloS one.. 2014 9(9):e108160. Epub 2014 Sep 29.

Gilels F, Paquette ST, Zhang J, Rahman I, White PM. "Mutation of Foxo3 causes adult onset auditory neuropathy and alters cochlear synapse architecture in mice." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2013 Nov 20; 33(47):18409-24.

White PM, Stone JS, Groves AK, Segil N. "EGFR signaling is required for regenerative proliferation in the cochlea: conservation in birds and mammals." Developmental biology.. 2012 Mar 1; 363(1):191-200. Epub 2012 Jan 02.

White PM, Doetzlhofer A, Lee YS, Groves AK, Segil N. "Mammalian cochlear supporting cells can divide and trans-differentiate into hair cells." Nature.. 2006 Jun 22; 441(7096):984-7.

Doetzlhofer A, White P, Lee YS, Groves A, Segil N. "Prospective identification and purification of hair cell and supporting cell progenitors from the embryonic cochlea." Brain research.. 2006 May 26; 1091(1):282-8. Epub 2006 Apr 17.

Doetzlhofer A, White PM, Johnson JE, Segil N, Groves AK. "In vitro growth and differentiation of mammalian sensory hair cell progenitors: a requirement for EGF and periotic mesenchyme." Developmental biology.. 2004 Aug 15; 272(2):432-47.

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White PM, Morrison SJ, Orimoto K, Kubu CJ, Verdi JM, Anderson DJ. "Neural crest stem cells undergo cell-intrinsic developmental changes in sensitivity to instructive differentiation signals." Neuron.. 2001 Jan 0; 29(1):57-71.

White PM, Anderson DJ. "In vivo transplantation of mammalian neural crest cells into chick hosts reveals a new autonomic sublineage restriction." Development.. 1999 Oct 0; 126(19):4351-63.

Morrison SJ, White PM, Zock C, Anderson DJ. "Prospective identification, isolation by flow cytometry, and in vivo self-renewal of multipotent mammalian neural crest stem cells." Cell.. 1999 Mar 5; 96(5):737-49.

Novak TJ, White PM, Rothenberg EV. "Regulatory anatomy of the murine interleukin-2 gene." Nucleic acids research.. 1990 Aug 11; 18(15):4523-33.