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Tongtong Wu, Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 276-6858

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Dr. Tong Tong Wu is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology (DBCB) at the University of Rochester. She is the Director of the M.A. in Statistics and M.S. in Medical Statistics programs in DBCB. She is also the Biostatistics Unit Leader in Core E (Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology) of Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) at UofR. She has been serving as an Associate Editor for the Annals of Applied Statistics since 2012.

Dr. Wu received her Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the Department of Biostatistics, UCLA School of Public Health in 2006. She then held a postdoctoral researcher position in the Department of Human Genetics, UCLA when visiting the Department of Statistics at Stanford University for about a year. She started as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2007 and had been working at UMD for six years before moving to UofR in 2013.

As a biostatistician, Dr. Wu has interests in high-dimensional data analysis, survival analysis, machine learning, computational statistics, and computational biology and statistical genetics. She is also interested in statistical applications and collaborations in various health, medical, and scientific areas, such as cancer, HIV, epidemiology, psychology, and medical engineering. Dr. Wu was a co-Principal Investigator for a multi-site, collaborative NSF grant and a co-Principal Investigator for an NIH R21 grant. She has also served as a co-Investigator for many NIH funded R01 and R21 projects, as she directed and supervised the biostatistical aspects of those studies.


Journal Articles

Xiao J, Kopycka-Kedzierawski D, Ragusa P, Mendez Chagoya LA, Funkhouser K, Lischka T, Wu TT, Fiscella K, Kar KS, Al Jallad N, Rashwan N, Ren J, Meyerowitz C, . "Acceptance and Usability of an Innovative mDentistry eHygiene Model Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Within the US National Dental Practice-Based Research Network: Mixed Methods Study." JMIR human factors.. 2023 Aug 18; 10:e45418. Epub 2023 Aug 18.

Bao J, Huang X, Zeng Y, Wu TT, Lu X, Meng G, Ren Y, Xiao J. "Dose-Dependent Inhibitory Effect of Probiotic on - Cross-Kingdom Microorganisms." Pathogens.. 2023 Jun 20; 12(6)Epub 2023 Jun 20.

Zhang L, Manning S, Wu TT, Zeng Y, Lee A, Wu Y, Paster BJ, Chen G, Fiscella K, Xiao J. "Impact of Nystatin Oral Rinse on Salivary and Supragingival Microbial Community among Adults with Oral Candidiasis." Microorganisms.. 2023 Jun 5; 11(6)Epub 2023 Jun 05.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Data for Pancreatic Cancer
Book Title: Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer: Systems and Network Biology Approaches
Author List: Gong, H.*, Wu, T.T.*$, and Clarke, E. (*: joint first authors) ($: corresponding author)
Published By: Elsevier Academic Press 2014