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Audrey L. Schroeder, M.S.

(Pronouns: she/her)

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Audrey Schroeder serves as the Program Director of the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling (MSGC) program within the School of Medicine and Dentistry. Prior to her role as Program Director, Ms. Schroeder was a practicing genetic counselor for 16 years. She has been with the University of Rochester Medical Center since 2013, and was previously a genetic counselor with Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Buffalo, NY), New York Methodist Hospital (NYC), and Metropolitan Hospital Center (NYC). Primary clinical interests have included Pediatric Genetics, Adult General Genetics, Cancer Genetics, and Cardiogenetics. In addition to providing clinical patient care, she has worked with a number of medical trainees and genetic counseling students. She is passionate about expanding genetic counseling educational training and genetic services in the Upstate New York region, and has led the development of the MSGC program within the School of Medicine and Dentistry.



BS | University of Maryland
Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

MS | Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Genetic Counseling


Journal Articles

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